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From: Aayush Asthana <

Subject: Re: Train-reversal!

Date: 07 May 1991 10:14:00 -0500

It happens not infrequently, I guess...!

* The topic of the train reversal reversed my train of thought to the time
* Could some.boss explain what might have happened, which caused this
* phenomenon? (i.e., the track was two-lane anyway, and so, crossing of two
* trains was out of question, and so the Gitanjali could at least have stopped
* in its tracks :-), instead of reversing, couldn't it???)

Hmm.. seems like a clear case of jumping a red light and then
driving on the wrong side of the road (track) !!

O, rail-cop whither art thou? A ticket is in order here..-)

As for coming to a stop (screeching?.-) ) I guess, the train had to
go somewhere if the track up ahead was out of commission or if the
tracks led to nowhere... I wonder what it would be like for a train
to keep running aimlessly like one of the DU specials (buses) which
once got commandered by some fellas and everyone saw Delhi one more
time.. and some places more than once for that matter.

Reasons.. one could be the lack of communication (the signals, the
signaller, the engine driver, the guard etc) across the chain of
command in the event of an emergency... guess everyone was lucky
that time the train did'nt de-rail.
* there are less than 50 persons on the net. Just so that what I've said is not
* misunderstood, I'll type out that description and post it by tonight. How
* about that, eh???? Ciao.

Lookin' forward to that..

Aayush Asthana
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From: vijayb <

Subject: This and that!

Date: 07 May 1991 11:58:00 -0500

Hi Folks,

Good to see IRFCA burst into action, like a dormant volcano being
activated. I sure would like to know the current strength of the club;
my guess is around 50! Dheeraj could verify this.

Diverted routes:

The Western Rly. has long been known for speed restrictions on various
sections of the track due to flood control measures esp. in the Surat-
Vadodara and Ratlam-Kota sections. In fact, that is the reason the avg.
speed of the Frontier Mail has actually DROPPED a bit since the pre-
independence days.

The scenario that Vicraj refered to recently is most probably as
The train must have proceeded till Godhra Jn., and then taken the
Godhra-Anand branch line to end up in the Ahmedabad-Vadodara section.
It must have then proceeded towards Vadodara from where it retraced its
steps towards Bombay Central.

Some standard diversions for Bombay-Delhi WR route are:-
1. Bombay Central-Dadar-Manmad-Jalgaon-Nanddurbar-Udhna-Surat for
bypassing B'by Central-Valsad-Surat
2. Surat-Nanddurbar-Jalgaon-Bhusaval-Itarsi-BHopal-Ujjain-Ratlam
for bypassing Surat-Vadodara-Ratlam

"or" one could join the trunk line further down at Kota by taking
the Bhopal-Bina-Kota line.

Once the Mahanagri Exp. was diverted from the Allahabad-Itarsi sectio
b'caus of an accident near Katni. I was supposed to receive my mother
at Dadar; she had earlier departed from Varanasi. I learnt that the
train first reversed back to Manikpur, then taken the Manikpur-Banda
-Harpalpur-Jhansi line, and then followed the Jhansi-Bhopal-Itarsi to
get back to its original route. It was delayed by more than 30 HRS. as
a result!

Sudarshana writes:-
>train" which had the same route and timings, but a different name, stating
>with an "M" and so I assumed that it was the same as the Neelachal. O course,
>the next edition of the time table had Neelachal in it! Any clues??

The Neelachal Exp. used to be called "Mahasagar Exp." when it was firs
introduced. Any guesses on why it was changed to Neelachal? Probably
b'caus it runs parallel to the Himalayas for a major portion of its
journey, when compared to the portion hugging the Bay of Bengal?

Taj Express locos.

Taj express was indeed hauled by a WP steam locomotive before the er
of the diesel. I am not sure when they replaced the WP by a WDM-2?
In the early 70's? I believe, the Taj Exp. has manitained its blue-n-
white color ever since it was introduced.

It was extended to Gwalior in the early 80s. I believe, it
terminates at Agra Cant, once a week. Recently, it has
started halting at Morena in the Agra-Gwalior section.

Once the Delhi
-Jhansi stretch was electrified, the WDM-2 was replaced by a WAP-1 of X) with
the same color as the rakes. I have a photo of the train with the WAP-
named as "Jawahar".

Personal Profiles CP;
Not a bad idea at all! I sure would like to know a little more
about my fellow IRFCAites (or FACIRS!) than just their names. But it
must be a voluntary affair! People who wish to remain anonymous or
disclose minimal personal information should not be coerced into such an

Here is some personal info.:-

Name:- Vijay Balasubramanian
Age:- 26
Status:- Single (but on the lookout:-) )
Place of Birth :- Varanasi
Cities resided in:- Bombay, Varanasi, Champaign (IL),
Poughkeepsie (NY)
Education:- B.Tech in EE from IIT-B in 1985, M.S.+Ph.D. in
EE from Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
Joined the Advanced System Design group, IBM, Poughkeepsie,
on Feb. 2, 1991.
Favorite train:- Bombay - N. Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
Other interests (besides Railways):- Music (listening to all kinds,
singing, playing the guitar), traveling, wild-life, tennis

Doesn't this reek of a hackneyed matrimonial ad?

Shankar writes:-
> Speaking of steam, trains from London to Scotland in the late 19th cetury
>used to run at well over 70 mph. There were several rail companies on his

This reminds me of the Flying Scotsman, between London and Glasgow(?)

