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From: Paul Davies <


Date: 27 Nov 1997 19:03:00 -0500

Hi there,
Has anyone got access to information about the Nilgiri Railway 0-8-2 ra=
locomotives in southern India. I'm looking for Tech drawings and photos=
so that
I can make a model of one of them.
Paul Davies.

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From: sank <

Subject: Fascination for coupling ???

Date: 28 Nov 1997 13:33:00 -0500

Hi, All:

Interesting observation by Sundar there; happens
to be true everywhere in the country ! This isolated
display of "railfannery" is probably (hmmm.....parlour
psychoanalysis here) a combination of several factors:

1. "Now the engine has been hooked....the train may actually
leave only a couple of hours late" (best if said in a
colloquial language !). Anticipation ?
2. Looks quite dangerous: for the staff member who is actually
standing between the loco and the lead coach; watching the
loco looming closer, looking intently at the buffers waiting
for the split second when they touch, to slip the coupling
over the hook before buffer compression recoil takes place and
the train lurches beckwards out of reach (I have seen this
happen a couple of times and the expression on the chap's
face has always been one of consternation). Probably, for the
onlookers, it is mild and miniscule drama. I think most of them
go away before the end of the show (the linking of the hoses !)
3. Some altogether more suspect connotations ?

Come to think of it: has this phenomenon been observed on the
meter gauge and on the 2-foot gauge lines, where different
coupling systems are in use ?

Though, today, automatic knuckle couplings are not used on
IR passenger trains, has any similiar crowding been observed by
anyone on the rare occasions when a goods train is being coupled
up within public view (I have never seen this event) ?

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From: Rangachari Anand <

Subject: Re: Fascination for coupling ???

Date: 28 Nov 1997 07:54:00 -0500

Count me as one of those fascinated by coupling. It used to be one of the
pleasures of a
Delhi Madras trip to watch the changing of the engine (diesel) at Itarsi. I
remember that
there was always a large crowd watching this simple operation. I recall my
father taking
me to watch this when I was about five years old which is why I am still

A related question: Now that most trunk lines are electrified, why does IR not
use head
end power from the locomotive? This must surely be simpler than having to
the (generally unreliable) alternator and battery assemblies on each coach.
an electric loco should have no trouble supplying power.

R. Anand

From: Sundar Krishnamurthy <

Subject: How to legally travel for free!

Date: 28 Nov 1997 08:33:00 -0500

Hi, everybody..

This is the first mail in a series of unwelcome IR postings. This may be
unwelcome for IR, but totally WELCOME for all of us. That's why I wanted
to confirm the absence of any IR official on this list.

This principle of free legal travel is applicable for suburban rail
travel and I normally implement this in my Mumbai journeys.

Frequently, I need to travel from Andheri to Dadar on WR for organizing
seminars and the like. For this, I purchase a IInd Class ticket (Rs. 4)
for a distance of 12 kms. Well, the ticket that I get is from Andheri to
Churchgate (a distance of 23 kms. that falls into the Rs.4; 10-25 kms.
pricing slab). I get down with the ticket at Dadar, and usually, there
is no ticket checker on the platform or the bridge. I then approach the
serpentine queues at the booking window. The rate from Dadar to
Churchgate is again, Rs. 4 (for the distance of 11 kms). I end up
selling the ticket for Rs. 4 to some person in the line who needs to go
to Churchgate and gladly pays up for it!

This way I travel for free!! PLEASE don't tell any railway official or
Mr. Ram Vilas Paswan of this trick. It works for any station in the Rs.
2 (probability low) or Rs. 4 (very high!) block.

Sundar Krishnamurthy

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From: sank <

Subject: Kamshet station on CR......

Date: 29 Nov 1997 18:21:00 -0500

While we are on this subject: from the highway (going towards Mumbai),
just as it descends towards the railway line after Kamshet station, on
the other side
you can see the terminus of what appears to be a small industrial narrow
gauge line.
This only features a siding leading into a shed, and a small lineside
structure. I am
told that this line is owned by the Tata Electric Company who run a
railcar on
it, though I have not seen this vehicle myself. Anyone with more info ?

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From: Sundar Krishnamurthy <

Subject: :->

Date: 29 Nov 1997 05:58:00 -0500

Hello people..

It does not matter if Mr. Paswan comes to know of my trick ...

