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Subject: Re: forwarded message from Philippe Quiot

Date: 30 Sep 1996 18:25:00 -0500

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From: (Pushkar Apte)
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 1996 09:59:38 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Re: forwarded message from Philippe Quiot

> First, I'd like to thank Anurag for resurrecting IRFCA!

Ditto - Thanks, Anurag!

> > Indian Railways are scrapping narrow-gauge (both meter-gauge and
> > indian-narrow-gauge i.e. 2ft6" steam Loks at a high rate !
> BTW, how much of the narrow gauge network centered on Vadodara is still
> operational these days? Are there BG sections that service most of those
> areas now?
> -Satish

To my knowledge, the NG netwrok near Vadodara is still intact - in any
case there are no broad-gauge connections to those places. The NG
terminus in Vadodara is "Pratapnagar", and it is quite a distance from
the main BG Vadodara railway station. The NG line does go through
Vishwamitri Junction, which is the station just south of Vadodara on
the BG main-line. The NG line connects places like Dabhoi and Chhota
Udepur, and is a pretty line all the way - locos, bogies, scenery,


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Subject: Re: forwarded message from Philippe Quiot

Date: 03 Oct 1996 14:06:00 -0500

> Date: Mon, 30 Sep 1996 13:36:13 -0500 (CDT)
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> Subject: Re: forwarded message from Philippe Quiot

> HI!
> Continuing this discussion on Narrow Guage, can some one please
> tell me if the NG line between Yelahanka and Bangarapet is still
> functioning? In those days, Yelahanka used to be one of the few stations
> to have all the guages. Now, it has only BG.
> Thanks,
> Vinod

The Yelahanka-Bangarapet line is being converted from NG to BG. I
don't know if the NG line is still functional.


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Subject: Fw: Hi! -from Railway Staff College

Date: 03 Oct 1996 18:45:00 -0500

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From: Harsh Kumar <
Date: Thu, 03 Oct 1996 13:56:16 -0400
Subject: Hi! -from Railway Staff College

NEWS at Railway Staff College

I will soon be joining Konkan Railway (KRCL) as Chief Manager IT at the Head
Office in Navi Mumbai.
By soon I mean coming Tue/Wed. It is a deputation for 2/3 years. You may
plan to visit KRCL during your next trip to India. The present address of
KRCL is:

You may however send mail t omy current address. It will be forwarded to my
account in Bombay (I do not have that address with me right now).

We have been reading about the possibilities on the internet regularly. At
we keep adding features on the service we offer to the faculty members in
Railway Staff College. The different services offered by us are as under. I
am writing about them as they got done.

First Netscape on PC's in the cyber lab connected to the server on ethernet.
Next; we put two modems on the server on the two availabel serial ports and
the faculty members could log on to the server through their NOTEBOOKS
(incidently we have 21 notebooks -shared by the faculty members and the
trainee officers (called Guest Officers). They could then work on PINE for
mail and Lynx for Web surfing and other usual services of Internet.

We then opened slip accunt on this server so that one could work on the
Graphic browser from the notebook. There was some problem in routing and the
notebooks could reach only our web (on he server) and see through graphic
browser but could not go beyound this server. We tried Proxyarp etc. but
without any success. I had posted our web address earlier
(<A HREF=""></A> -there is some problem on it today but it will
be OK by Monday mid-day).

So we connected anther PC (a pentium) to the system and made it as another
server with two serial ports supporting modems and installed Linux on it. We
then opened PPP account on this and the notebooks could connect to it (&
dynamically allocated IP address) and use the graphic browser. This was done
by 15 of this month or so.

Around 17 our principal Mr. Bhansali reminded about commissioning the
Webtalk. (Incidently he had given this as one of the jobs to be done
sometimes around the end of the last month.) So we got busy reading the
books for it. On monday he again enquired and I mentioned about lack of
staff and non availability of the guest officers as some of them go out on
week ends and the general item of excuses. He heard them all and without
finding faults with my excuses he said that he was willing to join the group
and work and be assigned taks in the team like any other member. This was
the turning point. We thought that here is the head of institution, busy
man, offering to postpone other items of work for this and therefore this
must take precidence over other items. I put two others with myself and
pushed other items of work out for some time and got working full time on it
from 20 May. All looking at the different aspects and pooling resources. We
had it up on 21 but could not succeed with any connection. On 22 morning we
gor our first call through at about 09:30. This was a very happy moment for
us. We then made about 15 calls in the next 4 hours.

Our software for the voice connection is "Web Talk". The software allows you
to join different rooms at their site and then establish connction to one of
the people who are logged on there. The sound quality is a rather poor (our
sound card is to be blamed) and it takes a little time to get used to the
sound and then it is OK and one can talk.