Aayush writes:- 0:02:08
>then comes to a halt around Delhi outskirts (~memory in RAM mode!)
>then proceeds to reverse on the tracks back to the station .. caused
>quite a stir in the train.. has this happened to anyone else..?

I recall a similar incident way back in the late 70's when I was
traveling in the Doon exp. from Howrah to Varanasi. I woke up sometime
around 2.00 a.m. to find the train halted at Gujhandi, a small
station in the Gomoh-Gaya section. AFter nearly half an hour, the train
took off in the reverse direction to get onto the opposite track just
outside the stn. It reversed again, and picked up speed, so that it was
traveling on the "up" track. I was to find out soon that a derailed
goods train had blocked the "down" track, thus, necessitating this chain
of events.


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From: Rajesh P. Halarnkar <

Subject: Train reversal

Date: 07 May 1991 16:49:00 -0500

#The topic of the train reversal reversed my train of thought to the time
#when I first travelled by the Gitanjali from Bombay to Tata. Enroute, the
#train (I guess) missed a red or, (definitely) an amber! On encountering
#the next red, or the first red (though this might've been silly!), the train
#applied the 'reverse gear'(!!) and travelled backwards at least a km., before
#stopping by some wayside station [which did not have a platform of course :-)].
#Could some.boss explain what might have happened, which caused this
#phenomenon? (i.e., the track was two-lane anyway, and so, crossing of two
#trains was out of question, and so the Gitanjali could at least have stopped
#in its tracks :-), instead of reversing, couldn't it???)

Could be that the driver missed picking up his token. Quite a few of the
rail lines in India still use the token for controlling train traffic. Or
maybe he just forgot to pick up his lunch.

In the middle seventies I was on a train from Gulberga(Karnataka) to
Bombay. Soon after the train left the station barely a km or two away it
came to a halt. I saw a young boy run out of one of the railside houses
with a tiffin carrier in hand. He gave it to somebody in the engine ( it
was a steam engine) and then we carried on with the journey.

From: C. S. Sudarshana Bhat <B536HIND@UTARLVM1.EMAIL

Subject: My favourite profile!!

Date: 07 May 1991 10:51:00 -0500

Yo everybody, here's is MY model profile. Uh-oh, it's not *my* profile, but
my *model* profile :-) :-)
"As is" typed out from the archives:
Hi everyone!

As seems to be the tradition, as a new member, I should introduce

Swaminathan Srinivasan (T.S.Swaminathan in India)

alias Swami, Iqbal Masud, IQ, T.S.S., Transverse Section Swaminathan, Ramanan,
Gordon (after I took a surprising catch in "para" cricket in Calcutta), etc...

Currently doing my M.S. in Phys. Plan to do a dual Masters in Phys and EE

Lived in ( >6months): Madras, Bangalore, Mysore, Jamshedpur,
Hazaribagh, Calcutta, Narmada (in IIT(M) !), Albuquerque

So, as can be guessed, have been in several schools, the notable being:

Loyola in Jampot; Xavier's in Hazaribagh;
South Point H.S. in Calcutta, IIT (M) { in EE}
presently in UNM ( phys., EE)

Travelled on Brindavan, Bokaro Steel City, Coromandel, West Coast, Dadar,
Chennai, Cochin, Vaigai.... and one memorable trip on a passenger
train from Mysore to Nanjangud - with my sweetheart back home!

Like to: i) measure train speed using watch and kilometre-stones ;
ii) make friends with the unlikeliest of characters;
iii) Wave at farmers and kids along the track; there's a great feeling
when someone waves back - of having communicated with a person
with absolutely no selfish interest; of having cheered up someone's
existence if only for the briefest of moments.
iv) get down at every platform and board only after the train starts
moving; haven't missed any so far doing this!
v) give excuses for having missed three trains in a row for different
reasons. This was in June 88 to Feb 89. - very expensive hobby.

Interests: Sketching, creating designs, writing letters, listening to virtually
all music except heavy metal. Indian classical (instrumental) and
western Classical are No.1s followed by Indian light music and
Country western.

contd.. .. discussing philosophy ( calcutta "adda" shtyle ) and making

Sometimes I also get jobless enough to "chumma" put funda on the newsnet!

See you guys and gals for now!
-- swami
Now wasn't that great, net.persons?????

I reiterate my feeling that this sort of profile would help each one of us get
to know more 'other people' on the net, who share many similar interests. Ciao

From: Siva. Hari <


Date: 07 May 1991 13:52:00 -0500

Well guys here is my profile

Name: Sivaram Hariharan
Age: 24 (will be 1+ soon)
Cities Resided in India: Bombay and Ahmedabad
Background: Did B.Pharm from Bombay uni, M.pharm from Ahmedabad.
Currently doing Ph.D at North Dakota St Uni.
States in India visited: Maharashtra, Gujrat, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, UP, AP
and Karnataka.
Trains travelled on: Bombay-Trivandrum Jayanthi Janata, Rajadhani, Madras-
Dadar Exp, Trivandrum-mail, Ashram express, Gujarat Mail, Ahmedabad Janatha,
Paschim, Navjivan, Minar, Baroda express, Nilgiri Exp,Gujarat Express..

Favourite Train: The Bombay-Trivandrum Jayanthi-Janatha.

Hobbies: A music maniac, Likes any type right from Heavy Metal
to Carnatic music. Favorite Band(Pink-Floyd, AC-DC, Scorpions,Led Zeplin,
REM, Dire-STRAITS,(Like some of the new commers like STYX and
Richard Marx and Phil Collins. Also a die hard YES fan)
Likes to take down lyrics of rock-music as they are played on radio.