He's not railway minister anymore!!! :->

Sundar Krishnamurthy

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From: Prakash Tendulkar <

Subject: Some pictures from WCAM1

Date: 29 Nov 1997 19:53:00 -0500

Hi All,

I have posted some pictures of and from WCAM1 on WR.
The URL is <A HREF=""></A>
Your comments will be appreciated.


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Date: 01 Dec 1997 17:20:00 -0500

The narrow gauge line that one sees approaching Kamshet belongs to the
Tata Electric Co.It is laid to convey staff and material to the Shirota
Dam.It takes about an hour to reach there.The motive power is just a
simple diesel engine fitted on a trolley. Passengers and material is
carried behind in an open carriage.

Another line operated by the Tatas was to be seen at Bhivupuri Road - one
station before Karjat.It was also a N.G. line to transport material and
staff to Bhivupuri Power house. The route was Bhivupuri road - Kadau -
Bhivupuri Power House.This line has long been dismantled, but there is a
Broad guage line to the power house which still exist.This can be seen on
your left after passing Bhivupuri Road on Bombay - Pune route.

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From: Siddhartha Joshi <

Subject: Await the story !!

Date: 01 Dec 1997 21:47:00 -0500

Hi Junta,

This weekend, two of your loco pals went out seeking what few men
have done before. Bharat Vohra and I went out to Kelve Road Station to
sight the expresses coming in.

A complete report will be mailed within this week, along with
tips for loco-spotters. (ALWAYS carry a torch, etc).


PS : The exchange on "Coupling Phenomenon" was interesting, good enthu


From: Sundar Krishnamurthy <

Subject: Don't waste money on platform tickets!

Date: 02 Dec 1997 07:32:00 -0500

Dear Guys.. (any gals??)

If you have a couple of days to spare (in India, implied) that you wish
to utilize trainspotting at a railway station, don't waste money on
Platform Tickets.

Instead, you can implement the scheme that we normally use for spotting
at stations like Dadar, Vidyavihar etc. Purchase a passenger/local
return ticket to the nearest station. A platform ticket allows you
one/two hours of platform access, while a single journey ticket gets
expired quickly.

A return journey ticket permits you to be on the platform for any amount
of time; as the return journey time is not fixed; and you can undertake
that anytime during the current day or the next!! Usually, we never
board the train for any journey!!

This exercise costs you Rs. 4 (usually) or Rs. 8 (on remote halts).

One Related Joke :

How does a moron fool Central Railway??
He buys a return ticket but never undertakes the return trip!!

Sundar Krishnamurthy

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Date: 03 Dec 1997 19:36:00 -0500









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From: Vijay.Balasubramanian <

Subject: Some pictures from WCAM1

Date: 03 Dec 1997 15:59:00 -0500

Hi Folks,

The pictures look great!!! Keep 'em coming, Prakash. I am in the
process of scanning some photos from my collection which were taken
during the various train trips in summer '85 and the winters of
'86 and '89. You can find the first batch at
<A HREF=""></A>. These photos are precious
since the magnificant green-yellow livery of the Vaigai Exp. has long
been replaced by a dull cream-rust red color.


From: sank <

Subject: Photos by Vijay

Date: 05 Dec 1997 17:28:00 -0500

Hey Vijay: great pictures ! I love MG stuff, specially
as it is disappearing.

Can you (or anyone on this list) tell us more about the
MG electric loco in your photographs ? Is this the
only electrified MG section in India ? Does it still
exist or has it been converted to BG ?

Jayant S*ID Studio*TTIL*TELCO
Pimpri*Pune 411 018*INDIA*tel:91-212-774261 exn 2534
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From: sank <

Subject: MG electric

Date: 05 Dec 1997 18:56:00 -0500

Thanks, Sundar, for the info.....BTW, if I remember
correctly, there is an old MG electric loco from this line
at the Delhi Railway Museum: of an older rigid-frame
design with an interesting "balcony" at one end.

I like the look of the YAM1s. A friend of mine from Chennai
once told me that some locos on the line were built by
Kawasaki of Japan....are these the YAM1s ? I don't know
anout the feminine look, but I suppose the single most
visible difference between these and the WAM4 (etc) is
the absence of side buffers ! I always liked the look of
MG locos, specially the WD sereies (now gone). They looked like
scaled-down American/Canadian locos: specially because of the
lack of side buffers, and the fact that their proportions against the
MG track are visually close to that of the American giants (somewhat
scaled down !) I'll really miss MG when it is gone. Hope at least
one example each of motive power and rolling stock is preserved
in India.

