GTL WDM-2 #16200 at NDLS; Accident near Bellary

by P V S Praveen


Folks!!! The DM2A from GTL has won the first prize at the Loco Beauty Contest held at NDLS. Total prize money: Rs. 2,50,000. Congrats to the SR DME/GTL, DME/GTL & the entire diesel team at the Diesel shed, GTL for turning out such a wonder. For those of you who had missed out my earlier letter, here it is once again. Plz excuse Mohan, I could not get back to you regarding the date of this contest at NDLS. For those of you who had missed out on my earlier letter, here is it once again.

WDM-2A #16200 To Attend Beauty Contest At NDLS

Selected out of three locos sent from GTL, GY and KZJ diesel sheds respectively, this loco stood out. Livery: Red at the top, with yellow on the side panels. Cab totally changed. Air Conditioning provided inside. U also has a mini loo, in the drivers cab. Ergonomically designed Driver's seat, Cab is lit by an artistically designed fluorescent lamp. Two tilt type lamps, light up the driver and assistant drivers' area.

The A9 and SA9 dynamic brakes have been provided as levers on top of a wooden board. U also has rods for hanging curtains + Water Bottle Holder+ shirt holder + Online troubleshooter. Got any trouble? Just switch on the monitor, and select from a range of commonly occurring troubles. Help in a jiffy.

Large side view mirrors provided on both sides so that the Drivers can get a rear view of the Train formation Nicely designed gauges indicate alarm chain pull + a host of other features. Twin headlights fitted on to this 16-year loco. The loco needs to get a much more decent looking paint job now. Tinted windows keep off heat and sunshine. Briefcase holder provided. Finishing touches going on. Tell tale Indicators above the windows indicate all clear and caution aspects. And hey, the sirens have rung again. Five to be precise.

Accident near BAY

At around 0845 hours, the GTL -Chickjajur passenger has rammed into a bus on a LC near Somalapuram on the Bellary - Rayadurg section of GTL division of the SCR. Five dead & 21 injured. All of them have been brought to Bellary now. A medical relief team has been dispatched to the spot. The top brass of GTL division including the DRM, Sr. DEN (Co-ordination) and others have left for the spot by a special train.

When will these stupid bus drivers learn???? When will they get the message into their stupid, dumb heads, that they should be very very careful, near a LC. The locos whistle continuously from as far as 500 meters away, when approaching a LC. In spite of this, the road users continue to throw caution to the wind and as a result precious lives are lost. Folks, please please be very careful when negotiating an unmanned LC. And please do not try to duck under the barrier in manned LCs, unless & until the matter is very urgent. A few minutes of waiting for a train to pass would not matter much.

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