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Date: 2003-03-01
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A sketch of how the ideal layout of Borivali North end should be. Please compare with the current layout of the same area to see the changes incorporated. ...


A layout of Ankai. ()

Proposed DD-MMR line

Hypothetical layout of new line for Manmad to avoid reversal at Daund. (Shantanu Kulkarni)


GPS readout for UMB-NDLS section. 2006 Kalka-NDLS Shatabdi Express. GZB WAP-7 #30015 + 16 ICF coaches. Nov 2009. (Vivek Manvi)


GPS readout for BVI-ADI section. 2009 Ahmedabad Shatabdi Express. WCAM-2P #21872 + 16 LHB coaches. Nov 2009. (Vivek Manvi)


GPS readout for NDLS-BPL section. 2002 Bhopal Shatabdi Express. WAP-5 #30001 + 11 LHB coaches. Nov 2009. (Vivek Manvi)


GPS readout with details of the 150kmph run in the NDLS-AGC section. 2002 Bhopal Shatabdi Express. WAP-5 #30001 + 11 LHB coaches. Nov 2009. (Vivek Manvi)


Thane Yard Layout showing the current layout as on November 1, 2009. After several months, we dont know how the yard may look. Shown in the layout are various rail-corridors, platforms, stabling lines, under construction lines, locations & ofcourse th


In response to Sachin's pic showing Shunt removal instructions inside Loco. I hope this will help in understanding working of DC motor Locos such as WAP 1/4 and WAG 5/7. Thanks to Electrical Services Department Engineers for their technical inputs. (anant


A bidirectional speed-time graph of the 2713/14 Satavahana Exp between KZJ and BZA on two successive runs hauled by LGD WAP7 #30253 . The graph also shows the altitude and the green markers depict the points of max/min altitude. (R Viswa Chandra)


With regards to the ongoing discussion about proposed lines in Navi Mumbai area, this map taken from an internal document of CR, could be of help. I only hope that it does not add to the confusion, since I'm not following the thread. ()


A map showing the layout of Chakki Bank and Pathankot Jn. It clearly explains why many Jammu Tawi bound trains skip Pathankot Jn and halt at Chakki Bank instead to avoid a reversal at Pathankot Jn. (Ankit Bharaj)


Picture showing the invasion of 25000V AC traction in Mumbai as on February 28, 2010, (not to scale) showing the progress made by CR & WR in bringing 25KV AC traction into Mumbai, ruled by 1500V DC at present. On Feb 28, 2010 WR converted its old DC 1


BZA Freight Bypass Line ()


Bangalore area track network. By M V Karthik, 2002.