Also Likes Veterans in Carnatic music like Chemmangudi Srinivasaiyer
Balamurali Krishna, Dr. Doraiswamy Iyengar and new commers like
Mandolin Srinivaasan and Ravikumar(Gottuvaadyam)
A die-hard Kishore Kumar Fan. Likes to sing, performs for
the college. Also interested in Vedic studies and philosophy.

Likes to sit on the window seat of a train and watch the tracks
whizzing buy. Likes the fast changing of tracks. Likes to
watch Majestic Diesel Engines Thundering buy or idling.
Likes to travel in unreserved compartments. The last habit
was perfected during my sojourns from Ahmedabad to Bombay on
the Gujarat Mail.

Also interested in sports( a die hard fan of Indian Hockey
and 5-day cricket).

Thanx for Browsing through

Sivaram. H
A Rly Buff

From: R. Anand | School of Computer and Information Science <

Subject: Profile

Date: 07 May 1991 16:21:00 -0500

R. Anand
age 29
A Tamilian who has never lived in Tamil Nadu.
Lived in Delhi, Washington DC, and Bombay as a child.
Studied in IIT Delhi, Graduated 1984.
Currently working on PhD in computer Science at Syracuse University.
Hope to be mostly done by end of this summer.
Music: Blues and reggae.

Interests: Railways of course!
Order of interest: steam > diesel > electric.
I am particularly interested in minute and intricate details of steam
locomotives - I spent 2 hours at the railway museum in Delhi examining
the Bayer-Garatt minute detail.
I have a very large Triang-Hornby trainset back home in India. My pride
is a A3 class Flying Scottsman set.
I have a small N-scale layout here but I dont really have much time (or
money) to spend on it.
I enjoy visiting railway museums of all types.
Future goal: Build a live steam engine - I am moderately proficient in
metal working.
I am a fanatical railway timetable collector. My collection before I
left for the US included about 40-50 timetables of nearly all railways.
My interest in computer since arose from my study of these timetables.

Main travel in India:
Bombay-Madras At least 20-30 times. Mostly by 11Dn/12Up Dadar
Madras express. Several times by the 9Dn/10Up Bombay
Madras Mail.
Delhi-Madras Also at least 25 times. Mainly by TN express and GT
express. Once by 51/21 Dakshin express.
I think I know virtually every rock and tree along
the tracks!
Delhi-Bombay Once by the Rajdhani.
Bombay-Pune Deccan Queen and Deccan express.
Madras-Kumbakonam Cholan express.
Trichy-Madras Rock Fort express.
Madras-Trichur Once in 1971.

Favorite station: Madras Central - No contest.

I spent 5 hours in the Frankfurt Hauptbanhof (main station) looking at
the trains on a brief stop over in 1988.

From: C. S. Sudarshana Bhat <B536HIND@UTARLVM1.EMAIL

Subject: One more amateurfile [as opposed to a pro-file:-)]

Date: 07 May 1991 15:18:00 -0500

Sudarshana C. S. Bhat (official - in the US, that is)
aka Porky, Aaloo(!!), Sood, Sudi, Pork, Porkus, Por-Q etc.

Currently in the Ph. D. programme at the University of Texas at Arlington, TX,
{Beware! There is an Arlington in VA too} in Civil Engg. {Transportation :-)}

Lived in [ >= 4 months - "4" to get Lonavla in!!]: Bangalore, Lonavla,
Berhampur (Orissa), Ranchi, Nagpur, Aurangabad, H7(IIT-B),
Blacksburg, Arlington :-).

Schools studied in : (aha, I've GOT you) Kendriya Vidyalaya aka Central School
throughout --> K.V.Lonavla, K.V.Berhampur, K.V.(No.1)H.E.C
Ranchi, K.V.Vayusenanagar, Nagpur. IIT-B and VPI&SU,

Favourite train : Steam Engine --> Hyderabad-Howrah (then) Express
Diesel Engine --> 4 Down Howrah Mail (ex-Madras)
Electric Engine --> Howrah-Raurkela Ispat Express

Favourite scenery from train : Mangalore-Bangalore route, the Mangalore-
Sakleshpur section in particular, Ranchi-Muri segment,
Berhampur-Khurda Road segment, Shoranur-Mangalore,
Igatpuri-Kasara, Bombay-Lonavla.

Most exasperating journey(s) : Sharing *one :-) FIRST CLASS* coupe with 26
Sheeooo Sainiks (since when I've become a "pseudo-Hindu" as
in SCI terminology!!), Ranchi-Bombay trip (in detail later!!).

Travelled on : Bangalore-Hyderabad Exp., Madras-Dadar Exp., Hyderabad-Howrah
Exp., Howrah-Madras Mail, Madras-Mangalore West Coast Exp.,
Madras-Howrah Janata Exp., Puri-Hazrat Nizamuddin Utkal Exp.,
Bilaspur-Bhopal Fast Passenger-cum-Exp., Howrah-Raurkela Ispat
Exp., Hatia-Ranchi-Howrah Exp., Hatia-Ranchi-Patna Exp.,
Howrah-Dehradun (9/10 Doon??) Exp., Hatia-Chandigarh Exp.,
Howrah-Bombay Mail, Howrah-Ahmedabad Exp., Nagpur-Bombay V.T.
Vidarbha (now Sewagram) Exp., Puri-Renigunta Exp., Manmad-
Kacheguda Ajanta Exp., Nizamabad-Manmad Ellora Exp., New Delhi-
Bangalore (not "Karnataka" then) Exp., Mangalore-Bangalore
Mangala Exp., Varanasi-Bombay V.T. Mahanagari Exp., Nagpur-
Bombay V.T. Vidarbha Superfast Exp., Howrah-Bombay V.T.Exp.,
Bangalore-Dadar Udyan Exp., one-of-the Mysore-Bangalore Exps.,
Delhi-Jammu Tawi Mail, Pune-Bombay Deccan Queen (Unauthorized
trip!!!) Exp., Manmad-Bombay V.T. Panchavati Exp., Bombay-
Howrah Geetanjali Exp., The Texas Giant (did I manage to sneak
that one *in*, guys/gals????)!!

