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Subject: Re: WP Glory

Date: 12 Nov 1999 10:24:02 -0500

Dear Anand

I agree with you on WP's glory. But all the glory is from a distance
Not inside the WP itself.

I once foot plated on a WP for some distance. Even though it was cold
due to peak winter (December in U.P.), the heat inside the WP was too
much to bear. Every time the fireman opened the boiler fire box hatch to
shovel in coal, the coal particles went flying everywhere. I felt itchy

In spite of the nice crew who were willing to take me along with them
for a lot more distance, I opted out. And you all guys know that I love
foot plating. I went back to my 3-tier sleeper coach, removed my shirt
and out pored a good amount of coal particles. Not to speak of the
coal in my hair. (I did not tie a hand kerchief on my head).

Any amount of tributes paid to the dedicated guys who worked the WP's
(and other kinds of steam locos) in this kind of difficult working
will be most inadequate. And these guys took pride in keeping the WP's
clean and shiny. More than the machines, glory be to these guys.
(I am also sure that there were no gals who worked the WP's on IR).


S. Srinivas


Anand I.S. wrote:

> Hi pals,
> Certainly WP is one of the most imposing and majestic loco.
> It truly was a magnificient site as well as an unforgettable sight !
> The WP steamimg fast, the light rain, the dull glow, the smell ;

From: Avinash Pandey <>

Subject: To all IR Fans in the SF Bay area

Date: 12 Nov 1999 11:11:31 -0500


Even I did not know that we had quite a gang of IR Fans in the
SF Bay area, I would like to meet one and all, the sooner the better!!!
What do others think? Please let me know. I live in Redwood City
(South of SF, in San Mateo County) and am willing to have the
get-together in my apt.


The Brabyns wrote:

> I didn't realise there were so many IR enthusiasts in the San
> Bay Area! I live in Marin County, just north of SF. Perhaps we could
> meet sometime. I may not have many intelligent comments to make, being
> rank novice, but would love to hear more about Indian Railways from
> fellow enthusiasts.
> Cheers,
> Trevor Brabyn

Avinash Pandey ~ Phone: 650 607 3717
Oracle Corporation ~ Fax : 650 506 7800
500 Oracle Parkway 3OP7 ~ Email:
Redwood Shores CA 94065 ~ URL :

From: Krishna S. Dhir <>

Subject: Re: Rail Fan from Punjab !

Date: 12 Nov 1999 13:14:18 -0500

Hi Folks,

I am delighted with the reponse to my query, "...who are you? What do
do?" I can also that there is considerable interest in the history of

Earlier I had asked if there were folks out there in the IRCA world, who
focussed on the history of Indian Railways through the war years? Now
is another poser ... Are there any of you among the irfcans addicted to
literature? For instance, Railway literature? Any poets? Railways, of
course, has generated considerable amount of poetry. One powerful work
by W.T. Blankenship, who wrote "John Henry, The Steel Driving Man."
this site out:
<A HREF=""></A>

I just read Jagjit Singh's book, "Memoirs of a Mathematician Manque,"
published by Vikas Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., Delhi, 1980. The author
retired from the Indian Railways as General Manager, South Eastern
in 1969. This is a small book, mere 120 pages, describing Mr. Jagjit
Singh's time in the Railways, and his interest in Operations
Research/Management Science (OR/MS). He describes the various people he
knew and met (mostly outside Railways), how he came to apply OR/MS
principles at the Mughal Sarai Marshalling Yard, received the Kalinga
for popularization of science, and so on.

Does this start a new thread ... or is it a dead-end? Well ... what
you expect from a professor!

