The First IRFCA Eastern Region Meet

by Saurab Basu


Inspired by the upcoming IRFCA Convention 2006 and instigated due to the rising heat outdoor, we decided to reach this, the historic get together with all the members from IRFCA Eastern Region Family. Samit got in touch with our fellow IRFCAns from Bhubaneswar - Bijitendra Mishra (popularly known as 'Bizzy') and Samiran Sarangi, who were set to join us right away. Now, it was time to decide on the spot, fitting everyone.s reach, within a weekend. The tracks met at Kharagpur, the divisional headquarters of South-Eastern Railway. Mr. Buddhadeb Saha, Samit Roychoudhury, Subhabrata Chattopadhyay, Pulasthya Parekh and Yours Truly, were representing IRFCA. Kolkata, while Bizzy and Samiran, decided to meet us at KGP, itself. Our plan was to reach KGP on Saturday Morning by the K115. HWH-KGP Local, meet the BBS pair and then stay back, for some night action. Return was to be availed upon convenience, next day.

Accordingly, as chalked out, I started from Office at 07:15 AM, after giving a wake up call to Samit, at 7 AM Sharp! Picked him up from home and started for Howrah. We were at the station by 08:15 AM, half an hour before the scheduled departure of K115. EMU Local to KGP, at 08:45 AM. Mr. Saha was found waiting near the Suburban Ticket Booking Office, and Subhabrata, was called up. He was as usual busy in some spotting activity, inside the station, after buying tickets for our journey. Pulashthya arrived within a few minutes, and this made it the complete team. It was nice to meet him for the first time. Having done with the meeting and greeting session, we started the day, with some Coffee. The Platform from which the Kharagpur Local was to leave, was considerably crowded. It was due to a Cancelled Panskura Local, which was to leave at 08:35 AM. This caused our train to run as a normal EMU, and not as a Galloping service, which it performs daily otherwise. The tickets per person for this 116 KM ride was Rs.22/- only.

The start was as usual, late. My parents were to leave for Bolpur Shantiniketan, by the 3015 UP HWH-BHP Shantiniketan Express. They dropped in to see us off, at the Platform No.. 13. The Green Flag was finally waved at 08:55 AM, perfectly 10 minutes late. Parked on the Platform No. 9, was a GZB based WAP-7. 30232, ready to haul the HWH-NDLS Poorva Express. The incoming traffic started quite soon, with the DN ASN. HWH Agnibeena Express powered by WAP-4. 22412 HWH. This is one of the typical Rake Sharing practiced by Eastern Railway, between the Howrah. Maldah Town Intercity Express and Agnibeena Express, on alternate days.

Before we entered the core area of South Eastern railway, a glimpse of the twin HWH based shunters. WDS 6 R. 36226 and WDS 6-36169, happy married, took me to the days when a couple of love birds used to squeal in my nearest household. After this, it was no longer Eastern railway territory, significantly marked by a chain of KGP based WDS and WDM Class locomotives, fuming high before starting the days proceedings.

The Jessop built Single Window EMU rakes parked in the EMU Car Shed. Tikiapara, looked impressive, with its Side Windows, more of a modern look, like the HPPDMUs, running in the Shalimar. Digha Route. The front view, is although non-conventional, unlike the ER counterpart of these types, which are much attractive. Soon, we were at Santragachi JN. SRC based WAP-4. 22504, speeded past with the DN MAS. HWH Mail. By now, the group was focused near the Windows, for a glimpse of the SRC Loco Shed. Samit was carrying the GPS for his IIT project, and was constantly updating the team, with the run statistics like Current Speed, Gradient etc.

Santragachi (SRC) Electric Loco Shed, was rather vacant, with only a couple of Locos. A.Barbie Doll. - WAM-4. 21226 from BZA and a home based WAP-4. 22601, relaxing. This was my second ever spotting of a.Barbie Doll..

A chat on a varied range of tidbits was going on, parallel to spotting the surrounding actions. Meanwhile SRC based WAP-4. 22254, crawled in with the Koraput. Howrah Express, near Uluberia. The Time Table referred it to be late by 4 Hrs, that day. A surprise sight, was the very next to be spotted. A dead WAP-4. 22365. SRC being powered by her counterpart. WAP-4. 22645. SRC, with the DN Adra JN. HWH Passenger Service. Soon we passed by the Panskura East/Outer. Crowd quantum was moderately poised and went on decreasing at every station after Panskura.

