YPR-Howrah Exp. (Investigation Report)

by Karthik M.V.


Today I went on a mini trip by the recently (2 months ago) introduced weekly Yesvantapur-Howrah Express. I travelled from YPR to KJM in this train to investigate all the mysteries surrounding this train. It was really a great enjoyable trip, and all the mysteries cleared up. Please look for the answers below.

The Report:

At about 2:30 pm I left my house at CSDR and decided to take short route to YPR, which is at the opposite corner to CSDR. I took a 4-axled Truck, along the bangalore ring road to Hebbal. I travelled (10km) in the cabin ( footplating??). Then by means of a city bus, I finally reached YPR at 3:15pm.

Here I bought a ticket to KJM.

ticket details: cardboard type Rs.22 YPR-KJM via YNK, 33km, Date 10/2001 No. 00016

This implies that before me atleast 15 railfans have taken this route?? Any common man wanting to go to KJM will take a bus which is Rs.8.00 /- and only 50mins journey. Train takes 1hr 20mins and is costlier.

As I had 30mins time, I spoke to the *parcel man*. He told me that the KJM loco hauls the Train upto Vijaywada where WDM is replaced by an electric engine. Loco driver was busy, hence I went off to count rakes. Train composition [ 2 guard cum luggage vans, 4 GS, 10 sleepers, 1 AC 2 tier, 1 AC 3 tier ]

Train left at 3:45pm. Amazingly we had a race with the 227 SBC-Shimoga pass going towards Tumkur, moving on the next track for about 400m. Then we branched off to the right to YNK (Lottegolahalli stn).

Conclusion: The operations of trains from YPR to YNK. Is independent of YPR-tumkur trains.

Then a greatest delight of my life. The Train takes a very sharp *U* curve towards YNK. This must be the sharpest broad gauge curve on Indian railways The loco driver and the Guard can see each other face to face on a long train. The curve is that sharp. I will take a photo next time. YPR-Lottegolahalli is non-electrified double line. At lottegolahali one track branches out right, to Banaswadi.

The train reached Yelehanka Jn at 4:10 pm. This is not a scheduled stop. Though train stops for 25mins. Here following things happen:

  • 5mins for detaching Loco.
  • 10mins for loco reversing.
  • 5mins for attaching loco.
  • 5mins for drivers Tea-Coffee!!!!

At YNK I had a chance to speak to the driver. He said that KJM loco goes up to Jolarapet Jn. only. Here a vijayawada WAM takes over. The KJM loco returns to SBC with a Goods train.

The Train left YNK for KJM via CSDR at 4:35pm. It reached CSDR at 4:50pm and halted at the signal for about 10mins. Taking this opportunity, I bid the driver good bye and walked off to my house. the train later left for KJM. KJM is just 2km from here.

I hope this report is exhaustive enough.

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