Krishna Dhir
At 11:56 AM 11/6/99 -0500, Krishna S. Dhir wrote:
>Hi Sandeep and other folks,
>Sandeep, nay ... you are NOT the only one from Panjab in this goup ...
>am I ... My roots go to the village of Kamaam in Jalandhar District.
>anyone else from there?
>Your account of childhood memories are delightful. Thanks for sharing
>Growing up, associated with trains, is perhaps the next best thing to
>growing up ON the rails. That is what I did, in the late 40s, and
>50s and 60s (...and I took a loooong time to grow up, you better
>it!). In my memory, the clickety clack of a fast moving train was
music, to
>which about every song I had ever heard could be set. My father served
>Indian Railways from 1935 to 1965 before joining TISCO. That generation
>Railway Officers had the privilege of Officers' Carriage (OC) at ranks
>starting from the Assistant Traffic Officer (ATS), through
>Traffic (ST) and DOS onward after the reorganization. And I made the
>of his time in the Railways ... moving into his OC whenever the school
>closed ... travelling to every nook and corner of India by the time I
>14. In those days I used to think that "In the beginning God created
>Railways ..."
>A child sitting at the window, shutters up, absorbs the entire world. I
>have memories of scenes that no longer exist even in rural India ...
>as watching nesting cranes (sarus) in the Gangetic plains well within
>from a rail line! Anyone seen cranes from a moving train any more? Even
>music directors and lyricists of Bollywood, before it was Bollywood,
>inspiration from their Rail experiences. Such hits as "Apni to har aah
>toofan hai ..." from Kalapani; and before that: "Rahi matawale, tu
chhed ik
>baar mun ka sitar ..." sung by Talat Mahmood; and going really, really
>into the past, "Toofan mail, duniya, yeh duniya hai toofan mail ...,"
>give proof to my claim!
>I signed up with irfca only a few months ago, and have been, mostly
>silently, witnessing the transactions. Is there a directory of members
>indicating who the different members are, and what they do? I suspect
>I have a very confused picture of what the member occupations are,
>based on guesswork ... Am I reading e-mails from Railway officers?
>drivers? Book publishers? Hobbyists? The letters do suggest a
>wide range! I, on my part, am a Professor of Business Administration,
>teaching at Pennsylvania State University not far from Lancaster,
>Pennsylvania, the home of the Toy Train Club of America.
>I see considerable interest in technicalities, design and functions of
>range of locomotives. The panoramic and other photographs have been
>Are there any history buffs among irfca?
>Am I right about the notion that someone among us is writing a book on
>Railways? I wonder where I got that impression ...
>So ... here you have it ... an e-mail with a assortment of questions.
>that, Apurva! And also tell us ignorants, who are you? What do you do?
>make a living, that is!
>Krishna Dhir
>At 10:42 AM 11/6/99 +0500, San-Ind wrote:
>>dear Apurva,
>>Hi !
>>I think i'm the only one from Punjab/Himachal Pradesh but now settled
>>Nobody know that some part of Pathankot-Mukerian Section lies in
>>Pradesh not in Punjab ....Himachal area starts from Rail over Road
>>after Chakki Bank station, Kandrori(oldest Broad Gauge Railway Station
>>Himachal Pradesh) till Outskirts of Ghiala Halt Station...... and
>>from BEas bridge after Mirthal station to next station i think Garna
>>I'm the one of that land, mix of Punjab & Himachal ... Actually my
>>is Between Kandrori & Chakki Bank station.... unfortunately we don't
have a
>>Railway Station ......
>>So I remember my old school days(1982-83).... When i always check all
>>trains going on .... I identify the trains with their Colours.... or
>>Composition .... Jammu mail was easiest..... 'coz it has always a Mail
>>Bogie of Red Colour (unfortunately now it's elemenated).... Jhelum
>>by Two separate Bogies in front of train......(Pathankot-NDLS section
>>coaches)........... Sealdah Express with one coach at Front
>>Sec. coach)..... Himsagar Exp. with Blue-yellow bogies...... Usually
>>visited to the Gateman of Level-crossing at our village to ask about
>>tarin timings...... and at that time i was barely 9 years old.....
>>In our new Built house at that Place My father had Put a Specail
window on
>>West side of Our house wall for Just on our Demand of Watching the
>>trains....... I remmber i getup in morning afer Sealdah Express has
>>from there... My father say "Uttho Bete Sealdah Express Chali Gayi
>>hai"...... I never miss to watch that Jammu Mail at our Breakfast time
>>Jhelum express at our School going time......
>>Remaining things next time 'coz I've to catch 4033 for Pathankot today
>>'ll back on 9th morning by 4034 from Pathankot..... On Monday I've
also go
>>to Kangra.... If i'll get enough time i'll catch return narrow gauge
>>from Kangra to Pathankot.....
>>Sandeep Sharma
>>Digital Operation Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
>>90/30A, Ist Floor, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi-17
>>Ph.91-11-6285286, 6451620, 6423136, 6280643(Res.)
>Krishna S. Dhir, PhD
>Professor of Business Administration
>Penn State University at Harrisburg
>777 West Harrisburg Pike
>Middletown, PA 17057-4898
>Office: (717) 948-6153
>Res: (717) 930-9322
>Secy: (717) 948-6141
>FAX: (717) 948-6456
>WebSite: <A HREF=""></A>
<A HREF=""></A>
<A HREF=""></A>