I have not been able to locate any Server which will connect you to a
telephone in anther country however, there are addresses which deliver free
FAX in most of the countries. I am sure you know them. Please do give
details of phone servers as and when you find them.

With best wishes.

Harsh Kumar
Professor IT +91-265-436880 (Off)
Railway Staff College +91-265-427375 (Res)
Vadodara-390 004, India +91-265-420067 (Fax)

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From: db2adm <

Subject: Railway News

Date: 04 Oct 1996 04:51:00 -0500

The Indian Express
Friday, October 4 1996

Semi-fast CR locals to soon get 12 cars

MUMBAI, October 3: Q: The frequency at which there have been
derailments on the Central Railway has been very high, of late.
What do you think is the reason for this?

A: There have been five derailments in the past two months, which
is quite a high number. And they have all been along the same
section (Vidyavihar-Vikhroli), which is a particularly bad
section. As it is for most parts of the track there are
constructions on both sides of the tracks where the plinth level
is always kept higher to avoid water-logging. This leads to all
the water flowing on to the tracks. The situation on this section
is particularly bad because track levels are even lower than the
MSL. The soft earth around which is continuously water-logged thus
begins to give away with the pressure of the trains speeding by.
In fact, the condition is so bad that the sleepers actually jump
up and one can see water oozing out of the soil below. Efforts
are made to create channels for the water to run off the tracks
but the increasing use of them by hutment-dwellers as their drains
only makes matters worse as they get clogged. When the soil gets
loose, the track's alignment gets disturbed resulting in
derailment. The sustained heavy rainfall, this year, has only
added to the problem.

Q: Should we expect an improvement in the frequency of the trains
vis-a-vis Western Railway with introduction of the new time table?

A: Now this is another comparison which is just not fair. After
all, if you compare the Western Railway with the Central Railway,
you will notice that their burden is much more lesser than the
Central Railway.

While they run around 900 train services on the suburban section,
the number is 1100 for the Central Railway. Besides, a Central
Railway local has to go to far-flung last stations like Kasara,
Karjat and Khandeshwar. Add to this, the phenomenally large number
of long-distance trains and the freight services.

But mind you it is not that we are not trying. In fact, I have
passed orders that suburban services should be given a preference
in clearance of blocks. And the new time-table has tried to
accommodate as many suggestions from passenger associations as

Q: Commuters living in Dombivli, Kalyan and onwards are
inconvenienced in a major way as the last fast train for Karjat
leaves CST at 20:45 p.m. Couldn't there be two-three fast trains?
Alternatively, the Central Railway could allow passengers with
passes from Kalyan onwards to travel on the long-distance trains?

A: While I understand and empathise with their inconvenience,
there is nothing one can do right away. Because after the last
train, there is a long-distance train practically every 10-12
minutes. In fact, having fast locals in between will only create
further problems.

Also one cannot simply allow suburban travellers on long-distance
trains as this will antagonise passengers on these trains who we
have to also take care of.

Q: What is the status on plans to increase the number of 12-car
rake services?

A: Work on increasing the length of platforms is nearly complete.
If you must have noticed work is in progress on all stations
beyond Thane. Our plans are to have 12-car rakes for most of the
semi-fast trains, especially during peak hours.

Q: How soon can we expect these services to start?

A: With the way the work is shaping up, I would say the 12-car
services should begin in a month.

Q: When the fares are the same and the CR has more new rakes than
the Western Railway, why are they so badly maintained?

A: It is not true that the Central Railway has more new rakes.
However, commuters may get the impression that the overall upkeep
of the compartments is not up to the mark vis-a-vis Western
Railway because of the higher incidence of vandalism. Seats are
damaged, aluminium fittings are stolen and all kinds of filthy
graffiti is written inside compartments. This particularly
happens on long-distance services, at non-peak hours and
particularly in first-class compartments. While efforts have been
made to beef up security there are limitations because of the
kind of resources we have at our disposal.

Q: A significantly large number of railway employees travel first
class, some even with their families. The hapless passengers who
shell out money have to thus travel standing in CR's cramped
conditions. Are the CR authorities aware of the problem? Is
anything being done about this?

A: I am aware of the fantastic proportions of lawlessness on the
Central Railway. Not only railway employees but also the GRP and
the Central Railway also travel first class unauthorised. I have
been in touch with the DIG over this but not much can be done
unless there are specific complaints. A little bit of initiative
from the people would help.

The Indian Express
Friday, October 4 1996

CR, WR services disrupted

MUMBAI, October 3: Central Railway's main and harbour line
services went haywire during peak hour on Thursday evening.
Western Railway trains also ran late during afternoon.

