US War Department supplied 2-8-2 MG locomotive at Parbatipur. This was supplied to the Bengal Assam Railway with the idea of hauling longer freight trains with supplies to the Burma Front. This class of locomotive was larger than the YD. It was proposed that they would haul 100-wagon trains which could handle the full consignment of wartime freight offloaded from a 60-wagon broad-gauge train. The line betwen Parbatipur and Amingong for the Brahmaputra crossing was single-tracked, and this scheme did not work well as passing loops were only capable of taking 60-wagon trains, and the loss of time from splitting and reforming the trains made the proposal worthless. However, the wider firebox allowed the use of lower quality wartime coal. This class was later used for handling heavy shunting work in and around Parbatipur, and eventually for various mixed-duty operations. Date unknown. Image scan supplied by Ken Staynor.

Date: 2014-08-20
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