From: anand i.s. <>

Subject: Indore-Dehradun new service

Date: 12 Nov 1999 14:05:51 -0500

Hi folks hear, hear,

WR has introduced new service as per :-

1. Biweekly. Indore dep. Saturdays & Sundays 15.00hrs and arr.D>Dun
18.35hrs., next day.

2. D.Dun dep. Fridays & Saturdays 6.00hrs aand arr. Indore
8.40hrs, next day.

3. Acco.:- One AC 2nd.,6 sleepers, 6 general class.

4. Halts:- Dewas, Ujjain, Maksi, Shajapur, Biyavara-Rajgadh,Ruthiyai
Guna, Shivpuri, & Gwalior.

anand is.

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From: anand i.s. <>

Subject: SR MG -- Rameswaram section

Date: 12 Nov 1999 14:30:07 -0500

HI Pals,

Take haste before the final closure of the MG, which as I outlined
could be
about 2005 or 'earlier'. Work on conversion is fast progressing on that
section, as the GOI wants the Kashi-Rameswar Exps to really get going to

Rameswar direct.

Then what happens ? We loose India's only opening bow bridge presently
working ! and that too with MG. I too sure love MG chaps. Romantic &
with a lot of feel about it.

The new bridge on the Pamban Straits will be a straight one !!!.
One can now stand on the road bridge which is at a considerable higher
than the MG bridge and watch the trains passing by. What a sight !!!.

Once BG, then off goes our pet little MG.

Think aloud.

anand i.s.

F-6, ' BALAKA '
Swastik Park


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From: Sundar Krishnamurthy <>

Subject: Re: Who am I?

Date: 12 Nov 1999 15:03:04 -0500

Hello Folks

That pic <sparklinwam.jpg> was indeed from my site - as Anand Krishnan
rightly pointed out. Its been a while since I got back to the list -
away from IR here in the USA is certainly demotivating, but treasure
nuggets that keep flying into my Inbox with rapid frequency. As Apurva
think I'm back to being a turncoat - well, I am not! That train is
(had no board) on the cold winter morning in late 97 in Katpadi as I
snapped it from the Brindavan exp. The WAM4 has its pantograph down - I
suspect it was the Jolarpettai-Katpadi train on its day-long siesta.

About moi - I am not a super rail-nut as junta make me out to be. I am
and from Mumbai, now deputed on a short distributed systems project for
Swiss automation company Ascom to New Jersey in the US of A. The company

makes automated TVMs (Ticket Vending Machines) for NJTransit and I take
their train everyday to work!

I've been crazy about trains from the time I can think back (maybe 18 mo

nths of age) when my grammom used to take me to the temple in Sion and
over on the Dharavi foot overbridge as I had to see trains. I would
wanna go back, would cry - (please, oru train! .. one train in Tamil)
make her wait with me for an hour. As my mother used to say - most kids
love trains, but some dont grow up. I used to treasure the annual trip
my grammom's home in Bangalore - we used to take the Dadar Madras
to Guntakal and the Hyderabad Bangalore MG train from there. Guntakal is

among the most wonderful stations I can ever think of... and have so
memories there. Sometimes we would go to Miraj - and change to MG there
the Mahalaxmi express. My school - SIES in Matunga faced the Kings
harbour station and I would love to see the WCAM1 hauled freighters that

came out of Wadala on this route. I loved drawing trains with a chalk on
kitchen floor and would draw the difference in overhead equipment
CR locos and WR locos even though I had no idea of the systems or
electricity. I had very little exposure to AC locos in my childhood
for the odd trip to Madras) and I rate the WCM5 as my favorite
Steam moved out by the time I could grow ... and my childhood vacations
Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore would always involve me making clandestine
trips to Malleswaram station to watch the YP hauled Golgumbaz express in

the evenings - this was in the early 80s I guess.