Waterlogging between Bhandup, and Mumbra stations caused frequent
disruption of rail services between 4.30 and 7.30 pm. Around 11
trains including five main line trains were cancelled during peak
hours. Both, harbour and main line trains were running late by
over 30 minutes till late Thursday evening.

WR local trains also ran late between 3.30 pm to 4.15 pm due to
heavy rains. A tree fell on the tracks near Vile Parle causing
unprecedented delay. A point failure due to waterlogging between
Bandra and Andheri from 4.30 pm to 5 pm.

From: Vijay Balasubramanian <

Subject: Re: bridge over Ganga

Date: 04 Oct 1996 11:56:00 -0500

Aurprem writes:
> NEW DELHI, September, 12: Bihar Chief Minister Laloo Prasad Yadav
> and Union Railway Minister, Ram Vilas Paswan, seem to have buried the
> hatchet, at least temporarily.

> An indication to this effect came today when Paswan told the
> Indian Express that he had sanctioned the construction of the
> longest bridge over river Ganga linking Sonapur near Patna with Digha.

This would provide a direct link between Patna and Sonpur instead of the
circuitous route via Mokama-Barauni-Muzaffarpur. It would also provide
the shortest link between Patna and Gorakhpur/Muzaffarpur/Samastipur.
In addition, it would provide alternate routes between the following pairs
of stations:

1. Patna-Lucknow: is about 530 kms. via Mughal Sarai-Varanasi-Sultanpur
would be about 540 kms. via Sonpur-Gorakhpur

2. Mokama-Sonpur: is about 200 km. via Barauni-Muzaffarpur-Hajipur and is
used by trains such as Purbanchal Exp., Howrah-Gorakhpur Exp.
This would be reduced to 130 km. once Hajipur-Bachchwara is
converted to BG.
- would be about 100 km. via Patna.

3. Barauni-Sonpur: current route goes via Muzaffarpur-Hajipur and is about
160 km. (used by trains such as Lohit Exp., Avadh Assam Exp)
This would be reduced to 90 km. via Bachchwara.
- route via Mokama-Patna would be about 140 km.


From: S. Kumar <

Subject: Re: "Shakuntala Exp." ???

Date: 11 Oct 1996 17:29:00 -0500

> This could be connected to the Nagpur-Jabalpur-Gondia NG network.
> I recall Kumar mentioning in one of his earlier postings on SCI (remember,
> Kumar?) that there is a Santhra station near Nagpur. However, this is not
> indicated in the Bradshaw implying that it could be part of a private
> network.
> Vijay

The Santra station was not a station in the actual sense. Trains
used to stop presumably for signal clearance while hawkers with
baskets of oranges appeared and did brisk business with the
passengers. The rumor was that the driver and the guard on the train
were given free oranges to induce them to halt the train during the
orange season.


From: db2adm <

Subject: Railway News

Date: 14 Oct 1996 06:38:00 -0500

The Indian Express
Monday, October 14 1996

Rail services hit as AP Exp derails near Bina

GWALIOR, October 13: Ten bogies of the Hyderabad-New Delhi (2723)
A P Express were derailed on the Bina-Jhansi section of the
Central Railways late last night, disrupting rail traffic
between Bhopal and New Delhi. According to preliminary reports,
casualties were reported in the mishap which occurred at Agasodh
station near Bina at 0055 hrs.

However, the trains were being diverted through the Malkheri-Bina
section. The railway authorities here said efforts were being made
to ensure early restoration of the normal traffic as both up and
down trains between Delhi and Mumbai and the southern states were
running late.

Senior railway officers of Jhansi and Bhopal divisions, along with
medical teams, rushed to the spot on receiving the information
they said alternate arrangements had been made for transportation
of the passengers of the derailed bogies to Jhansi to enable them
to board other trains for their respective destinations.

Meanwhile, the railways cancelled four trains, scheduled to leave
New Delhi railway station today.

It said the Goa Express, Karnataka Express, Tamil Nadu (special
train) Express and Brahmputra Mail had been cancelled due to
blockage of the route. Besides, the trains scheduled to pass
through the accident affected section was also being diverted
via Bina-Katni and Manikpur-Jhansi.

From: Kandaswami, Auroprem* <Kandaswami#m#_Auroprem*

Subject: Re: AP Express Derails

Date: 14 Oct 1996 06:08:00 -0500

Gwalior, Oct 13 (UNI) Ten bogies of the Hyderabad-New Delhi (2723)
AP Express were derailed on the Bina-Jhansi section of the Central railway late last night, disrupting rail traffic between Bhopal and New Delhi.

According to preliminary reports, casualties were reported in the mishap which occurred at Agasodh station near Bina at 0055 hrs.