Likes (in relation to trains): i) Photographs of engines and trains - just
looking at 'em gives a nice feeling;
ii) Train Speeds - measuring them: method one -- using the time
table, method two -- look at passing telephone poles and wrist
watch (a coordinated synchronous movement is necessary, else
one ends up missing a telephone pole or a "tick" of the watch!)
iii) Waving *back* at people who wave at you when *you* are in the
train, or waving *at* people in the train. In my mind - ever
since I was old enough to call a train a train, I guess - it is
the train traveller who is at the higher "station", and is the
one who commands respect. On the other end of the spectrum,
one should always *condescend* :-) :-) to return the waves of
trackside.people, while one is in the commanding owner of a
seat in the train!!
iv) Go to an overbridge (inside the station) and watch a train
thunder under you, with the waterholes :-) :-) on top showing
through, till the last compartment of the train. A dangerous
exercise if you're an unchaperoned kid (<10 yrs. old),
particularly if your mother believes that you've been
v) Getting down at *some* platforms and boarding the train *after*
it starts moving. Did it once when I was ~10 *and* with a
toothbrush in one hand and a mug in the other!! Would have
ended up God-knows-where if some kind soul had not pushed me
in. Was in Hardwar enroute to Dehradun. Did not bother to
indulge in this very many times after that :-( :-(.
vi) Crushing coins under trains. Did not get near as many trains
as I would have wanted to, and so have only *one* 5-paise
coin, crushed by the BKSC-Madras Exp.:-( :-(
vii) Walking from one end of the train towards the other, on the
platform. Reading the name of the driver (don't know if this
facility still exists on all diesel - or *all* - engines, or
not!!) and *trying* to get him into a conversation!
Succeeded on two occasions --> travel in the engines of the
Chandigarh-Hatia Exp. and the Mangalore-Bangalore Exp.
viii) Making friends with other *older* passengers in the compartment
- a rare hobby *after* giving Mother a scare on the Salem-Erode
segment on the Madras-Mangalore West Coast Exp. route; in 1975!

Interests: *only* non-train related ones mentioned here!
All non-sedentary sports + chess + cards (only elementary games!)
Examples of what *I* consider sedentary sports :== Golf, Bowling!
*ALL in the 1960-1980 period* Ok, Ok, not *all*,
but most of them anyway. + some of the new ones. 103.1% fan of
Anup Jalota for his Hindi diction in bhajans. Like Mehndi Hassan,
Jagjit & Chitra Singh, Bhupinder & Mitalee Mukherjee among the
ghazal singers. Collector.many-things!! One wierd one, once upon
a time, was matchboxes!!!! Still indulge in stamps, picture
postcards, photographs. Like to make penfriends and keep *their*
photographs, but prefer not to send mine out (!!) lest it should
end the friendship - believe me, it has happened before :-( :-(!!
Discuss trips to places I have been to. Share memories of places
I've lived in.

That ought to be enough to bore each and every one of you. It's been my first
century on this list. Do I hear claps or boos?????????? Ciao.

From: vijayb <


Date: 07 May 1991 17:23:00 -0500


Date: 7 May 1991, 16:32:58 EDT
From: VIJAYB at PK705VMG
To: irfca at
Subject: Thrilling Moments!

Hi Folks,

Here are some memorable moments while traveling by various trains thatR, that
I seem to recall off the top of my head. First the superfast trains:

Bombay - N. Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
- Sensing a long lasting dream fulfilled as we approach the train at
Bombay Central
- Speeding thru' Surat, Kota and Mathura
- Feasting on chicken masala for dinner
- Lounging around the AC I class coach
- Standing at the door in the early hours of the morning, catching a glimpse
of the twin WDM-2 unit, as the train approaches Gangapur City
- Sighting the Deluxe Exp. as we approach New Delhi

Jammu Tawi - Bombay superfast Exp.
- Traveling in an AC 2-tier sleeper coach for the first time
- Speeding thru' Panipat, Nagda, Godhra, Bharuch, and Valsad
- Getting down at New Delhi stn. in the middle of the night
- Spotting the GT Exp. as our train leaves Mathura
- Standing near the door and seeing the Rajdhani Exp. thunder across a
bridge on the opposite track
- Witnessing the replacement of the WDM-2 by a WCAM-1 at Vadodara

Howrah - New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
- Arriving at Mughal Sarai stn. to board a "dream" train
- Learning that the train is hauled by a single elec. loco., not two two
- Ignoring Mirzapur, Allahabad, Etawah, Tundla and Aligarh
- Standing at the door as the train crosses Shikohabad with the elec. loco.
loco. doing a quaint number