There is something about watching a speeding train go by you... I guess
am more of a trainspotter than a footplater or a technical expert. The
effect of seeing a train going by is too much - sends my adrenaline high

and at the risk of sounding offensive, I must say it is indeed orgasmic.
have done crazy things which cant be documented in one email - maybe I
to get back and write details in batches.... but one of my favorite
activities is railwalking. I love walking beside (NOT ON - THEY ARE
DIRTY!!!) railway tracks and have had a few close experiences. I dont
myself at risk or frighten drivers (suicide case?) and take utmost
I have done Diva-Dombivali, Virar-Vaitarna, Jogeshwari-Andheri,
Vashi-Mankhurd, Matheran-Neral, Wardha-Wardha East-Sevagram, Chennai
Central-Chennai Beach, Arrakkonam-Tiruttani, Krishnarajapuram-Bangalore
my best experience has been Lonavla-Karjat that took me 7 hours in the
pouring rain. My parents do not know anything about this - I hope they
never should. I have footplated thrice - and have visited the Valsad
shed in 92. I tried entering many other loco sheds but always got shooed

out. I have a collection of around 500 photographs I've taken in the
two years - mostly of my Mumbai-Chennai monthly trips - need to get them

scanned. The areas where I've been watching trains are Mumbai, Pune,
Igatpuri, Valsad, Kalyan, Bangalore, Chennai and Wardha (where my father

was stationed for two years). I even went to New Delhi once just to see
NRM! I cant jaywalk here in the USA but visit a freight yard between
and Metuchen on the Northeast Corridor to watch speeding Amtraks and
NJTransits and the odd but beautiful Conrail diesel.

I had been on IRFCA in late 97 and through mid 98. I moved jobs and lost

net access. My railfanning wings got clipped coz' my parents did not
approve of me spending money on train camera rolls and wasting time
watching trains. I came back to IRFCA late this year from the USA. I
met Apurva Bahadur on a short halt at Pune, I. S. Anand at his home (I
him 500 bucks + ANZ interest :-), Viraf, members of the Pune Modelling
Society in 97, and had a talk with Karthik Giddu when I was in Mumbai.
I met Anand Rangachari on a model layout exhibition and have to catch up

with Jishnu and Vijay. As I type, I am now wearing a Penn GG1 T-shirt
The railfan spirit in me can never be exorcised :-) Long live IRFCA!
be to IR.


From: Jishnu Mukerji <>

Subject: Re: Who am I?

Date: 12 Nov 1999 15:52:36 -0500

> I cant jaywalk here in the USA but visit a freight yard between Edison

> and Metuchen on the Northeast Corridor to watch speeding Amtraks and
> NJTransits and the odd but beautiful Conrail diesel.


If you want to see really fast trains drive down to Princeton Jct.
Track speed there is 125mph, soon to be raised to 135mph. The new tilt
Acela Express trains are undergoing testing there at upto 168 mph at
night. I
have been out prowling there on weekends, and even saw it fly by one
Conrail or CSX or NS diesels can be seen at the Linden Yard also. And if
have time, you can hike up North to Butler or thereabouts and catch some
(NYS&W + NS) action.

I happen to live right by the NJTransit Morris and Essex Line in Short
these days, so I can just sit by my bedroom window and watch Jersey
Arrow EMUs
and ALP44 or F40 or GP40TC pulled Comets go by all day.:-) Talk about
being a
rail nut!

Around Calcutta, my favorite trainspotting station is Kamarkundu Jn. You
can see
a parade of goods, locals, and fast expresses including Rajdhanis go by.
Expresses are pretty much at full speed when they go by there. In May I
planning to go and settle down there for several hours with my little
Camcorder. You can tell when it is Rajdhani or Poorva Express time,
becaue they
seem to clear the track somewhat earlier than others, and close the
gate a little earlier than others.


From: Jayant S <>

Subject: Re: Who am I

Date: 12 Nov 1999 19:07:04 -0500

Ah, interesting thread. Here is my input:

Name: Jayant S
Born: 11.July.1965
Locations: 1965-1984: Darjeeling
1984-1990: Ahmedabad
1990-present: Pune

I don't remember any point in life when I was
not absorbed by trains. Growing up in Darjeeling
gave me a local perspective on the DHR, which was
the "right size" of train. Going only occasionally
to Siliguri as a child made MG trains seem unusually
big, and BG at NJP was, well, way outsized. Some
kind of reverse perspective at work.

Having trained as an industrial designer, I am
working with the Tata Engineering and Locomotive
Company (no, we stopped making locos in 1970; the
main business now is automobiles). I like road
vehicles too, though the environmental damage they
can cause is becoming distressing.

I am interested in all forms of transport, actually,
but railways do head the list. Any aspect of railed
transport from all over the world; whether motive
power, heritage, stock, operations, structures,
people or footplating; is fascinating for me. And
IRFCA has certainly been a daily fix for three years
or so !

I am also quite involved with music, playing jazz
and classical guitar, but on the scale of interests
trains have always been a greater priority.


From: HVC <>

Subject: Briganza Ghat and connection to Goa.

