A view of the monorail constructed by Messrs. Marsland and Price for the Shannon River fete in 1902. This fete, lasting five days, was organized by Lady Northcote, the wife of the then Governor of Bombay, to raise money for the Countess of Dufferin's Fund. (The Countess of Dufferin was the wife of Lord Dufferin, eighth Viceroy of India and Governor-General of India from 1884 to 1888; the Dufferin Fund collected money for promoting the health care of women in British India.) The fete had numerous stalls for vendors, entertainment of different kinds. With the Shannon River (Abha na Sionainne) of Ireland as inspiration, a canal was dug for the occasion with boat rides for the visitors. Additionally, a monorail was constructed for the event for visitors to ride upon, by Marsland and Price, who also constructed the Kundala Valley Railway near Munnar in Kerala, and later the Patiala Monorail as well. This monorail appears not to have had a balancing wheel on the side, but instead the draught animals (horses or bullocks), which were to the side, appear to have balanced the monorail while its single rolling wheel travelled along the rail laid down for it. The car for the riders was open. Scan provided by Brian Goggin. For more information, please see Brian Goggin's web site on the Shannon River fete. (Brian Goggin)

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