Gitanjali Exp.
- Sensing that my coach is next to the engine
- "Digesting" the Red-n-Yellow color of the train
- Seeing a blue WCAM-1 being attached at Bombay V.T.
- Having a blue-with-yellow-strip WAM-4 attached at Igatpuri
- Thundering thru' Nasik Rd.
- Not halting at Manmad, and Raigarh
- Drinking Limca during the hot afternoon in the Akola-Nagpur stretch
- Witnessing the WDM-2 replaced by a WAM-4 at Durg
- Getting down at Bilaspur for a cup of tea in the middle of the night
and rushing back to the train as the WAM-4 sounds its horn
- Encountering inclines, bridges, and tunnels in the Raurkela-Tatanaga

Ganga Kaveri Exp.
- Sighting the Green-n-Yellow color of the coaches
- Having an entire 2nd class coach occupied by IIT students (from BHU)
- Speeding thru' Manikpur, Ramgundam, Dornakal, Tenali, Ongole
and Nellore
- Eating hot upama and vadai sambar straight from the Pantry Car
- Seeing the Kerala Karnataka Exp. arrive at Nagpur hauled by a double
diesel unit (around 1.00 a.m.)
- Waking up in the middle of the night to find the train leaving
Sirpur Kaghaz Nagar with the sky illuminated red b'caus of the
paper factory
- Spotting the Red-n-Yellow Coromandel Exp. alongside our train at
Vijayawada stn.
- Seeing a blue-n-red WAM-4 attached to our train at Vijayawada
- Learning that the train is on time at Madras Central after being
TWO HOURS behind schedule at Kazipet


More on other trains later,


From: Vadivelu Elumalai <

Subject: Profile

Date: 07 May 1991 17:47:00 -0500

E. Vadivel (Vadivel Elumalai)

Born and brought up : Madras

B.E. (EEE) : College of Engg., Guindy, Madras. 1986
M.E. (Comp.Sci) : College of Engg., Guindy, Madras. 1987
M.S. (Comp.Sci) : Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa. Summer 1991

Travelled on :
MAS-SBC : Brindavan, Express, Mail
MAS-HWH : Coromandel
Cheran, Cholan, Pandyan, Vaigai, Pallavan, Kaveri, Tippu, Nandi,
Ganga-Kaveri Expresses.
Local Trains in Madras : 1975 - 1989 (Daily)

Favourite Train (BG) : GT
Favourite Train (MG) : Cholan
Favourite Passenger : Allahabad-Faizabad Passenger
Favourite Station : Madras Central
Favourite Suburban Station : Mambalam (Madras)
Favourite Bypass : AJJ (Between Renigunta and KPD)
Favourite Junction : Vijayawada
Favourite Railway Bridge : Godavari bridge near Rajamundry
Favourite N.V.R.R (Non-Veg Refreshment Room) : Guntakkal

Music : Tamil Film Songs (Old & New)
Interests :
Likes to sit on the window side so that I can see kilometer stones
(or poles). Likes to get down at every station and eat something (that's why
I prefer GT than TN). Likes to travel by vestibuled trains (so that I can
go to pantry car now and then!). Browsing thru different regional timetables.
Badminton and Cricket.

Vadivelu Elumalai, U.Snail : 813, Wilson Avenue,
B-20, Atanasoff, Ames, Iowa - 50010.
Iowa State University, AT&T : (515) - 232 - 7220
Ames, IA - 50010 E-mail :

From: C. S. Sudarshana Bhat <B536HIND@UTARLVM1.EMAIL

Subject: More

Date: 07 May 1991 19:45:00 -0500

I thought that you must have had enough of me for *one* day, but then there
is a need for some advice. This concerns Amtrak, though :-(.
Today, I received the booklet which Amtrak sends out, as well as the time-table
which I had to specifically request for. After getting it, I called Amtrak to
ask about the fares. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I got a "Desi" on the
line, as an Amtrak agent. He told me about the Zephyr - of course, it's the
best ... - when I asked him which one he would recommend me to take. It seems
that the country is divided into three zones, and the fare is $189 for one,
$269 for two, and $339 for three-zone travels. The only limitation is that
all travel must be completed in 45 days. He was suggesting this (2 zones:$269)
Dallas to LA, transfer to train to Portland. Stopover at Portland. Portland
to Chicago. SO at Chicago. Chicago to New Orleans. SO at New Orleans.
New Orleans to Houston, transfer to train to Dallas.
My question is : does Amtrak offer any other 'seasonal' specials? I hope
you don't mind my having asked an Amtrak query on the IRFCA!! Ciao.

From: rachna <

Subject: the best thing about traveling on an indian train for me.

Date: 08 May 1991 07:53:00 -0500

after listening to just a couple of days of discussion, i've
got wonderful mouth-watering memories coming back to me.
Like drinking CHAI early in the morning just when the sun is coming
up at a small station in a earthenware mug. YUM-YUM
or the taste of aaloo-puri at a station in UP. Or the taste of
VADAS in SAMBHAR at ------pulli!
I better stop this before I buy the next ticket going to India.


From: vijayb <

Subject: The Time-table!

Date: 08 May 1991 10:01:00 -0500

Hi Folks,

I have often been lampooned for my frenzied interest in trains. People
have wondered how I could sit glued to time-tables for hours sorting out
details which on a broader perspective seem nothing but rubbish. It's time I
gave you an insight into my "activities".

I recall my childhood days when I used to simulate a train by running a
measuring tape across the tape. Then there were days when I would engage in
crude drawings of trains. In time, these blossomed into portrayels of trains
of all kinds with associated traction structures right down to very minute
details. I fact, I once designed a paper model of a WDM-2 diesel loco. from
scratch, complete with tracks, the proper color combination, support bars, etc.