Date: 13 Nov 1999 00:17:09 -0500

There was a mail sometime back by Apurva and a followup by Sriniwas about opening up of Briganza Ghat to passenger traffic. I seem to have lost that mail.
Can somebody please confirm if Goa express now reaches Vasco da' Gama or if there is a connection from Londa/ Castle rock? Timings if possible!
If so, has the Bombay - Madgaon Express also been extended?
Thanks in advance.

From: Tim & Anita Wakeman <>

Subject: Re: Who am I?

Date: 13 Nov 1999 00:50:30 -0500

Jishnu Mukerji wrote:
And if you
> have time, you can hike up North to Butler or thereabouts and catch
some SusieQ

You forgot to mention that you can relax in Johns Pizza right by the
main crossing there and wait for the nightly westbound Q271/ML-401.
Lately it has been stalling on the grade there,(heavey tonnage and
leaves). Sometimes a #259 is not far behind him.

Regards, Tim

From: shankar s <>

Subject: Fw: [PR - WDM/1 lookalike]

Date: 13 Nov 1999 01:23:07 -0500

Just some additional info I received about the Pak railways from one of
the visitors to my site.
Thought you might be interested.

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<A HREF=""></A>.

From: HVC <>

Subject: SCR website.

Date: 13 Nov 1999 02:48:20 -0500

Does SCR have a website or any other on-line info service regarding TTs.


Subject: Re: irfca is 10 years old !

Date: 13 Nov 1999 07:53:24 -0500

Hi Vijay

Just let us have your contact phone numbers at each location.
Also confirm the dates of your visit / stay around end Dec. 99.
Maybe, you could meet a few guys at each location. It will
surely be fun.

S. Srinivas


Vijay Balasubramanian wrote:

> Folks,
> I will be landing in Mumbai on Dec. 26th morning and will leave that
> night for Nagercoil.
> I plan to be in Chennai between Dec. 31 and Jan. 5, in Calcutta
between Jan.
> 6 and 8, in Varanasi between
> Jan. 9 and 13, and in Mumbai between Jan. 14 and 22. So, if time
permits I
> could meet some of you guys
> in Chennai/Calcutta(?)/Mumbai. If you are planning on a rendezvous in
> Mumbai during Jan. 14-22, I could be a part
> of that.
> Vijay



Subject: Re: Burnpur

Date: 13 Nov 1999 07:54:28 -0500

Dear Raymond,

The mention of Burnpur reminded me of the Standard Railway.
Yes, it was Burn Standard Rly. Now, I have some questions :

* Was Burnpur named so because Burn Standard Co. was
located there ?

* Or was the company named Burn Standard because it
was located in Burnpur ?

* My original question whether the NG line survives or
converted to BG or abandoned still needs an answer
from anyone who knows about the correct position.


S. Srinivas


raymond/ wrote:

> Dear Srinivas,
> I thought it was "Burn Standard Railway" after the company of the same
> Regards
> Raymond


Subject: Re: Need railfanning tips

Date: 13 Nov 1999 08:21:26 -0500

Dear Vijay

When you are in Madras, please make a visit to Egmore
Station any day between 11 a.m. and 12 noon and you
can see the WDP2. This will be found stabled south of
P.F. No. 1 along with other WDM's. If you talk to the
shunting drivers, you can have a look inside the cab.


S. Srinivas


Vijay Balasubramanian wrote:

> Is the Kanyakumari Exp. the ONLY train to be hauled by a WDP2? If
> so, I'll be missing out on WDP2 action. Oh well, some other time.
> Thanks,
> Vijay


Subject: Re: Registration - WHo we are.

Date: 13 Nov 1999 08:28:44 -0500

Dear Karthik

I tried registering at your page but it did not work.
can you help.

S. Srinivas


Karthik Giddu wrote:

> Hi Gang,
> I have
> designed a database for keeping member information.(like a telephone
> directory). U register there with all the details. I store the same in
> database so that any IRFCA members can go thru it anytime.
> To reach the page:
> 1. go to <A HREF=""></A>
> 2. Click IRFCA members regsiter here.
> I will soon write search engine for the same, information can be
> based on the name, city, country etc.
> Your feedback is eagerly awaited.
> Bye,
> Karthik
> <A HREF=""></A>
> +91-22-8014919

