The now extinct WDS-8 locomotive. Scan from one of the editions of the Bengali children's magazine 'Anandamela' c.1989. From Souroshankha's personal collection. (Souroshankha Maji)

Date: 2013-09-30
Owner: Samit Roychoudhury
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Interesting to note that it seems to have married an electric cab (looks like an EMU one too) to a diesel body!
Wonder why they would need to run these in MU formation though.
Posted by Samit Roychoudhury on 2013 Oct 03 02:56:17 +0100
thanks a tonne for this pic..This one looks more like the KR's RMV.
Posted by Deepak Murali on 2013 Oct 02 03:04:03 +0100
What a valuable photograph! This was a CLW product, probably with hydraulic transmission and as is evident, provisions for MU operations.
Posted by Apurva Bahadur on 2013 Oct 01 07:18:09 +0100