Samit was busy with his GPS, marking each and every image for the Satellite mapping of this route. A couple of rounds of the hot favorite. .Chaai (Tea)., to feel the real taste of India, and her Railways, is a true delight. Samit confirmed the highest speed of the EMU to be 75 kmph, the limit that I had challenged about, right at the beginning of this journey.:-)

Arrival at Kharagpur JN (KGP) was exactly 10 minutes past schedule, at 11:45 AM. This confirmed that the train had run before time, being an All-Stop Local, compared to its daily Galloping run.

The Day.s Account was opened in style, with sights of the first.Shakti. parked just outside the Platform No.. 1.This was a power from BondaMunda (BNDM) with its road number being. WDG 3A. 13159. Draped under the perfect rays of the glowing Sun, she stood tight for quite some time, before satisfying our.Digital. view finder. A smoking.Shunting Master.. WDS 6. 30657 from Raipur, was the next to follow the ramp. Mr. Saha was carrying his pride SLR this time, and went busy in shooting the treasures for his collection. It was just then that we recalled about Bizzy and Samiran.s arrival, after Samit got a call from Samiran. They were to reach KGP by the JanShatabdi Service.

Spotting a couple of WAG-7.s was the next story, before we rushed on to meet the BBS Team. WAG-7. 27420 from Kazipet and 27629 from Ludhiana were busy in serving the life line of the nation, with a loaded number of wagons attached to each one of them.

Having decided to meet in front of the Platform No.-1 Subway, we reached the spot without further slag. Samiran and Bizzy were soon to arrive. A shake of hands, with WAP-1. 22020 GZB, standing as a proud witness of the IRFCA Eastern Region Meet, was quite a scene of nostalgia. The WAP-1 had just come up with the Down BBS Rajdhani Express, and was changing directions, before going past the historic meeting scenario. On the other platform it was the Down Coromondal Express hauled by WAP-4. 22253. SRC, towards Howrah. It was like a reminder that time will never be the same for ever, and always a.Return. follows every.Journey..

The Sun scorching hard enough, we thought of the Retiring Room for some rest, followed by a petite lunch, before the Explorations began. A Couple of Non-A.C. Rooms were booked, @ Rs. 225/- (Triple Bed) and Rs. 150/- (Double Bed) for our stay. Out of the Seven of us, Mr.Saha and Pulasthya were leaving by the night train for Kolkata. The Care taker. cum. In-Charge of the Retiring Room Unit of the Kharagpur Station was a rather crooked fellow. When asked to clean the room, surrounded by dirt all over, he denied at the first instance. I hope it was a bit of misjudgment that led him to over estimate himself. A minutes. storm of words, brought him back to the original colors, and the same person who denied disclosure of his Self-Identity, upon being asked for, gave us his good name as. .Badri Lal.. This happens only in India! Incredible India!!

It was a few moments of undesired stress that led us to the Refreshment Room, for some much needed appetite. Hand Made. .Chapathi. and Chicken Curry, was the best option. The Chicken tasted typically like a Pantry Car Cook, but the associated items were much better made. Anyways, do not expect Home Food everywhere, is what we said to each other and had this.Rail Ahar., with the highest satisfaction.:-)

A snap session, was soon to follow, when once again, I was betrayed by my Pentax. IQ-Zoom Camera. She has now decided to let me down, anywhere and everywhere. Thank God, I was carrying the second option, and it worked well.

Post Lunch, it was decided to walk towards the Yard. Cum. Electric Loco Trip Shed, in the Outer towards Eastern part of the station area. This was real fair of Locomotives going on, at this place. The Outer Shed Area, is an open arcade, with the Coaching Yard to the right and the Loco Resting area, just opposite to this. Some of the Condemned Coaches and the.Uras Special Rakes. included the Coaching Yard.s ingredients. The Uras Special Rakes had arrived from Bangladesh carrying the pilgrims for a religious gathering, to India. This happens once every year.

The walk towards the Trip Shed continued. It was tiring but equally entertaining as well. Subhabrata and others were going on with their pranks, making it a humorous environment altogether. The spottings in this zone include the following Road numbers.