Then there is the time-table. To me, it is a storehouse of information.
I have about 15 time-tables at present including all the zonal railways plus
a few Bradshaws and Trains at a Glance.I shudder to count the number of time-
tables I must have purchased while still in India.
Some typical activities include (but are not limited to):

1. Go thru' all trains, stations, that exist on a particular route and rattle
off interesting and unusual names e.g. Rajkharsawan, Bobbili, Pandhurna,
Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta Halt....Kakatiya Exp., Yercaud Exp., Palamau Exp.

2. I have personalized relationships with trains. Some I adore, some I
dislike, some I am jealous of, and some I am indifferent towards. I keep
on comparing these trains in terms of halts, halt durations, speed,
facilities, etc., and derive a certain degree of satisfaction if my
"favorites" figure at the top.

3. COnsiderable time has been spent in introducing fantasy trains, again,
complete with all details. I must have "introduced" at least 50 odd trains
by now, criss crossing the nation. I can then visualize these trains plying
on Indian tracks, and step into the exciting world of day-dreaming.

4. Modifying an existing time-table. Changing halt patterns, schedules, etc.
Of course, my favorites benefit from these modifications.

5. Look at various symbols used such as facilites at stations and on trains.
e.g. Itarsi R.V.N. Sbk (Non-veg+Veg. refreshment rooms, book-stall),
Gujarat Mail 1AC, 2AC, 1, 2 (AC First Class, AC 2-tier sleeper, I class
and second class)

6. Thoroughly digest the railway map provided with the time-table. Identify
all kinds of junctions, ongoing projects, unusual routes, etc.

7. Identify various precedence crossing points (for overtaking or single line
crossing) and study the effect on run times.


Enough of ramblings for the morning. But will return with more on
non-timetable activities.


From: vijayb <

Subject: Favorites!

Date: 08 May 1991 10:54:00 -0500


Unfortunately for you:-), I am on a rambling spree today. Here are a
few of my favorite things... (a la "Sound of Music")

1. Favorite train:- Bombay - New Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
(BG) (is the fastest train from Bombay and is the fastes
in the country after the Shatabdi Exp.; has an higher avg.
speed than the Delhi Rajdhani)

2. Favorite train:- Vaigai Exp.
(MG) (is probably the fastest MG train in India, love th
green-n-yellow coaches and YDM-4 loco.)

2. Favorite station:- Mughal Sarai (is a big junction, has the largest
marshelling yard in Asia; many an hour has been spent here
waiting to board/receive various trains such as the Bombay Hwh.
Mail, Kalka Mail, Rajdhani Exp., Doon Exp., Deluxe Exp. etc.

3. Favorite section:- Igatpuri - Bhusaval (must have traveled at least
35-40 times on this section, can recall almost all the stations
on this section, love the AC elec. locos. in operation)

4. Favorite color:- Green-n-yellow (the colors that decorated the KK exp
and the Ganga Kaveri exp. in the golden era of colored trains)

5.Favorite rail bridge:- Bridge over the Yamuna near Allahabad
(would signal the arrival of Allahabad, and a changeover to
electric traction for subsequent travel on the Allahabad-
Mughal Sarai section, another of my favorites)

6. Favorite loco.:- WAM-4 AC elec. loco
(quaint whistle, elegant shape, the single pantograph licking
the overhead wire is a sight for sore eyes)

7. Favorite meal :- Early morning breakfast with omlette n toast
(tastes great, keeps you awake after you have had a sleepless
night on the train!)

8. Favorite scenic change:- While traveling towards Itarsi from Jabalpur
one encounters a tunnel just before crossing the Tawa river.
This is near Bagra Tawa stn. So the tunnel literally opens
onto the rail bridge.

9. Favorite scenic routes:-
i) Mountaneous stretches: Kasara-Igatpuri, Karjat-Lonavla, Amla-Betul
Raurkela-Chakradharpur, Nasik Rd.-Igatpuri, Itarsi-Pipariya,
Koderma-Gaya, etc.
ii) Lush green vegetation: Kharagpur-Howrah, etc.
iii) Red laterite soil (miles n miles of it): Raichur-Adoni

That does it for the day. Or does it?


From: Aayush Asthana <

Subject: Profiling Myself; or so I thought....

Date: 08 May 1991 11:16:00 -0500

You have the opportunity to skip this entirely. The decision is

In Brief, my Profile:

Name: Aayush Asthana

Age: 28.83~ years [~-recurring]

What others think I am: Currently a Research Specialist
at the Industrial Tech Institute, MI

What my hats are: Economist, Marketing, Market Research

What I'd like to be: Painter, Writer, Poet! {someday}

Where am I from?: Always India.
Ostensibly, a Del(h)-ite.

Where am I going?: Can't say; waiting for the green signal to
resume the long journey..

Roots: Lucknow

Places lived in: Lucknow 0.5 yr.
Patiala 1.52 yrs.
Jaipur 1 yr.
Bhakra-Nangal 1 yr.
Farrukah 1 yr.
Allahabad 4 yrs.
Gorakhpur 1 yr.
Simla 2.55 yrs.
Kohima 1 yr.
Imphal 1 yr.
New Delhi 8.5 yrs.
Auburn, AL 2 yrs.
State College, PA 2.5 yrs.
{aka University Park}
Ann Arbor, MI 1.25 yrs.
[suburb- Ypsilanti, MI ]

Schooling: St. Josephs, Allahabad
St. Edwards, Simla
Don Bosco, Kohima
Kendriya Vidayalaya, Imphal
Delhi Public School {M. Rd.}, New Delhi
Sri Ram College, Delhi
Delhi School Of Economics, Delhi
Auburn University, Auburn
Penn State University, University Park-

Interests: Passion for music and books; travelling,
rafting, tt and tennis. Philosophy.