The railway authorities here said efforts were being made to ensure early restoration of the normal traffic as both up and down trains between Delhi and Mumbai and the southern states were running late.

Senior railway officers of Jhansi and Bhopal divisions, alongwith medical teams, rushed to the spot on receiving information they said alternate arrangements had been made for transportation of the passengers of the derailed bogies to Jhansi to enable them to board other trains for their respective destinations.

Trains Diverted

Several trains have been diverted following the derailment of the New Delhi-bound Andhra Pradesh express near Bina last night.

Consequently,the New Delhi-Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh express, Jammu
tawi-Madras express are running eight hours and seven hours late respectively. the New delhi-Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh express which left New Delhi yesterday is expected to arrive here at 0600 hrs tomorrow, a South Central Railway (SCR) release said here today.

The Hazrat Nizamuddin-Hyderabad Dakshin express, New delhi- Chennai Grand Trunk express, New delhi-Chennai Tamilnadu express and New Delhi-Bangalore Karnataka expresses have been diverted through Jhansi, Markapur and Itarsi.

The Hyderabad-New Delhi Andhra Pradesh express, scheduled to leave here at 0645 hrs today, has been rescheduled to leave at 1200 noon tomorrow, the release added.

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Subject: Railway News

Date: 16 Oct 1996 05:02:00 -0500

The Indian Express
Wednesday, October 16 1996

Railwaymen threaten stir

MUMBAI, October 15: Suburban and outstation train services on the
Central and Western Railway may grind to a halt as railwaymen
prepare for a showdown if their demand for bonus is not met by

Speaking to Express Newsline, the National Railway Mazdoor Union
general secretary P R Menon said that the union council members
have decided to call a strike if their demands are not met by 10
a.m. tomorrow. The members will also hold a national level meeting
with ministers over the bonus issue at New Delhi, Menon added.
``The railwaymen are left with no alternative but to go on a
strike if the bonus issue is not settled immediately,''said Menon,
``The government has been dragging its feet over the bonus issue
for too long,'' he added.

Thousands of rail employees staged demonstration outside CR
general office at CST this evening. The demonstrators represented
various railway units and workshops in the city and beyond.

The union's threat of strike assumes significance in light of the
fact that train services have already been affected on the South
Central, South Eastern and North East Frontier Railway since
today. It is feared that the strike may spread to the other
sections bringing train services to a total halt.

According to union office bearers, railway employees have been
receiving production linked bonus for only 52 days. Moreover, not
all the railway employees are eligible for bonus as they have
crossed the maximum wage limit of Rs 4500. Demands included bonus
for each and every employee, the union claimed. The second issue
is over the Pay Commission Report. The government has been somehow
deferring the issue since June this year, union sources
explained. ``Everybody gets bonus during the Dassera and Diwali
festival, but we get nothing. Besides, our wages are meagre,'' a
railway workmen said.

To a question, Central Railway chief PRO Rakesh Saxena said that
it is too early to perceive the treat of a strike. Even if the
strike is called, we will have to wait and see how many people
join the agitation, Saxena added.

Deepak Gandhi, secretary, Mumbai Suburban Railway Passengers'
Association, told this newspaper that the railway employees should
not resort to strike as this will seriously affect commuters,
throwing the city out of gear. Moreover, the railway staff will
lose public sympathy, Gandhi added.

From: db2adm <

Subject: Railway News

Date: 17 Oct 1996 06:51:00 -0500

The Indian Express
Thursday, October 17 1996

Paswan assures CM on railway services

MUMBAI, October 16: Union Railway Minister Ram Vilas Paswan today
assured Maharashtra chief minister Manohar Joshi that suburban
rail services in the metropolis will be restored to 90 per of
their optimum level within the next 30 days, during a 45-minute
meeting in the capital.

Revealing this at a press meet here this afternoon, Bharatiya
Janata Party (BJP) MLA Kirit Somaiyya said several short and long-
term measures have been adopted to bring back the Western and
Central Railways, to optimum performance. A state committee,
including bureaucrats, railway officials and politicians, has been
instituted to monitor the measures adopted in the meeting,
Somaiyya said.

According to him, although Western Railway needed Rs 251 crore and
Central Railway Rs 478 crore for immediate improvement of suburban
services, the provisions were nil. The state government has
already ended up paying Rs 1000 crore towards improvement of the
railway, added Somaiyya.

Startling facts came to light during the meeting at Rail Bhavan
which was attended by senior railway officials and state
ministers, including deputy Chief Minister Gopinath Munde.