From: San-Ind <>

Subject: Re: SR MG stories

Date: 13 Nov 1999 09:37:21 -0500

Dear Anand,
Like yr' Child's pee Incident.... Another i remind.... i was travelling
Pooja Exp. in the year of 1997..... I'd a side Upper birth..... In the
cabin a lady was travelling with her little daughter of around 6-7
years..... they had two births one was middle & other was bottom
rest birth were shared by diff. persons... There was also another lady
was also travelling with a liitle girl of same age as another
but without reservation......... The LAdy who had the reserved births
got some pity on Small girl who was travelling unreserved ..... So she
allowed that girl to share the middle birth with her daughter.... at
1 a.m. after Ludhiana...... We got disturbed by some noise.... The lady
shouting on other lady.... Ek tau hamne tumhe birth diya aur this
happened..... Actually the girl who was sharing birth had peeed on the
middle birth & it has poured down to bottom berth..... and whole
were spoiled...... So this happened in IR if you feel generous u've to

Sandeep Sharma

From: Rajan Mathew <>

Subject: Re: Briganza Ghat and connection to Goa.

Date: 13 Nov 1999 09:39:43 -0500

Dear Harsh,
A reproduction of my earlier mail in that connection.
VASCO d 1350
MADGAON d 1417
LONDA a 1730
LONDA d 0310
MADGAON d 0617
VASCO a 0645
Guess these are the connecting trains to the Nizammuddin - Londa Goa Express ..
The Mumbai - Madgaon express is unlikely to be extended on this route since the Braganza Ghat line (Vasco - Londa) is under the SCR, while the Mandovi Express is a KR train.
Regards / Rajan
----- Original Message -----

From: HVC <
Sent: Saturday, November 13, 1999 1:47 PM
Subject: Briganza Ghat and connection to Goa.

There was a mail sometime back by Apurva and a followup by Sriniwas about opening up of Briganza Ghat to passenger traffic. I seem to have lost that mail.
Can somebody please confirm if Goa express now reaches Vasco da' Gama or if there is a connection from Londa/ Castle rock? Timings if possible!
If so, has the Bombay - Madgaon Express also been extended?
Thanks in advance.

From: San-Ind <>

Subject: Northern Railway Notice:

Date: 13 Nov 1999 10:19:00 -0500

n Todays's TOI a Northern Railway Adv.:

This is to bring to the notice of Rail users that from 13.11.99 a new
hi-weekly train No. 4317/4318 is being introduced between Dehradun and
Indore via Gwalior-Guna-Maksi-Ujjain. The inaugural run of the train
from Indore will commence at 10.30 p.m.
on Saturday 13.11.99 arriving at Dehradun at 08.00 a.m. on Monday. Train
no. 4318 shall
commence from Dehradun on Friday 19.11.99 as per schedule. This new
will run on the path and stoppages of 4309/4310 Ujjayani Express between
Dehradun and Gwalior.
Consequently the Schedule of train No. 4309/4310 'Ujjayani Express'
between Ujjain and Dehradun will be changed from 14.11.99. Train No.
from Ujjain will now run on Wednesday and Thursday in place of Thursday
Sunday and Train no. 4310 from Dehradun will run on Tuesday and
in place of Wednesday and Saturday.
4317 Indore 3.00 p.m. (Sat,Sun) a 06.35 p.m. (Sun,Mon) from 20.11.

4318 Dehradun 6.00 a.m.(fri, Sat) Ilndore 08.40 a.m. (Sat, Sun)from

Note: The passengers travelling between Ujjain and Dehradun having
reservation may take note of the above change and contact Enquiry Office
case of any assistance.
Northern Railway


From: San-Ind <>

Subject: Rly. tickets may include names of kids below 5 !!

Date: 13 Nov 1999 10:22:49 -0500

Rly. tickets may
include names
of kids below 5

Indian Railways is considering
storing details of children below
five years travelling with elders.
At present, tickets are not purchased
for children less than five years of
age. In case of accidents no details
about them are available with the rail-
way authorities In the recent Gaisal
accident on the northeast frontier rail-
way, it proved difficult to establish the
identity of children below five whose
parents had lost their lives in the
Till provision for including chil-
dren's names in the reservation sys-
tem is made, zonal railways have
been asked to store data about chil-
dren accompanying passengers
manually. Passengers will have to
indicate names of children accom-
panying them in the requisition
form supplied at the time of reserva-
tion. These children will continue to
travel free of cost. The ticket conduc-
tor will also make a note of the chil-
dren accompanying passengers in
the reservation charts.
Announcements will be made at rail-
way stations over the public address
system asking the public to cooperate
in this regard.