Dormant interests: Composing poetry,
Writing, and painting.

Interests {expanded}: Music: Rock (70s), Reggae {Bob M., UB40}
New Age {too many to mention}
Psychedelic/Minimalist: {TangDream}
Jazz {Bob James, Pat Metheney}
Classical {Amjad Ali Khan, Ravi
{books, philo, poetry, - too many}

Hobbies: Philately, Chess, etc.

Places Not Seen in
India: J&K, Goa, Kerala, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh
{rest mostly travelled to by train}

Best Train Ride: Kalka to Simla

Longest Train Ride: Guwahati to Simla

Perceived favorite: Rajdhani

Most distressing: Jabalpur to Delhi

Most stressful: Bombay locals

Longest train counted: 144 bogies+2 desiel engines {goods}

Quaintest station: Eggmore

Best Saloon Stopovers: Kathgodam, Bangalore, Vizag

Last Train Rides: Agra to Delhi, Delhi to B'bay and back.
*EO Pro-F*
Aayush Asthana
---------------------------------------------------------------------- | 2901 Hubbard Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48109 -usa- | (313)-769-4000
-------------------------- Jargon ------------------------------------
On Toffler's terms - surrealistic hyperbole: Info-warrior, Eco-spasm!
------------------------- Disclaimer ---------------------------------
Opinions and Net-Speak are mine alone, not of/for ITI.

From: vijayb <

Subject: Thrilling moments (contd.)

Date: 08 May 1991 15:10:00 -0500

Hi Folks,

Continuing on the "superfast" journeys:-

Coromandel Exp:
-Feeling relieved that at least more than half the train is still
colored red-n-yellow
-Not halting at Gudur, Rajahmundry, Berhampur and Balasore
-Seeing the Ganga Kaveri Exp. crawl onto the next platform at Vijayawada
-Crossing the Godavari river near Rajahmundry
-Entering Waltair Jn., reversing and retracing a portion of the Duvvada-
Waltair section before branching off to Vizianagaram
-Traveling beside the Chilka lake on a moonlit night
-Bypassing Cuttack and going via Naraj Marthipur

Vaigai Exp:
-Seeing the dazzling green-n-yellow loco+coaches grind to a halt at
Dindigul (where I board the train)
-Scampering to the front of the train at Tiruchi, to photograph the
YDM-4 loco.
-Getting down from the train, crossing the tracks and jumping onto the
other platform to photograph the train:- at Villupuram
-Not halting at Tindivanam, Chengalpattu and Tambaram
-Taking snaps of many YAM elec. locos. in the Villupuram-Madras Egmore

Minar Exp
-Speeding thru' Vikrabad and Kalyan
-Giving crossing precedence to the Dadar-Madras Exp. somewhere near

Deluxe Exp. (via Varanasi)
-Traveling for the first time in an AC Chair Car coach
-Traveling alone for the first time (on another occasion)
-Being dazzled by the red-n-white color of the coaches
-Seeing the WP steam loco. giving way to a WAP-2 ac elec. loco. at
Mughal Sarai
-Speeding thru' Dehri-on-Sone and Gomoh
-Overtaking the Toofan Exp. on the four track stretch between Asansol
and Sitarampur
-Cuddling inside a think blanket and seeing a goods train pull up beside
my train at Gaya

Kalka-Delhi-Howrah Mail
-Staring at the WAP-2 loco. hauling the White-n-Brown coaches of "our"
-Convincing our neighbors to give me the window seat
-Gathering speed as the train departs from Mughal Sarai (where I boarded
the train) and passes the long marshelling yard
-Overtaking the Doon Exp. at Gomoh
-Looking out of the window, trying to spot the WAP-2 loco., as our train
speeds into the night, a cool breeze blowing across my face

Himgiri Exp.
-Exchanging my upper berth for a lower berth (by the window)
-Passing by the Deluxe Exp. on the other track while approaching
Mughal Sarai
-Not halting at Buxar, Ara, Danapur, Mokama, Kiul, Madhupur and
-Being close to the WDM-2 and enjoying the wheezes and grunts
-Being overtaken by the Rajdhani Exp. after Barddhaman (the Rajdhani was
late by more than 2 hrs. that day; I crossed the tracks and took a
photo of the red-n-white coaches thundering past me)
-"Snapping up" a WAG-5 high horsepower loco. with my camera

Tinsukia Mail (brief journey from Mughal Sarai to Allahabad)
-Entering a sleeper coach even as the train is slowing down to a halt,
and grabbing the nearest window seat
-Sitting by the door and allowing the evening breeze to do the rest, as
the train approaches Chunar
-Not halting at Mirzapur


That ends my "superfast" moments. Phew!


P.S. These descriptions include multiple journeys by the same train.

From: vijayb <

Subject: An IRFCA get-together in Summer!

Date: 09 May 1991 16:38:00 -0500

Hi Folks,

Sounds interesting? An ambitious project is under-way! Dheeraj and I talked
about it and the idea of an IRFCA get-together sounds great to us. Dheeraj
went thru' the mailng list and came to the conclusion that some place in New
Jersey would be convenient in terms of the avg. distance that needs to be
traveled. We could meet on, say, an early Saturday afternoon, have
lunch together (pizza, etc. ) and discuss anything and everything about trains
(and other topics, too). We could exchange photos, time-tables, books.....
You name it!