Suburban train services, which were on an average running 13
minutes late in 1995 were 34 minutes late this year. The delays
were attributed to faulty signals, rake failures and poor
condition of rail sleepers. Decision on railway stir today

Sources in the National Railway Mazdoor Union told Express
Newsline that the decision relating to lifting restrictions for
bonus could not be taken today as Union Finance Minister P
Chidambaram was not available for talks.

The financial implications of bonus has been put up before the
cabinet secretary for approval. A decision to this effect is
likely to be taken by 1.30 pm tomorrow, sources informed.

From: db2adm <

Subject: Railway News

Date: 19 Oct 1996 06:08:00 -0500

The Indian Express
Saturday, October 19 1996

CR late again, commuters turn violent

MUMBAI, October 18: Train services on the Central Railway have
been massively affected after irate commuters destroyed signals at
Kurla station this evening.

Public frustration peaked after trains began to crawl at a snail's
pace following a track problem. Hundreds were forced to alight and
walk their way home. Angered at the latest delay, they began
pelting stones at stationary trains, damaging glass window-panes
and did not spare passing trains. On the entire Central Railway
stretch, trains were seen trudging behind each other.

``I took the Kasara bound 8.36 fast train and reached Kurla after
10 pm. The trains were being diverted to the slow tracks. The
authorities made no announcements about what had happened. People
began getting impatient and worried. They jumped on the tracks and
thereafter vent their anger on the trains,'' said a commuter, M

The Divisional Railway Manager Arun Dube informed that the first 1
Down was delayed for 45 minutes. ``This led to a backlog of other
trains. However, our staff has been given paper authority to
continue the services.''said Dube, adding that work would be
carried out through the night to repair the signals. He appealed
against damaging railway property.

From: db2adm <

Subject: Railway News

Date: 21 Oct 1996 04:32:00 -0500

The Indian Express
Sunday, October 20 1996

MP demands new rly line between Dahanu and Nashik

THANE, October 19: The demand for a new railway line to link the
predominantly tribal talukas of Dahanu in Thane District and
Nashik in Nashik District has resurfaced with the MP deciding to
give prime importance to the issue.

MP from Dahanu Chintaman Wanga and District Unit Vice-President Om
Prakash Sharma have made the demand in a memorandum submitted to
the Union Minister of Railways Ram Vilas Paswan. They told this
correspondent here today that the party has organised a massive
Railway Parishad at Mokhada next month to press for the demand and
educate the tribals about the need to establish a rail link.

The memorandum submitted by the two MPs urges the Railway Minister
to take the demand seriously and initiate immediate action to
ensure that the tribals are not deprived of the benefits of
development. It also mentions the fact that the distance from
Dahanu to Nashik is about 170 kms, and the railway line would
serve as a much-needed link between these predominantly tribal

The first to raise the demand for a railway line from Dahanu to
Nashik and Igatpuri was ex-MP from the tribal belt Yeshwant
Mukhne. Subsequent to his demand, a survey was conducted to find
out if the railway line would be economically viable.
However, the idea was soon shelved for reasons best known to the
Railway Ministry. The matter did not progress thereafter, and
status quo is still maintained.

From: db2adm <

Subject: Railway News

Date: 25 Oct 1996 04:58:00 -0500

The Indian Express
Friday, October 25 1996

One dead, 17 hurt as Pushpak Express derails

MUMBAI, October 24: Thirteen bogies of 1033 Dn Mumbai-Lucknow
Pushpak Express which left Mumbai-CST on October 23, derailed at
Misrad near Bhopal on Itarsi-Bhopal section of Central Railway
at 00.15 hrs this morning, resulting in the death of one
passenger, grievous injury to one passenger and minor injury to 16

The dead passenger has been identified as Uma Farma, wife of
Sayyed Mohamed, Siddique, age 55 yrs, and is resident of new BDD
Chawl, Police Colony, Naigaum, Dadar. Raju Tiwari, also from
Mumbai, who was seriously injured, has been admitted to Hamidia
Hospital, Bhopal. A team of doctors from Bhopal and Itarsi
alongwith the Divisional Railway Manager, Bhopal and other
officers have rushed to the site by road. First-aid was rendered
at the site and at Civil/Railway Hospitals at Bhopal. As a result
of the derailment both Up and Down rail tracks are blocked and
traffic between Itarsi and Bhopal has been disrupted. The traffic
is likely to be restored by 12 noon tomorrow.

The Indian Express
Friday, October 25 1996

Special Bhopal train to clear crowd

NAGPUR, October 24: Central Railway is running a special train
between Nagpur and Bhopal since yesterday for three days to clear
the rush owing to cancellation of several north and south bound

A CR spokesman said here that the special train will have halts at
Pandhurna, Amla, Betul, Ghoradongri and Itarsi. Meanwhile, a
delegation of the Maharashtra Yatri Kendra met Vimala Sondhiya,
member of the passenger amenities committee of Ministry of
Railways, and submitted a memorandum listing their demands.