  • WAM-4 HS AB/6P 20672 TATA
  • WAM-4 P 20511 ASN
  • WAM-4 20660 TATA
  • WAM-4 21280 TATA
  • WAG-5 HA 23174 BNDM
  • WAG-7 27446 CNB
  • WAP-4 22622 GZB

Soon some much awaited Traffic was expected, and Folks were ready for some Rail Fanning Action Spotting. WAM-4/6 P. 20652. AJJ (Arakonam) led 6324 DN. TVC. HWH Express (Trivandrum Central. Howrah) was the first visitor to crawl past the clustered outer, towards her destination. We were counting on our clock, for the Howrah. Mumbai Geetanjali Express to arrive. And today, she was running perfectly according to the BST (Bengal Standard Time), 20 minutes late than schedule. An ironic note this time with the WAP-4. 22621. SRC hauling Geetanjali Express, while we had spotted just the next one of this series, few minutes back in the Outer itself, the WAP-4. 22622 from Ghaziabad. Indian Railways is very fluctuating in its Locomotive Shed Allocation, truly!

With this, we were quite contented with the Eastern Part of Kharagpur, and determined our way back towards the Platform Area, to reach the Diesel Locomotive Shed, Kharagpur. Soon, it was time for the LTT (Lokmanya Tilak Terminus. Kurla, Mumbai) bound service from Howrah, to arrive on the Flatform No.. 1. A rather dirty looking WAM-4. 20549 from Bhusawal, was doing the painstaking job of pulling this super crawler, the 8030 UP. Howrah. LTT Express, famed for running late forever. Arrival was at 15:32 Hrs, with a considerable amount of Crowd activity on offer, both in the on and off boarding process.

This is the longest platform in the World, the Platform No.. 1, of Kharagpur JN (KGP), with capacity of parking 4 Full length trains, with the mid-point turn-outs enabling smooth operations and allocations. The platform is 2733 feet in length (Info. Coutesy. National Rail Museum, New Delhi).

The stretch continued before, we opted for some rest, some Thums Up and a welcome smoke, to satisfy the refreshment necessities. The view of a freshly painted WDS 6. 36058 from Raipur, attracted me because of its Orange and Cream Livery, looking absolutely gorgeous under the Westerly Sun.

Activity in Kharagpur continued, with the Howrah. Bhubaneshwar (BBS) Jan Shatabdi Express pulling in at 04:35 PM, with a WAM-4 P. 20605 from VSKP, under wire. We were inching towards the Loco Shed, that the announcement of Up Howrah. Chennai Central (MAS). Coromondal Express, stalled the pace. She arrived with WAP-4. 22566. SRC performing her duty with great regards. Five minutes stopping time, led to a departure at 04:45 PM, from the Platform No. 1, yet again. A Raipur based.Shakti.. (WDG 3A). 13152, was being brought up and down the side line, by a constantly active.Shunter. WDM -2. 18583 R. This Loco was the busiest in the entire KGP Region, as per what we saw. Right from when we landed in the Morning, and till now, I have spotted this Locomotive at each and every place, we had been. A Good Work Horse!!

A Glimpse of the Old Semaphore outside the Shed Area was a real retreat. The Golden rays falling on the Turning tracks made it a perfect back drop for this reflective beauty. Our Walk past the Broad Gauge Turn table of Kharagpur ended right on the Doorway of the Diesel Loco Shed. KGP. An Accident Relief Van, featuring like the Regular Digha HPPDMU, stood to.Welcome. us into the Shed Area.

We met the In-Charge of the Loco Shed and then it was time to start shooting. The Loco Shed is comparatively well housed, with a Holding of 65. 70 Locomotives, majority of which are the WDM-2 Series units. Few WDS-6 Series Work Horses, accompany a count full stock of WDM-3 C. GAJRAJ Locomotives.

The Shed also has a Condemned and Scrap Zone, forming the Backyard. Here is a list of the Stock Spotting, from the KGP Loco Shed:

  • WDM-2 17972 BKSC
  • WDM-2 16382 KGP
  • WDM-2 16169 KGP
  • WDM-2 16728 KGP
  • WDM-2 17976 KGP
  • WDM-2 16318 KGP
  • WDM-2 16646 KGP
  • WDM-2 16317 KGP
  • WDM-2 18270 BNDM (C)
  • WDM-2 16621 BKSC
  • WDG-3A 14836 New Guwahati
  • WDM-2 17449 KGP
  • WDS-6 36057 Raipur
  • WDM-2 16133 KGP
  • WDS-6 36005 KGP
  • WDM-2 16316 KGP
  • WDM-2 18150 BKSC (C)
  • WDM-2 16169 KGP
  • WDS-6 36029 KGP
  • WDM-2 36123 KGP

Legends: (C) Here means Condemned / Scrapped The Locomotive Casing was kept opened for maintenance work.