We could end this extravaganza on the same day itself or carry it over to
the next day. I for one, have friends in New Jersey to sleep at night (and so
does Dheeraj) so that the burden on the host would be minimal. Of course, some
of you could always stay overnight with the host, if that doesn't create

The question is: who is willing to volunteer to house this get-together?
I, from my side, would be glad to have it at my place; unfortunately,
Poughkeepsie doesn't seem to be conveniently located for this purpose.
Also, what week-ends are convenient to you?

Please pitch in your suggestions regarding the rendezvous point, available
dates, possible activities, etc.

Waiting for your suggestions,


From: Dheeraj Sanghi <>

Subject: Re: An IRFCA get-together in Summer!

Date: 09 May 1991 17:30:00 -0500

Doesn't that sound exciting. One whole afternoon of face-to-face
train-talk. Want to share all those nice stories about travels in
IR, the latest developments (for those do not subscribe to Indian
Railways magazine), discuss the new trains, talk about pet projects,
I for one would like to see Delhi-Rewari line made BG and electrified,
and quadrupled, and EMUs running on them. You have grievances about
IR, you find them unresponsive, you want to change the ticket pricing,
or whatever else, you will find a captive audience, who is as
interested in IR affairs as you are.

The only problem that remains to be solved is the place. Some of you
has to volunteer for holding this mini get-together. You are all
welcome to my place in MD, but as Vijay said, NJ is more central
to more people.

People in NJ, it is only one afternoon, unless YOU want to make it
two days. There won't be any preparation to do. You will just have
to provide space, and directions.


From: Ajai Banerji <

Subject: Puzzle solution

Date: 09 May 1991 13:46:00 -0500


The key elements to Vicraj's puzzle are:
1) The train reached Vadodara and then turned back.
2) The journey terminated at Central and not VT.

Clearly, if there was some problem south of Vadodara, the optimal path
would be to go back to Nagda, take the route to Bhopal and then continue
along the CR route to Bombay VT via Itarsi, Bhusaval etc.
But if the journey ended at Central, the following possibilities emerge:
1)It went by CR route upto Dadar and then switched to WR tracks to reach
Central. I have never heard of any scheduled train switching between CR
and WR at Dadar, though theoretically it should be possible.
2)It went by CR route upto Diva, then took the Vasai Road branch. This seems
unlikely as Vicraj mentioned that this was some years ago;passenger services
on this route began only in 1988 or so. Moreover, this would probably meant
a reversal at Vasai Road, so it is unlikely.
3)It went by CR route to Jalgaon, then took the branch to Surat and rejoined
the WR route.
4) Possibly he is mistaken and it did terminate at VT after all.
The Godhra-Anand-Vadodara route would be useful only if there is a disruption
between Godhra and Vadodara on the main line.

From: vijayb <

Subject: This and That!

Date: 10 May 1991 09:26:00 -0500

Hi Folks,

Aravind has expressed his interest in hosting a get-together sometime
in July (or later?). Thanks a lot, Aravind. In his own words:-

> I guess I could host some such event in my place in July, after I
> get back. You've been in this area before; it's a little off
> the NE corridor, but well served by highway, bus and train, too ...

> I rent a fairly good-sized house in which 5-6 people could
> spend the night (bringing their own sleeping bags) ....

Aravind works in AT&T, Holmdel. I have been there once and it's about
an hour's drive from Newark Airport towards the South.

Chitta says he can make it but after July 15 (when he plans to be
back from India). Four people so far:- Dheeraj, Aravind, Chitta, and
myself! How about the rest of you, at least, those who are at a
reasonable driving distance from Holmdel or those who plan to be in the
NY/NJ area in summer?

Getting back to Vicraj's puzzle, the only reason I suggested the
Godhra-Anand-Vadodara route was b'caus Vicraj had pointed out that his
train went a FEW STATIONS ahead of Vadodara. Such a diversion would
hold good only if the problem was in the Godhra-Nagda section, and so th
train would have to go off the main line at Godhra, proceed towards
Anand and then go back to Bombay via Vadodara again.
Vicraj do you recall having passed thru' Vadodara again on your way back
to Bombay?

If the diversion was indeed via Nagda-Bhopal-Bhusaval-Jalgaon.......,
it makes sense to get the train back to
Bombay Central instead of VT, so that it is properly "set" for the next
journey. Jalgaon-Surat-B'by Central would positively take more time tha
Jalgaon-Dadar-B'by Central because of single track sections and reversal
at Surat. Note that the reversal could be done at Udhna itself.
Of course, this all depends on the traffic patterns that existed on the
CR and WR routes that day, so that the journey via Surat might actually
be faster b'caus of less conflicts on the Jalgaon-Surat stretch.

Also, I feel that a CR-WR switch is possible at Dadar, b'caus I have onc
spotted the Bombay Central-Firozpur Janata Exp.
near Vikhroli (5 stns. south of Dadar) which
indicates that the train would have switched tracks at Dadar itself.


From: R. Anand | School of Computer and Information Science <

Subject: Re: This and That!

Date: 10 May 1991 09:42:00 -0500

Vijay writes:

Chitta says he can make it but after July 15 (when he plans to be
back from India). Four people so far:- Dheeraj, Aravind, Chitta, and
myself! How about the rest of you, at least, those who are at a
reasonable driving distance from Holmdel or those who plan to be in the
NY/NJ area in summer?

NJ is perfect for me. I am free just about anytime this summer - so
count me in. After July 15 is just fine.

Here is a question: what is the route of the Navajivan express