The delegation led by Kendra's secretary, Basant Kumar Shukla and
vice president Harikishan Chhangani, said that physically
handicapped passengers were not being given concessions in AC
III tier. They also raised the issue of inadequate staff,
including TTEs and conductors.

While in other divisions like Itarsi and Bhusawal divisions, every
train has six TTEs and two conductors, trains in Nagpur division
have only two TTEs and one conductor on each train.

From: db2adm <

Subject: Railway News

Date: 28 Oct 1996 04:10:00 -0500

The Indian Express
Monday, October 28 1996

CR touts arrested

MUMBAI, October 27: In a joint raid conducted on Saturday night,
the vigilance officials of Central Railway (CR) and the Mumbai
police arrested two touts running a large-scale ticket reservation

DCP Zone 1, Ashok Dhamija said the touts, Ramesh Punjabi and Vijay
Shridhar Singh, have been selling tickets at an average commission
of Rs 200 per ticket. The modus operandi was to book reserved
tickets for long distance trains and later sell them, mostly to
defence personnel. They collect reservation forms in bulk and
reserve large number of tickets, one month prior to the date of
journey. Money was collected in advance from interested parties.
On receiving specific information, officials raided Punjabi
Travels' office. Cash worth Rs 23,300, 41 reserved tickets, 10
books of advance receipts, 37 reservation forms filled with
probable passengers, etc, were recovered.
Freight train derailment disrupts railroad services (IA)

Several long distance trains have been cancelled or diverted following
the derailment of 29 wagons of a freight train on the Daund-Solapur
section of the Central Railway.

From: Kandaswami, Auroprem* <Kandaswami#m#_Auroprem*

Subject: Demand for Dahanu-Nashik rail link

Date: 29 Oct 1996 05:09:00 -0500

BJP reiterates demand for Dahanu-Nashik rail


MUMBAI, October 28: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has once again reiterated its demand for a rail-link between Dahanu in Thane district and Nashik. The BJP Member of Parliament from Dahanu Chintaman Wange and District unit Vice President Om Prakash Sharma in a memorandum to the Union Minister for Railways Ram Vilas Paswan made this renewed demand.

The party is also planning to organise a massive railway parishad at Mokhade next month to press for the demand and to educate the tribals about the need for such a rail link.

The copies of the memorandum were circulated to the press here today by the BJP leaders who urged the minister to take the issue seriously and act before it was too late. In the memorandum they pointed out that due to lack of better transport facility the hilly area remained most backward even after 49 years of Independence.

They further said that during Ex-MP Yeshwant Makhune tenure rail survey was conducted but nothing constructive came out of it.

Subsequently all the parties have been demanding the said railway line. Thereafter at the instance of Bhasaheb Vartak, Vasai to Diva was connected by rail to give direct link to Konkan region.

In their memorandum they also pointed out that Trimbakeshwar was an important pilgrim centre daily attracting about 25,000 pilgrims from all over India. In 1992-93 about 50 lakhs pilgrims visited the Kumbhamela. Industrialists can also take advantage of the incentives when there is a dependable all weather rail transport, they pointed out.

From: Harsh Kumar <

Subject: Forwarded mail....

Date: 31 Oct 1996 02:10:00 -0500

I am sending a writeup on Konkan Railway. It is a long one so I plan to
send it in 3/4 parts. This is the first part.

With best wishes.
Harsh Kumar +91-22 757 2015
Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd. +91-22-757 2420 FAX
Belapur Bhawan, Sector 11 CBD
Belapur, Navi Mumbai - 400 614

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Part I


The Konkan Railway alignment passes through a distance of 760 km starting
from Roha in Maharashtra state and terminating in Mangalore in Karnataka
State. The alignment will pass through backward areas of Maharashtra, Goa
and Karnataka States, the length in each State being 382 km, 105 km, and 273
km respectively. There will be 53 important stations on the Konkan Railway line.

The railway line will have as many as 179 major bridges and 1819 minor
bridges. There will be as many as 92 tunnels with a total length of 83.4 Km.
The longest tunnel on the section will be 6.5 km. It will be the first time
that Indian Railways will be constructing railway tunnels of more than 2.2
km. By all reckoning, Konkan Railway is the biggest railway project
undertaken on the Indian subcontinent in the present century. The most
outstanding feature of the project is the incorporation of 'front line'
technologies in many areas.

The Konkan Railway, when completed, will reduce the distance between various
points as given below.

