Begumpet - HSJ - Secunderabad

by Lakshman T.


Today as I was getting bored I went down to Begumpet and then went to the station and spent a few minutes at BMT and as I was to catch the WADI-FM passenger. And I had 30 min to catch it as unfortunately I cannot sleep in the night if I dont see a piece railway equipment be it a coach a rail or a loco.

I strolled down to HSJ junction which about 200 meteres away and then sat on a spot between the three tracks and watched the manmad express hauled by a WDM2c KZJ shed and it did smoke its way upto Begumpet and in the background there was thunder and lightning and it was a sight no photo can ever capture IMHO the breeze the smell of the rails and the Alco smoke.

Then the 2760 came in from HYB just as manmad crossed the point towards BMT. And stopped for a minute or so and the spot I was in was really cool as the train was about 100 meters away in the twilight and when it moved out it was a beautifull sight of a thin blue streak across the evening sky. It was hauled by WAP4

Then strolled down to the platform from there and saw the 5092 express hauled by a KZJ WDM2 and it was a recent build didnt notice I think the no was 177xx series.

There is one thing about the WDM2 which amazed me was that in a few earlier posts people have described the aceelaration of WDM2 with 4 coaches etc. This loco started off with a bang transitioned by the time 5 coaches left the platform and by the the SLR left the platform the train was at around 55KMph it was truelly amazing experience which made me think it was WAP4 hauling it. I have seen WAP4 doing this very often at SC and HYB till recently, the load was 21 coaches.

Then the WADi-FM pass. came in with a GTL WDM2A 16601 which was freshly painted. I got into the coach next to the loco and the guy smoked all the was to SC there was a small crossing at HSJ where a light GTL loco heading towards HYB. Then we headed towards SC at 4 notch. At SC I got off and saw the 7005 Nagarjuna Exp. hauled by a GTL WDM2 again a GTL loco. Did not see the no again.

Then the 2430 Rajdhani came in hauled by the a WDM 2A of KZJ 17229 this is the regular loco for Rajdhani and I recognised the superfast driver also.

Then saw the HYB-KZJ EMU and also saw the Gautami Exp pushed in and the WAP-4 no 22252 LGD shed.

There is one question about the WAP4 there is a set of 3 disc type assembly installed near the division painted side of the loco ex-SCR

I would like to know about this.

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