A rather clean and recently painted Crane. SE 6408/140 Ton (Break Down Crane). SER Match Truck No.. 6211, was parked just outside the Shed, beside the Accident Relief Vehicle (Featuring like the New Digha-DMU). This was quite a lot of Loco Road Numbering, and dusk was departing soon. A group-snap, up on the Turn Table, with some jiggling words, and we started our way back towards the Retiring Room. Everyone opted for a Toast to be risen in the name of the IRFCA. Eastern Region. With the soothing tunes of the station complex, and an excellent punch of a refreshing drink, it was the nostalgia everywhere, commemorating this wonderful friendship of IRFCA.

Mr. Saha and Pulasthya were to leave, soon. They took tickets by the DN Rupasi Bangla Express, to reach Howrah by 10:00 PM. Bidding Adieu to the Senior and Junior Most Members of the Gang; we took a rather short nap. The Room was best for Railfanning, right in front, facing the Platform No. . 2, and as usual with continuous Diesel and Electric Activity on offer.

We kept ourselves busy in spotting the Locos from the airy and wide Windows. Samit and Samiran went to see off Mr. Saha, and were soon to arrive back to the room. A round of gossips and we decided that it was good to have our dinner, and then shift out for some Night Shooting. The refreshment Room, this time had a shortage of Chicken to fit our demand. I opted for an Egg Curry and Rice Plate, while two were lucky to get their.No-Alternate. Chicken.:-) The Dal Fry was readily emerging for an expiry, and so it was only the Egg to fit the house, and allow a long term solution, till early dawn, next day. Anyways, having done with the supper, it was time to spot the Owls and Bats, with the Night Safari at the.Kharagpur Junction National Park. of the Indian Railways.

The first Watchman to arrive was at 10:20 PM, a WAP-4E. 22392. BRC, hauling the DN Paradwip. Kharagpur Passenger Service. It looked completely distressed, but ready to take up the next assignment with great dedication. Action is never ending here at Kharagpur, and whenever you turn back, she will give you a call with something or the other on offer. So did we get this time. Just as the BRC beauty, was done with, another beast WAP -4. 22610. HWH, carrying the Guwahati (GHY). Chennai Central (MAS) Express, arrived, parallel to the last departing EMU standing on the Platform No.. 3. South. Eastern railway traffic is predominant during the Night Hours, because of Long Distance Hauls, and so as the night grew older, the movement apparently gained considerable momentum. 434 DN. Asansol JN (ASN). Adra (ADA). KGP Passenger crawled in, behind the WAP-4. 22366 from SRC. Samit and Subhabrata were clicking on from the varied angles, they got. Subhabrata kept on requesting each and every Loco Pilot to Light up the Headlights, and they were always the most obliged persons to do it. Really, South-Eastern railway has some great friends to share Rail Fanning with.

The first WAM-4 spotted, was the 20555. Bhusawal, with the 2130 Up HWH. Pune Azad Hind Express. While Subhabrata was shooting this one, right from the front, for a Low Angle Shot, Samit and myself, we had to share a few words with an RPF Constable, who was rather suspicious about our photography, inspite of checking the permit (which I really doubt, how much he could literally make of). But Yes, the Logo of SER was sanguine enough, to allow us continue our job, although neither the Torch Light, nor the regular dippers, were enough to enable this officer to figure out the words from this photography permit. Actually, every time he gets such a letter, it is either dark, or he forgets to carry his spectacles. I felt really sorry!!

While this drama was going on, the Vacant Rakes of the Rupsa. Baripada DMU Passenger entered the Kharagpur Station Complex, at around 11:35 PM. It was a Three Coach, Twin-Cab unit. The last signs of the Narrow Gauge System of Rupsa-Baripada, were extinct, and now even the memories, would tether out, with the advancement of Modern technology and faster Gauge. The rakes were of Cream and green Combination, in livery and looked sparkling clean. Seating capacity is more than double, in spite of this being only a 3-Coach unit, which can always be extended, based on public demand.