(Route length in km.)
Present Route New Route Savings
Mangalore-Mumbai 2041 914 1127
Mangalore-Ahmedabad 2653 1358 1295
Mangalore-Delhi 3033 2249 784
Cochin-Mumbai 1849 1336 513

Correspondingly, the reduction in travel-time will be significant between
following points as shown below:

(Travel-time in hours)
Present time Expected Time Savings
Mumbai-Mangalore 41 15 26
Mumbai-Cochin 36 24 12
Mumbai-Goa 20 10 10

The above savings in time are based on a maximum speed of 100 km per hour
for passenger trains. The line is, however, being built with a speed
potential of 160 km per hour, and most likely, immediately after opening,
trains with 130 km per hour speed will start running, provided sufficient
number of high speed coaches are made available in which case the saving in
travel time will be much more. Because of the reduction in haulage distance
and switch over of road traffic to rail along this route, the savings in
fuel cost to the nation is expected to be around Rs. 200 crores per annum.
Harsh Kumar
Chief Manager IT +91-22-757 2015 (Off)
Konkan Railway Corporation
Belapur Bhawan, Sector 9 CBD +91-22-757 2420 (Fax)
Belapur, Navi Mumbai 400 614, India

From: Kandaswami, Auroprem* <Kandaswami#m#_Auroprem*

Subject: Re: South-Western Railway

Date: 31 Oct 1996 10:45:00 -0500

Gowda to open B`lore rail zone today

Prime Minister H D Deve Gowda will inaugurate the zonal offices of the South-Western Railway in Bangalore on Friday at a function to be presided over by Railway Minister Ram Vilas Paswan.

Karnataka Chief Minister J H Patel will be the chief guest. Other guests include Finance Minister P Chidambaram, Minister for Human Resources Development S R Bommai, Minister for Welfare Balwant Singh Ramoowalia, Minister for Textiles R L Jalappa, Minister of State for Railways Satpal Maharaj and Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister

Mr Paswan will later lay the foundation stone for the zonal railway headquarters offices. The interim zonal offices of the South-Western Railway, Bangalore, will start functioning from the divisional railway
manager`s office. The South-Western Railway Zone will be fully functional in five years, after the division of inter-zonal manpower, assets and liabilities is complete.

DHNS adds from Bangalore: Opposition leader in the State Legislative Council H K Patil has appealed to the Prime Minister to defer the inauguration till the completion of necessary legal formalities.

In a statement here, Mr Patil alleged that Mr Gowda was in a hurry to inaugurate the zonal headquarters though the legal formality of notifying the formation of the new zone and naming it had not been completed as required under the Railway Act. Hence, he said it was violative of law and lacks legal validity. Besides, it would amount to the prime minister`s office being a party to an act of wilful violation of the law.

He maintained that setting up the headquarters in Hubli would have served the interest of the State better and would have given a fillip to the development of the long-neglected north Karnataka region.

From: db2adm <

Subject: Railway News

Date: 02 Nov 1996 05:24:00 -0500

The Indian Express
Saturday, November 2 1996

Western Railway to run 78 holiday specials

MUMBAI, November 1: Western Railway (WR) will run 78 holiday
specials between Mumbai and Gujarat, Jaipur and Delhi to clear the
Diwali rush.

851 Dn/852 Up Mumbai-Hazrat Nizamuddin-Mumbai weekly holiday
special will leave Mumbai Central at 11 pm every Wednesday between
November 6 and 20, and reaching Hazrat Nizamuddin at 2.15 pm the
next day. The train will depart from Hazrat Nizamuddin every
Thursday between November 7 and 21 at 11.50 pm reaching Mumbai
Central at 11 pm the next day.

857 Dn/858 Up Mumbai-Hapa-Mumbai weekly holiday special will leave
Mumbai Central at 12.35 pm every Saturday between November 2 and
23, reaching Hapa at 6.35 next morning. The 858 Up holiday special
will leave Hapa at 4.10 pm every Sunday between November 3 and 24,
arriving at Mumbai Central at 10.45 am the next morning.

859 Dn/860 Up Mumbai-Gandhidham-Mumbai tri-weekly holiday special
will leave Mumbai Central every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
between November 1 and 25, and will reach Gandhidham at 5.45 am
the next morning. The train will leave Gandhidham at 5 pm every
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday between November 2 and 26 and
arrive at Mumbai Central at 10.45 next morning.

871A Dn/872A Up Mumbai-Gandhidham-Mumbai tri-weekly holiday
special will leave Mumbai Central at 10.30 pm every Sunday,
Tuesday and Thursday between November 3 and 24, reaching
Gandhidham at 1.30 pm the next afternoon. The train will leave
Gandhidham at 2.15 pm on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
between November 4 and 25 and arrive at Mumbai Central at 5.05 am
the next morning.

