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From: anand i.s. <>

Subject: Ooty 'X' class update

Date: 14 Nov 1999 13:32:57 -0500

Hi folks,

There is talk of ' Oil-firing' the "X" class. Meanwhile the cylinders
been fitted on one , and it is expected by end Dec. to be ready . But
"oil" or 'coal' is yet undecided.

anand i.s.

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From: anand i.s. <>

Subject: SCR WDM-2

Date: 14 Nov 1999 14:02:02 -0500

Hi pals,

Quite unexpectedly saw SCR WDM-2 of 'Kazipet' shed. It was is leaf-green

with white band. Was immaculate. Saw it in Kurla with pass. load. Saw
distance, so must have been KR haulage.


anand i.s.

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From: anand i.s. <>

Subject: Anand-hi-Anand

Date: 14 Nov 1999 14:07:04 -0500

Dear pals,

One kind request. As now there appears many Anand's, could I request
that we
be identified with our inits. e.g. anand i.s., anand r. etc or inits
Gets confusing as to which anand is being referred to, and worst I get
of memory, 'had I sent this one' ? Friends I would like to continue long
irfca, so please oblige.

anand i.s.

F-6, ' BALAKA '
Swastik Park


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From: Apurva Bahadur <>

Subject: I am back

Date: 14 Nov 1999 16:39:04 -0500

Gang !

Just back from Goa.

Pune - Mumbai = Deccan Queen
Mumbai - Goa = Mandovi Express
Vasco - Londa = Link passenger
Londa - Pune = Goa Express

Footplated the Konkan Railway !

More info after a long long sleep.


From: Jishnu Mukerji <>

Subject: Re: Timetables

Date: 14 Nov 1999 16:40:50 -0500

Shankar wrote:

> I used to buy one on every trip to India without fail, and used to
> to savour the book bit by bit.
> I could have cried at the station on my Nov. 1997 visit to India when
> heard that the Bradshaw is not published in its original form any
> The 'Newman's Indian Bradshaw' he showed me was a more crudely printed
> version of TAAG.
> I'd like to have one of the original detailed Bradshaw for its
> value. I do understand I'll only get an old one. That will do: I do
> want to live with the feeling that I will never see a detailed
> again. I curse myself for having dumped the one I had, ust before
> leaving for India,in anticipation to my buying a new one in India. The
> book has been in publication since the early 1900s, and I could never
> imagine it will stop coming out in its original form altogether.


The detailed version of the Bradshaw is still published. I picked up one
in May 99, and when I go to Calcutta again in May 2000, I'll pick up
one. I just stop by at Newman's on Government Place East and buy one.


From: Jayant S <>

Subject: Re: Indian Module - Automobiles

Date: 14 Nov 1999 19:08:06 -0500

Anne Ogborn wrote:
> I wonder how important it is to get the exact right truck if
> I'm going to be changing the body.
Important enough...for an automobile spotweld-counter
such as I ! :)
> ...presumably these trucks came with a steel cab?
> Why would they have replaced it?
Most trucks are sold just as a running chassis with the front
face with/without the windshield so that local bodybuilders
can construct wooden bodies. With the increasing scarcity
of wood, steel/aluminium bodies are taking over.
> <A HREF=""></A>
Nice Tempo ! The MB truck will look more like a Telco
807 if the headlamps move above the bumper. The Herpa
home page has a bonneted MB (yellow truck, 2nd from right
with the "Pfanni" logo) which was very common in India till
the 1980s with the wooden cab/body.
> You refer to various US pickups. A pickup truck is a smaller
> vehicle than the usual Indian truck.
The nose and windshield of the Chevy pickup was typically
mounted on a heavy chassis, size of the MB. Wooden cab and
load platforms were constructed. The resulting truck was much
larger than the US pickup. Bus versions existed too, seen
sometimes in the old Dev Anand films ! Similar large trucks
were seen on Ford and Dodge chassis. I'll check on the
US equivalents and get back.
> You mean the Mercedes-Benz passenger van can pass for a Tata 407?
The truck version too. The 407 is not licensed by MB, but is an
indigenously designed vehicle that looks quite similar.
> UPS uses exactly the same trucks in India that they do here.
UPS vans in Delhi at least are usually MB vans (the real
one and not the Tata 407) built by Bajaj Tempo (who just stopped
making the Tempo 3-wheeler truck and do not make the Bajaj
3-wheeler either: but I can see why the Indian automotive
scene is confusing !!).
> Is the Shaktiman only used for army?
Ex-Army Shaktimans are seen quite often in the construction
industry: battered and rattling, to carry stones from quarries
and so on.
> And what are the 4 wheel taxis based on?
In Mumbai (Bombay), mainly the Premier Padmini (1965 Fiat 1100).
Other cities in India use the HM Ambassador (Morris Oxford 1954),
and a small smattering of Maruti vans.
> I remember a fair number of "SUV" or "Jeep" type vehicles, and not
> just the old "army jeep" style.
Those include the Tata Sumo, the Tempo Trax, derivatives
of the Jeep, and so on. Of these, the Trax could
find a base in the MB Gelandenwagen. The MB M-class
may just be convertible into a Tata Safari SUV, but
these are fairly recent introductions.
> There's some sort of land rover in fair number.
Series II/III Land Rovers themselves are still common in
Darjeeling, but not anywhere else. You probably saw
to the Tata Sumo, Mahindra Armada and Tempo Trax.
> more-or-less left hand driving.
Ah. Putting together a typically chaotic and
maniacal Indian traffic scene would be interesting.

I'll look into toyshops here sometime to see what is
available off the shelf.

It might be fun to make an Indian hi-rail truck,
such as is seen on Apurva's KR page !

The marques, population and body style of vehicles will depend
closely on the choice of period and location. Do keep us posted,
and all the best with the new project.


From: Shankar <>

Subject: Re: I am back

Date: 14 Nov 1999 19:35:08 -0500

Hello Appu,
Welcome, welcome back.
We missed you.

Apurva Bahadur wrote:
> Gang !
> Just back from Goa.
> Pune - Mumbai = Deccan Queen
> Mumbai - Goa = Mandovi Express
> Vasco - Londa = Link passenger
> Londa - Pune = Goa Express
> Footplated the Konkan Railway !
> More info after a long long sleep.
> Apurva