A much awaited reversal activity, was now on offer. Bizzy was buzzing around the lines, with Subhabrata. Samit and myself, we went straight to the Platform No.. 5, where the 2802 UP New Delhi. Puri Purushottam Express, had just arrived, with a WAP-4 E. 22356 from BRC, and was going to be assigned the WAP-4. 22330. SRC, post reversal. We waited on the platform for sometime, as Samit went on to search for one of our IRFCAns, supposed to arrive by this train, and then set off for Bhubaneswar. All search went in vain, as the Guard blew his whistle, and Purushottam, started backwards for its journey to the divine abode of the Lord Jagannatha - Puri.

It was good to call the day, and this was the unanimous voice, we got. Back at the Platform No.. 4, Subhabrata, Samiran and Bizzy, were busy in capturing the recently arrived WAM-4/6 P. 20624. Itarsi, with the BBS. KGP Passenger. She was looking gorgeous, in the Yellow and Brick Red Stripes.

Tired and with dangling moves, we opted for the retiring Rooms, as the best place till dawn arrived. A nice shot of the illuminated Foot-Over Bridge, was a true depiction of the glory, Kharagpur has to share.

This took us to the Day.s End, with a rather exhaustive work out of Rail Fanning, altogether and expectations of an exciting morning ahead, followed by the return.

Bizzy went for the Room No.. 5, while Samiran, Samit, Subhabrata and Myself, we stacked in the Room No.. 1. My primary attraction was the couple of windows, and I had decided to continue spotting, for the remaining night. Samit and Subhabrata shared a bed, while Samiran slept on the other and I was the Night Watchman, with an eye on the Movements. And I can definitely say that the Kharagpur Station does not sleep. It has a frequent traffic inlets and outlets during the night hours, and the atmosphere was just excellent to feel. An Echo of the Passenger Addressing System, associated with the enchanting music of an incoming Diesel Beast, made it for a night to remember, for ever.

Time went by, and the calmness with the falling mist, turned it out for a rising Sun, which was very soon to appear from the Eastern End of the Busy Junction, glittering the tracks with the glow of Gold.

Early Morning, and I went ahead to wake up all the remaining three, by 06:00 AM. Samiran and Bizzy, had return tickets by the Faluknama Express, departing from KGP at 09:10 AM. Everyone was quite dizzy, and definitely wanted a longer span of siesta, which I denied them of! Well, it was by 06:30 AM, that we went on to have our Breakfast at the Refreshment room, before being greeted by a couple of BNDM based WAG-5 HE. 24401 and 24406, as if on a morning parade, towards the Western Outer.

The Breakfast was really up to the mark, with a well cooked Omelet and Bread. Butter to accompany. The Catering Staff in this refreshment room were really were well behaved and pretty much to the standards. A Sip on the steaming tea and with multiple topics to discuss, time went by, and when we stopped by the watch, it was 07:35 AM already. The Morning plan was to first visit the Route Relay Interlocking Cabin of Kharagpur Station, followed by a few shots of the Plinthed Steam Locomotive, in front of the D.R.M. Office, just outside the Station Area. The Steam Loco was the first to be covered. A straight walk outside the Station Complex, towards the Market place, and then taking a right from the first turning, would take you to the D.R.M. Office. Kharagpur.

The Locomotive plinthed here is the.ZE. 27., that used to serve the Rupsa. Baripada N.G. (2.6.) Line. The Loco was built in 1951 by. M/S KRAUSS MAFFEI Co. Ltd. MUNCHEN / GERMANY, and Commissioned on the Indian Railways in the Year. 1952. She served the country with complete dedication till the 31st Day of October. 1988, after earning 15,00,000 kilometers of distance, with satisfaction and magnificent zeal. Today, she enlightens the pride of the Divisional Headquarters and its Manager.s Office, at Kharagpur.

The Clock kept ticking and we were nearing the time, when the BBS Duo were to leave. Without further slag, the team went straight in for the next spot, the R.R.I. Cabin. This was the first visit to an R.R.I Cabin, for most of us, and so everyone seemed pretty excited. Samiran, was searching for a Layout of Kharagpur, which he got in here, with even better detailing.