873 Dn/874 Up Bandra-Jaipur-Bandra tri-weekly Holiday Special will
depart from Bandra Terminus at 10.35 pm on every Monday, Wednesday
and Saturday between Nov 2 and 25, reaching Jaipur at 6.25 pm the
next evening. The train will leave Jaipur at 8.35 pm on every
Tuesday, Friday and Sunday between Nov3 and 26 and arrive at
Bandra Terminus at 4 pm next evening.

The Indian Express
Saturday, November 2 1996

WR locals to run upto Dahanu: Somaiya

MUMBAI, November 1: Western Railway suburban services will run
upto Dahanu very soon, said Bharatiya Janata Party leader Kirit

Addressing a press conference here today, Somaiya said the Central
Railway has been able to achieve an overall efficiency of 90 per
cent. The trains are running late by only 10 minutes as compared
to 40 minutes during the monsoons, he added.

Somaiya claimed that this was possible because of his follow-up
with the Railways about the glaring problems of commuters, and due
to the interest shown by the CM and the Deputy Chief Minister. On
Thursday, a joint committee meeting was held at New Delhi in which
Railway Minister Ram Vilas Paswan, CR and WR general managers,
Railway board officials, revenue commissioner V Shivkumaran,
additional chief secretary R C Sinha, Kirit Somaiya and MPs Ram
Naik and Satish Pradhan were present.

Issues pertaining to the city's suburban rail service such as the
removal and rehabilitation of slum-dwellers alongside the railway
tracks -- especially on the Harbour line and on-time performance
of trains were discussed.

A special committee has been appointed by the state government,
headed by D T Joseph, special officer in charge of the slum
redevelopment scheme. This committee has formed a task force to
identify and resolve the problems of slum-dwellers. On the CR main
line, between Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) and Kalyan, there
are 8450 hutments while between CST and Mankhurd there are 11,163
encroaching hutments. These hutments are located at 27 spots out
of which eight are extremely vulnerable and the dwellers have to
be provided with alternate accommodation urgently. The railway
ministry has agreed to amend its rules and provide railway land
to relocate the hutments, he stated. Even the quadruplication of
the Borivl-Virar division has been cleared.

From: db2adm <

Subject: Questions???

Date: 02 Nov 1996 06:16:00 -0500

> Western Railway suburban services will run
> upto Dahanu very soon

WR had electrified suburban track between Churchgate and Virar that used
1500 V DC. When expansion of track electrification started, this 1500 V DC
track was extended to a few kilometers north of Virar followed by a 'dead
zone' of one structure. Electric locos lowered their DC pantographs
before dead zone and raised AC pantographs after dead zone. This process
worked fine for locos but is not necessarily suitable for EMUs. So the
questions are:

1) Will this suburban service use EMUs or will it be 'Engine local' as it
is available today? (Current form is 4 coaches + WDM2 + 4 coaches with
driving cab at each end of train.)

2) If EMUs are planned, will they be AC EMUs that can run on a separate
track between Virar and 'dead zone'?

3) Has WR changed her suburban section to 25KV AC now or has plans to
do so in near future to permit AC EMUs to operate between Churchgate
and Dahanu?

> Even the quadruplication of
> the Borivl-Virar division has been cleared.

Quadruplication program was hampered not by land but by the bridges at
Bhayndar creek. The old bridges, although weak are still useable.
They had a speed limit of 45 kms/hr for EMUs. Rajdhani Express with
two WDM2 locos had to stop before the bridge, completely shut off second
WDM2 and pass both bridges at 15 kilomers an hour. The question is:

1) Will these two bridges be used 'As Is' or will they be repaired and
speed limit be increased to 75 Kms/hr?

2) Will there be any restriction as far as locos are concerned?

Any information on these questions will be appreciated.

Prakash Tendulkar(

From: db2adm <

Subject: Railway News

Date: 03 Nov 1996 07:37:00 -0500

Gitanjali express derails, 23 injured

Twenty three people were injured, two of them seriously, when
eight bogies of the 2860 UP Gitanjali Express, which left Howrah
yesterday, derailed between Jayramnagar and Gatora railway
stations in Madhya Pradesh early today.

While the two seriously injured were admitted to Bhilai Steel
Plant Hospital, the rest were discharged after first aid,
according to the South Eastern Railway sources here.

The general manager of the railway, Mr A K Mitra along with senior
railway officials rushed to the accident site to supervise rescue
and relief operations.

Special arrangements have been made to transport stranded
passengers to their destinations. Special enquiry counters have
been opened at Howrah, Kharagpur, Tatanagar and Chakradharpur
railway stations for providing information to anxious relatives.

The train services at the division were partially affected and
Restoration work was on.