SBC/KJM report

by Vrijilesh Rai


I reached SBC at around 2PM. Brindavan was waiting on PF1. An ED WAP4 Mued to an AJJ WAM4 were brought as the powers, which sort of surprised me. Only to see the WAM4 being removed to let the WAP4 do duty.

Moved onto pf5, where Prashanti was ready to leave let by twin GY WDM3As. Alas, one was dead. Must have failed, and another took up duty. Most interesting was that both were baldies, with their bald heads facing each other. Great sight.

Moved then to pf8, where the latest boy 20013 WDP4 brought in the intercity from UBL. A very very dirty 20008 then took over the reigns for the return trip. Now comes a new surprise.. usually the loco bringing the intercity takes the Rani chennamma in the night, but this one was shunted onto the BNC side of the station. I thought that it might go to KJM for a check, but on enquiry found that the loco links have been altered. So the loco bringing the intercity would be given to 7686 to SC. The plate on 20013 read Manf May 04, while that on 20008 said March 01.

Met up a friendly driver who offered me a ride to KJM. Never say no, and so here we go.

Saw the following at SBC:

  • 36023 KJM WDS6
  • 19402 TNP WDS4B
  • 17714 ED WDM2
  • 14017 GY WDM3A Baldie
  • 14035 GY WDM3A baldie Dead
  • 18598 ED WDM2A
  • 18561 ED WDM2
  • 22244 ED WAP4
  • 21239 AJJ WAM4
  • 17664 KJM WDM2
  • 18704R KJM WDM3A ED livery No KJM logo
  • 17515 ET WDM2
  • 17681 ET WDM2
  • 20008 UBL WDP4
  • 20013 UBL WDP4
  • 17570 ED WDM2
  • 17476 KJM WDM2
  • 9507 KJM OHE Insp van


  • 19400 TNP WDS4B
  • 16501 KZJ WDM2 Raj special
  • 14796 KJM WDG3A
  • 13050 KJM WDG3A Shakti
  • 17560 KJM WDM2A
  • 18330 KJM WDM2A

We proceeded to KJM in 18704R with 17664 trailing us. The former was rebuilt by DCW PTA in Feb2004. It was in ED/PTA livery. No KJM markings or logo except on cab, written in Hindi.

Passed a loaded BCNA freight on route to KJM. Lot of COs enroute.

Witnessed a great number of blue birds at KJM. The shed is very neat, and looked to be pretty efficiently handled. There are 6 regular bays holding 3 locos each, two bays each for light/heavy repairs and two for bogie repairs. KJM has a holding of 99 locos, two of which have been condemned, and two are 'almost done'.

A whole new shed with two bays has been constructed for WDP4s, with the loco's charecteristic livery. But here's a dampener. KJM will not get any DP4s. Confirmed by the AME. All WDP4s would continue to be based at UBL for the time being. But, 4 new WDM3Ds are expected at KJM in this calendar year. All of these new babies would be sent to KJM.

Went around the shed and saw the following locos:

  • 17109 WDM2
  • 14082 WDM3A
  • 16296 WDM2
  • 14026 WDM3A Baldie
  • 18904R WDM3A DCW livery
  • 17970R WDM3A DCW livery
  • 14740 WDG3A
  • 14636 WDG2A
  • 14691 WDG2
  • 17995 WDM3A
  • 14047 WDM3A Baldie
  • 14077 WDM3A
  • 17902 WDG3A
  • 36025 WDS6
  • 16670 WDm2
  • 14084 WDM3A
  • 17117 WDM2
  • 17526 WDm2A
  • 13030 WDG3A Shakti
  • 18462 WDM2
  • 16585 WDM2
  • 16669 WDM2
  • 17930 WDM2 Bogie repair
  • 18327 WDM2 Fit for Inferior duty
  • 11101 WDM3D
  • 13034 WDG3A Shakti. Minor Accident, bent front end/cowcatcher
  • 14024 WDM3A Baldie
  • 36016 WDS6
  • 11104 WDM3D In a separate holding area
  • 17177 WDM2A GTL, visitor, loitering around
  • 18326 WDM2 Massive repair..may be condemned
  • 18183 WDM2
  • 18046 WDM2 Condemned
  • 17487 WDM2 Condemned

There is mini model of the hood of a WDM2, with model parts of the loco to describe its working. Curiously, this has been numbered 18599. Does this loco number exist, or is it the number for one which was at KJM earlier and condemned now.

Took another FP, this time aboard 17995 MUed to 14026 back to SBC.

Overtook the GHY-SBC "passenger" led by AJJ WAM4 21300 at KJM. Were kept waiting at BYPL for a long time. At BNCE, KK led by the ET twins whistled by.

SBC-TVC was met at BNC led by ED WAP4 22588.

20006 was waiting to lead the rani Chennamma exp. So the loco link change is confirmed.

There it all ended on pf5 at SBC. An interesting time indeed. Would have surely been better if some other railnuts were together. Unfortunately, it happened totally unplanned.


  • 35 out of 99 locos were in the shed. Thats only 65% locos on duty. How does this compare with other sheds?
  • coach of the GHY exp was numbered 8735/AB. Was there any method in this earlier form of numbering, and was the coach manufactured in '87? Why dint NFR change the number even after it was converted to AB?
  • 17995 which I took was to lead the SBC-Ajmer exp. what are the loco changes this one undergoes?

Would be heading to either UBL or MAS for some work after a couple of days more at SBC, and then its back to home base SC/HYB.

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