The Pilot Guard System

(Extract from IR General Rules : Chapter 11)

      11.01 Essentials of the Pilot Guard System.

            Where trains are worked on the Pilot Guard System

            (a) a railway servant (hereinafter called a Pilot Guard) shall
            be specially deputed to pilot trains; and

            (b) no train shall leave a station except under the personal
            authority of the Pilot Guard.

      11.02 Conditions to be observed for following trains on the Pilot
      Guard System

            Trains shall not follow one another in the same direction
            between stations, unless

                (a) the Driver has been properly warned of the time of
                departure of the preceeding train and of the place at which
                it will next stop;

                (b) all the trains are timed to run at the same speed, and
                such speed shall not exceed 25 kilometres an hour except
                under special instructions; and

                (c) an interval of fifteen minutes has elapsed since the
                departure of the preceding train.

      11.03 Pilot Guard's dress or badge

            The Pilot Guard shall be distinguished by a red dress or badge.

      11.04 Pilot Guard to accompany train or give authority to proceed

            (1) No train shall be started from a station unless the Driver
            sees that it is accompanied by, or that the authority to
            proceed is given personally by the Pilot Guard wearing the
            dress or badge prescribed in Rule 11.03.

            (2) The Pilot Guard shall accompany every train

                  Provided that when it is necessary to start two or more
                  trains from one end of the section before a train has to
                  be started from the other end, the Pilot Guard shall
                  accompany only the last of such trains, and shall
                  personally give the authority to proceed for the
                  preceding trains.

            (3) When accompanying a train, the Pilot Guard shall ride on
            the foot-plate of the engine.

      11.05 Pilot Guard's Tickets

            (1) When the Pilot Guard does not accompany a train, he shall
            deliver to the Guard (or, if there be no Guard, to the Driver)
            a Pilot Guard's ticket on a printed form properly filled up and
            signed in ink, as the authority to proceed.

            (2) Every such ticket shall apply only to the single journey to
            the to the station named on it.

            (3) If the train is in charge of a Guard, he shall, before the
            train is started, deliver the ticket to the Driver.

            (4) Immediately on the arrival of the train, the Driver shall
            deliver the ticket to the Station Master who shall at once
            cancel it.

      11.06 Protection of trains on the Pilot Guard System

            In the event of a train, which is followed by another train,
            stopping on the line between stations, the Guard and the Driver
            shall take action to protect the train in accordance with the
            provisions of Rule 10.09.