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Date: 2005-10-21
Owner: Gallery Administrator
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Open Line
Album: Open Line

Home to your best IR photos. Submissions will stay in the album for roughly two weeks. Pictures are subject to moderation. Please read submission guidelines for more information.

Steam Locomotives
Album: Steam Locomotives

This album contains pictures of Indian Steam Locomotives over the years.

Diesel and Electric Locomotives
Album: Diesel and Electric Locomotives

All Diesel and Electric Locomotives

Electric Multiple Units
Album: Electric Multiple Units

Electric Multiple Units (EMUs) from IR's suburban services

MEMUs, DMUs, Railbuses, and other vehicles
Album: MEMUs, DMUs, Railbuses, and other vehicles

Suburban railway vehicles -- railbuses, DMUs, MEMUs, etc.

Album: Trips

Pictures from railfanning trips and treks by IRFCA members. Perfect accompaniment for the Trip Reports section.

General Scenes
Album: General Scenes
Heritage and History
Album: Heritage and History

IR's heritage and history. This album has both pictures of historical items today, and vintage photos of IR as it
was in the past.

Album: Wagons

Goods wagons ('freight cars' if you prefer)...

Album: Carriages

Railway coaches of all kinds... Their exteriors and interiors and their liveries (real and imagined).

Metros and Urban Rail Transport
Album: Metros and Urban Rail Transport
Stations and Buildings
Album: Stations and Buildings

Pictures of station buildings, other IR edifices.

Showcase Archives
Album: Showcase Archives
Album: Events

Official and unoffical IR events covered by IRFCA members

The Paul Claxton Collection
Album: The Paul Claxton Collection

Paul Claxton's images of Indian Railways from the 1970s