Jayant S*ID Studio*TTIL*TELCO
Pimpri*Pune 411 018*INDIA*tel:91-212-774261 exn 2534
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From: Sundar Krishnamurthy <

Subject: Re: Photos by Vijay

Date: 04 Dec 1997 19:14:00 -0500

Hello Jayant,

You're guesses are right. It is the only electrified meter gauge section
in India. The stretch from Chennai Beach to Chengalpattu constitutes
the 25 KV AC electrified section on the Southern Railway meter gauge
line. This line proceeds into interior Tamil Nadu, touching upon
important cities and junctions like Villupuram, Trichy, Dindigul,
Madurai, Pondicherry and proceeding further to Rameswaram, Tirunelveli
and Nagercoil. I think this line had prior DC electrification... as was
discussed in a few earlier postings. I don't have any personal

Express trains on this route start from the Chennai Egmore Terminus.
A less-known fact about this elegant terminus is that, a road opens into
the platform and cars, buses, trucks etc. can proceed upto the coaches
of the train on the platform!!

The underpowered, silent but swift YAM1 locomotives, shedded at Tambaram
power these trains. Further, YDM4's from Golden Rock shed, (the one
pictured heading Vaigai, but in maroon livery) ferry them southwards.
YAM1 looks feminine (debatable) on account of the absence of connecting
cables, vacuum valves etc. on the front, below the windows, that is so
characteristic of broad-gauge WAM4 locos. I doubt the possibility of
double-heading YAM1s due to this absence.

A parallel broad gauge line is being built from Chennai Beach, and would
form the trunk when the meter gauge service is terminated.
Its a pity to say goodbye to these beauties. Already now, Broad Gauge
locals are serving the Beach-Tambaram sector.

I've managed to photograph some locos in the last few days. I'll be
uploading the pictures in some time.


Sundar Krishnamurthy ("`-''-/").___..--''"`-._
9/66, Welfare Hse, Sion (W), `6_ 6 ) `-. ( ).`-.__.`)
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From: S. Kumar <

Subject: Re: MG electric

Date: 05 Dec 1997 15:06:00 -0500

I believe that there are regular EMU services between Tambaram and
Chengalpattu in addition to the suburban services between Chennai
Beach and Tambaram.

The last I heard, there was no immediate plan to convert the suburban
Beach-Tambaram section to BG. I think that while the railways
realise that the line should be converted, they are
horrified at the prospect of dislocating commuter traffic. Any

I have fond memories of this section, having travelled often during
summer vacation between Mambalam and Tambaram. I couldn't wait to
get to Mambalam station after alighting from the No. 12 bus on Usman
Road. However one has to walk the length of Ranganathan St. with all
the shops and the hawkers. Invariably my mother would stop and shop
while I waited impatiently, looking anxiously in the direction of the


From: S. Kumar <

Subject: IR in english mystery books

Date: 05 Dec 1997 16:24:00 -0500

To add to the general discussion on IR in movies,albeit on a slightly
different topic, I would recommend IR fans the book "Inspector Ghote
goes by Train" by H.R.F. Keating, describing a journey from Mumbai to
Howrah and back. Inspector Ghote is a Mumbai CID sleuth; H.R.F.
Keating provides a fairly accurate description of the journey. The
onward journey is made by the Mail via Allahabad whereas the return
is made by the Mail via Nagpur. Inspector Ghote is entrusted with
the task of bringing a criminal from Calcutta to Mumbai. The
narration is a combination of accurate description of the journey
including the various stations on the way and is fairly humorous.

H.R.F. Keating has also authored other Inspector Ghote books which
often include vivid descriptions of Mumbai.


From: Rangachari Anand <

Subject: Re: MG electric

Date: 05 Dec 1997 07:02:00 -0500

A small correction: The electrified section is from Villupuram (not Tambaram)
to Chennai beach. This is
a length of about 160 Km. The electrified suburban services stop at Tambaram.


From: Vijay.Balasubramanian <

Subject: Re: MG electric!

