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  • Satish Pai for compiling and writing much of the initial FAQ and ongoing editing and compilation of material.
  • R. Gowrisankar, Shashanka Nanda, Apurva Bahadur, Ashish Kuvelkar, Binai Sankar, Sachin Buddhisagar, Vivek 'Old Man', Bharath Moro, and Harsh Vardhan for curating the picture gallery.
  • Bharath Moro and Samit Roychoudhury for graphic design.
  • Harsh Vardhan for writing and compiling steam information and curating the permanent collections of historical and heritage images.
  • S Shankar for the Showcase exhibition of railway pictures.


Most material in the documents section and picture gallery is from individual contributors who are acknowledged on the appropriate web pages.

A lot of the material in the Indian Railways FAQ and on other pages has been obtained from messages posted to the IRFCA mailing list, and from personal communications from members of IRFCA. The list below is an incomplete list of persons who have in this way contributed to this web site. Without doubt, there are several omissions in this list. All IRFCA members are thanked for participating in discussions and for providing information that is otherwise hard to obtain. Much other information has been looked up in various books (listed in the section on books), websites (listed in the section on web resources), the Indian Railways magazine and other official IR sources, timetables, news articles, etc.

Many thanks to the following persons who provided a lot of useful information for this site through their posts to the mailing list and private communications. (Listed alphabetically.)

  • Arnab Acharya
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Thanks to S. Shankar, Apurva Bahadur, Harsh Vardhan, John Lacey, Mark Bristow, Shashanka Nanda, Lakshman T, Gautam Parthasarathy, Zubin Dotivala, Rabibrata, Alok Patel, Sujeet Mishra, Jay Balakrishna, and many others for photographs used on this site. Thanks to Bharath Moro and Poochi Venkat for graphics of locomotive liveries and other materials on the site.

Some photographs of locomotives were generously made available by Sujeet Mishra of CLW from IR's publicity materials. IR's 150-year celebration logo was generously made available by Mr Biswas, Works Manager, SE Railway. Some photographs have also been taken from publicity brochures of BEML, Indian Railways, etc. Selected extracts of materials from IR correspondence, manuals, etc., were generously made available by various IR staff and helped in the writing of some sections on this web site.

Special thanks to Samit Roychoudhury who has generously made available versions of his Indian Railways route maps for use on this site, and contributed graphic images for some sections. Special thanks also to Ashish Vashisht for making available his map of the Mumbai suburban rail routes and other maps.

Special thanks also to Moni RS, Ajai Banerji, Samar, Aravind S, Anirudh DSP, Dilip Narayan, Jimmy Jose, Mani Vijay, Harsh Vardhan, Edward Jeni, Sreeram Chathurvedula, Baskar and Balaji Sriraman for scanning and cataloging the historical timetable archives.

Special thanks also to Julian Rainbow, Simon Darvill, Mark Bristow, Geoff Coward, and Rabibrata for extensive locomotive data.

Special thanks also to Julian Rainbow and the British Overseas Railways Historical Trust for making available the material in Jal Daboo's book, Diesel and Electric Locomotives of Indian Railways.

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