Thane Yard Layout showing the current layout as on November 1, 2009. After several months, we dont know how the yard may look. Shown in the layout are various rail-corridors, platforms, stabling lines, under construction lines, locations & ofcourse the accident which happened on October 23, 2009. Please dont mind the curvature / orientations etc, as I have tried to represent the actual layout. (Vijay Aravamudhan)

Date: 2009-11-01
Owner: Vijay Aravamudhan
Full size: 1024x519

Great effort. Hats off to your patience! Illustration with multiple colors makes it more descriptive and easy to grasp.
Posted by Ranjeet Ramaswamy Iyer on 2009 Nov 02 13:00:27 +0000
Great work VJ!
Posted by Abhishek Risbud on 2009 Nov 02 03:11:20 +0000
Excellent work.
Posted by Apurva Bahadur on 2009 Nov 02 01:15:45 +0000
Nice. I simply appreciate your efforts.
Posted by Arzan Kotval on 2009 Nov 01 16:44:32 +0000