Secunderabad Trainspotting

by Vrijilesh Rai

June 2004

Train Spotting report:

Secunderabad. June 11, 2004.

I had some little work to be done near Secunderabad Railway Station yesterday afternoon, and as that got over early, a plan emerged in my mind. I had little else to do till evening and hence my feet headed staight to SC station ahead of me, for what would be my first spotting session in SC since I moved back to the place.

Just as I was entering the main entrance with the official watch clocking 15.10, an empty goods rake was shuttering past me on platform 1. I had been only a couple of minutes late and missed the powers. The announcement that the TVC-HYB Sabari was leaving PF10 also irritated me as I missed out a DP4.

Anyways, I continued towards the LGD end on the platform, as the goods had sped past. PFs 1,2,3 were now barren. On PF4 stood the Satavahana exp rake behind the Latest Baby of LGD, the 22589 WAP4. Interestingly it was blocked by a VSKP WDM2 18690R in a green-cream-orange livery. I took the FOB and saw the PA WDM3A 18702R dead beside the PF1 siding. Went down to the PF4 and had a close look at the 22589. Spic and span. Got to the end of the platform and crossed the lines to see the majestic WDP4 #20003 idling with no one around to bother it. PF5 received and MMTS from Falaknuma towards LPI, just as I moved on.

Soon a BZA WDP1 15066 brought in the Tungabhadra Exp from Kurnool Town. The loco was immediately shunted to the other end to pull the rake back to KRNT. In the meanwhile, a few light locos sashayed past me doing shunting duties or just strolling.

  • 14021 WDM3A Baldie GY
  • 18912 WDM2 MLY
  • 15068 WDP1 BZA
  • 16669 WDM2 KJM
  • 17553 WDM2A MLY newly painted

I then went to the HYB end of SC and walked to PF1, beside which were a ART rake, an inspection car and two dead locos 17695 KZJ WDM2A and 16501 KZJ WDM2 in Raj livery.

Interestingly a LGD WAP4 22316 was attached to the Satavahana rake at the HYB end. Guess they had not separated it after it brought in the exp from BZA.

Sensing that no action would be seen for some time there, I crossed tracks again towards the yard where the rakes were being shunted religiously by some locos.

  • 14042 WDM3A Baldie GY
  • 17171 WDM2A MLY
  • 18201 WDM2? (in a green-cream-green livery)

Also sitting idle was the GY WDM3A 18795R, which was joined by the 17553 in the sidelines.

I walked across PF10 which looked really neat, as a light drizzle descended with the sun still shining. I climbed up the FOB again and the sun and rain on the Satavahana rake made the scene fantastic. I lodged myself on the FOB, and soon a goods rake came in loaded with coal from the LGD end, probably from the Singareni Colleries headed probably to the Raichur Thermal Plant. It was led by twin LGD WAG5s 23929 and 24450.

An empty DHMU came in to PF6 from MLY. Another GY WDM3A 14009 came to get itself tanned in the now clear sunlight.

I then came down to PF1 just as a PA WDM3A 18764R brought the 19 coach Visaka Exp rake to PF1. An MLY WDM2A 17557 came and attached itself at the LGD end.

I crossed tracks again to PF2 in time to have the WDP4 20005 bring the 7054 MAS exp into SC.

Now it was time to leave for the Satavahana. The 22316 was shunted away, and the 18690R moved over to PF5. The WAP4 sizzled away soon.

Then came a surprise. A WDP4 20007 came in light from the HYB end and say put on PF6. It was refuelled and sand boxes filled, and many more minor checks were performed.

14042 then brought the Falaknuma Exp rake onto PF5 from the HYB end and the rake attached itself to the VSKP loco.

And just as I was admiring the 20007, saw a tigerface take a goods rake towards LGD end.

Saw the Visaka exp leave behind the huffing and puffing MLY loco, and thought to myself: Time Up. 1700hrs.

Was crossing the tracks towards PF10, when I 'spotted' our good old Lakshman behind the 18912. He too had been there for sometime and as we met up, he talked about the tigerface being an Ajni WAG7. Also about the good time he had at a full SNF Sunday last.

He was going towards Begumpet and so was I, and so we were in time for an MMTS towards LPI.

Called up a busy Shanx if we could do something later, but he was caught up in work.

At Sanjeevaiah Park (SJVP) we saw the Godavari Exp speeding past at 60kmph led by 22231, a WAP4 from LGD. Reached BMT at 1735, and as Laksh got into the Q for the comp resrv counter, I saw the GTL Bluebird 17398 scream to a halt with the Rayalaseema/Haripriya behind it.

We wanted to go towards SNF/HTCY to catch some high speed action after having some delicious 'Bread pakodas' and 'Mirchis' at the IRCTC stall at BMT, but the plan had to be cancelled as I got a call from my Mom to get back home as we had to go out someplace. That made we walk the 1km to my residence from BMT, and it looked like ages till I reached. Interestingly, such things never happen when we walk on/beside rail tracks!

Well, an interesting day drew to a close as I checked my mailbox for some 60 odd messages from IRFCA, and then thinking of writing this report, went into a deep slumber.

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