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Hyderabad area-1975-new

Map of the Hyderabad area, from the SCR timetable of November 1975. Many changes have occurred since then. Note the forgotten Trimulgiri siding. (Sorry, the original was quite faded) From Ajai Banerji


Layout of Borivali Station (North end) which shows track layout after mega block on 26th & 27th May 2007. Drawn on MS paint. Akshay Marathe


A schematic map of the railways around Vishakapatnam (VSKP). Original concept by Ranganath Eunny.

Delhi Map

Delhi Railway Map. By Sahadev


Simple map of Kalyan Layout on CR, Mumbai Division, showing the Goods Yard lines, its BRacnhes, Pune lines, & KAsara lines, as also the locosheds around there. BY Vijay Aravamudhan


Track layout of Bareilly area
(not to scale)

DFC MMD (500 x 669)

The Maximum Moving Dimensions for Dedicated Freight Corridor

calcutta port 1921s

After the recent mails about the Calcutta Port Trust railway, perhaps this map from a paper written in 1921 might be of interest.

CC link

CC Link & Kolkata area Map. Updated version of the earlier map, showing more stations and cabins etc. 21 March 2008

CC link

Map of the CC Link (Calcutta Chord Link) sections, which connect the Sealdah section tracks to Howrah. Area around shown for easy reference. Map based on Wikipedia image. 18 March 2007


A layout showing different types of diamond crossings, in Mumbai, including the unique Switch in Diamond layout, found at Thane station of CR- BY Vijay.A


Diva-Kyn 5th-6th lines Coverage-4: BEtween Dombivli & Thakurli stns, on the FOB, facing CSTM end. Note that after signal, the new lines are laid next to the Fast corridor, and before the signal, the new lines were laid next to the slow corridor. Hence


Diva-Kyn 5th-6th lines Coverage-8: An overall view of 6 lines betweek Diva-Kyn, facing Kyn end. Note that these new lines have been merges with the existing layouts at Kyn yard, and now directly terminate into PFs 6 & 7. Once the lines are commissione


Switch in Diamond? - A Unique setup found only at Thane Station outer of Central Railway Mumbai section, not found anywhere on IR - 2 switches inside the diamond crossing layout. They have never ever been used till today. Even if its used, only EMUs will


New Jalpaiguri - Siliguri Jn. Layout [Not to Scale] (Saugata Sengupta)