Date: 05 Dec 1997 09:01:00 -0500

It's sad that the only electrified MG section in India will disappear
once the Tambaram - Villupuram - Vriddhalachalam/Thanjavur - Tiruchi
lines are completed converted to BG. I love the sound of these quaint
YAM1s. BTW, the Vaigai Exp. does not change locos. at Villupuram and
is hauled all the way by a YDM4A. Any idea about the color of the
Chennai Egmore - Madurai superfast exp.? Will the MG suburban lines be
replaced as well? If so, that'll be the end of MG electric traction in

Till the early 80s, many of the MG trains from Egmore had colorful
liveries. The Vaigai/Pallavan exps. were green-yellow, the Pandyan Exp.
was green-grey-with-yellow-stripes (along with the Bangalore-Mysore
Tippu Exp.), the Cholan Exp. was light-blue-with-yellow-stripes.

My last trip on this section was from Egmore to Kodaikkanal Rd. and
back by the Pandyan Exp., in summer of 1992. The Pandyan Exp. had
acquired a red monotone with two yellow stripes. The Cholan Exp. had
changed to green-with-yellow stripes. Fortunately, I had my camcorder
with me and managed to record some precious moments.


P.S. The second batch of photos will be from my trips on the WCM5 and
WAM4 locos. from Mumbai CST to Igatpuri and then to Bhusaval.

From: Vijay.Balasubramanian <

Subject: Re: Trains in Indian Movies

Date: 05 Dec 1997 11:22:00 -0500

> was an Amitabh-Moushumi Chatterjee starrer in which a little kid gets
> kidnapped in a Mumbai local. Finally, there was a movie where Rajesh
> Khanna was a stationmaster of a small station and the whole movie is
> played out there ... If anyone knows the names of these three films,
> please do write...

The first one is Benaam, and the second one is Ajnabi. I have about
30 mts. worth of various train clips from Hindi/Tamil films (I record
them when I rent the movie) and also Coolie and The Burning Train.
My pet peeve with train scenes is that they would sound a steam whistle
while showing a suburban train or elec. loco. Also, incompatibility of
the scene with the location - how can a train traveling in the North use
DC traction?

1. The Burning Train shows the Rajdhani Exp. before it got double
headed in 1981. It has numerous flaws:
- Various stretches from Delhi to Kota are shown as electrified
even though Vadadara-Delhi was still unelectrified.
- The villian (Danny Denzongpa) removes the vacuum hose and blocks
it while the train is supposedly at some station between Delhi
and Mathura. This would disable the vacuum brake system and the
train shouldn't even start.
- Once the drivers get killed by a bomb blast, the engine is on its
own. The headlights, mysteriously, come on during the night.

2. Coolie has some good shots of the green-yellow Karnataka Exp. coaches
before the color was replaced. It shows the Bangalore - Madras Mail
as having a green-with-white-stripes livery.

3. A sleek thriller, Inkar, starring Vinod Khanna, Vidya Sinha, and
Amjab Khan shows Amjad planning an escape on the Mumbai - Howrah Mail
via Nagpur. At that time, the coaches had a neat color combination:
rust red on the top and bottom, a black strip across the window
bordered by yellow stripes at the top and bottom.

4. Shor (Manoj Kumar, Nanda) has a couple of shots of the Mumbai Central

passenger yard. Nanda is about to be run-over by a steam loco.
What interested me is the Frontier Mail rake with its cream-maroon
livery. One can also see the Rajdhani exp. rake.

5. Chunaoti (a Feroz Khan movie) has one shot of a WDM4 hauled train
on a rail bridge (looks like the Malviya bridge over the Ganga just
after Kashi station).

6. Patita (Shoma Anand, Vikram) has various shots of the WAP1 steam
loco. Couldn't get the station name.

7. Tiruda Tiruda (a Manirathnam thriller) has a fair amount of footage
of MG rolling stock. The climax has the heroes battling the
villians on a YDM4A hauled freight train.

8. Inaam Das Hazaar (Sanjay Dutt, Meenakshi Sheshadri) has shots of
Mumbai Central station and WCAM1-hauled trains.

9. Virasaat (Hindi version of Devar Maghan) has some good scenes of
YDM4As. Wonder which station was used.

10. I recorded some scenes from a few Malayalee movies. One of them has
shows a coach with the original Grand Trunk Exp. color - blue on
top and bottom, red in the middle, and white-red stripes bordering
the windows.

11. The Train (Rajesh Khanna, Nanda) shows Igatpuri and Nasik Rd.
stations. At that time, the I class coaches used to have
private cabins with doors directly facing the platform. I have
faint memories of having traveled in one of these coaches (I must
have been about 5 years old.) Igatpuri-Bhusaval was in the process
of getting energized and only freight trains used to be hauled by