The R.R.I. Cabin Manager, was a nice person, and upon being handed over, with a copy of Samit.s Great Atlas, was even more obliged, for our visit. The Blinking Layout, depicting the Cross Movements in and out of the Kharagpur Station region, with the continuous Monitoring and allocation going on, kept on reminding me of the immense responsibilities, these men carry in order to ensure smooth, safe and proper running of the Railway Network. Hats Off!!

We had a detailed view of the Cabin, after which it was time to capture some action from the Verandah as well. A Jhansi based WAG-5, with its regular Brown and Yellow Striped Livery, speeded past with a long goods rake, while on the other side it was time for a rather odd visitor, a GZB based WAG-5, with a rusty look, aiming slowly towards the platform area. Next among the race of Electrifying Beauties, was a couple of WAG-5.s again from Bondamunda (BNDM), 23893 and 23374, moving at a considerable pace, making the atmosphere turn out into a cloud of dust.

It was almost Quarter to Nine, and Samiran and Bizzy, had to collect their bags from the retiring Room. A Shake of hands and we were through. Faluknama was now being announced as 15 minutes late, and so the pace held up a bit. Soon, it was time to bid the BBS Duo, adieu. Samiran and Bizzy gave us a nice company, and one thing I must say about Samiran is that, he is a calm personality, with good responsibilities on his shoulders. It was at 01:30 PM last night that he had to co-ordinate for some official work, from here, with his co-workers. It is easily understandable that he has a tough life, with a patient perspective.

The 2703 UP Howrah. Secundrabad Faluknama Super-Fast Express, arrived at 09:15 AM, behind an LGD based WAP-4, number. 22462. Slowly and gradually, we were back to the original Trio of Samit, Subhabrata and Yours Truly.:-)

A round of discussion, after this on certain derailed topics pertaining to life, was in our agenda. Meanwhile the Cleaners arrived and washed out the room. They literally washed the room with water, and then wiped it over. This was something really unusual, to me. The time to rest was soon going to set off, with a glimpse of a rather bubbly looking.Baldie. from Vishakhapatnam.

The WDM-3A. 14044, entered the station complex, with a glittering face, shining with the Cream and Orange effect. I could not resist the call of this one, and we readily handed over the Room keys, and ran after the beast. A request to the Loco pilot, and I was up in a flash, ready for a shooting session. This was one of the best.Baldies., I had spotted until now.

This was the final call for this Trip, and now time to buy the Return Tickets to Howrah, by the K120 Dn. Kharagpur. Howrah Local, scheduled to depart at 11:45 AM from Platform No.. 1A. A long walk across the longest platform in the World, from the rear till the other end, took almost 10 minutes, before we could board the EMU.

This was a regular 9-Coach EMU, with a Brown and Cream livery, resembling the Mumbai Suburban EMUs. The Local departed right on time. Although the DN Geetanjali Express, was leaving from the Platform No. . 3, as well, but our Motorman, speeded well past the WAP-4. 22274 from SRC, and overtook Geetanjali, for the time being. It was soon to whiz past us, at the immediate station, proving that.An Express is always Mightier than a Local..

The Three Hour long journey had nothing worth mention, excepting that all three of us shared a good round of well desired siesta, until the jerks and bolts at the Santragachi Outer, brought us back to the lights of motion. GZB based WAP-1. 22058, AJJ based WAG-5H. 23705 and WAM-4/6P. 20503, were the three musketeers having a nice bath under the Mid-Noon Sun.

The EMU made a punctual entry into the Howrah Old Complex, Platform No. . 12, at 02:45 PM Sharp. A Cluster of passengers to tangle through, after which it was a matter of minutes, before Samit got hold of a Cab, while I took Subhabrata.s company, as usual, and boarded a Barasat bound Chartered Bus, to drop off at Airport Gate No.. 1.

I was home by 04:10 PM, early evening, and within a few minutes my parents arrived as well. They had dropped in from the 3016 DN Bolpur. Howrah Shantiniketan Express.

An exciting weekend came to a satisfied end, with loads of memories to share and even more words to express.

Sincere Thanks to: Samit Roychoudhury. For being a Wonderful Companion, as always Mr. Buddhadeb Saha for his company with the tidbits and informational stuff. Subhabrata Chattopadhyay. For his excellent and enthusiastic Company Bijitendra Kumar Mishra aka.Bizzy.. For being a vibrant Rail Fan. Samiran Sarangi - For his worthwhile company And Pulastya Parekh - The New Kid in the blocks..

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