Level Crossings

(Extract from IR General Rules : Chapter 16)

      16.1. Knowledge of signals.

            No person shall be appointed to be a Gatemen unless he has a
            knowledge of signals.

      16.02. Supply and care of equipment
            Every Gatemen shall:

            (a) be supplied with day and hight hand signals, detonators,
            and other prescribed equipment ,and

            (b) keep such signals, detonators and other equipment in proper
            order and ready for use.

      16.03. Road Traffic
            1) Subject to such special instructions in that behalf as are
            permitted by these rules, all gates at level crossing shall be
            kept constanlty closed and securely fastened across the
            thorough fare on both side of the railway and shall only be
            opened when it is necessary and safe to open them for the
            passage of road traffic;

            Provided that any Railways Administration may from time to time
            issue special instructions for any particular level crossing or
            class of level crossing and may by such special instructions
            permit the gates at any level crossing or class of level
            crossing to be normally kept open to road traffic and may there
            in prescribe the conditions under which gates are to be kept
            closed against road traffic for the passage of a train or
            trains or for the purposes of any other railway operation; and
            all such special instructions so long as they be not cancelled
            or superseded shall for the purposes only of the Railways
            Administration issuing the same be deemed to be General Rules
            within the meaning and subject to the provision of section 47
            of the Act.

            2) Gatemen, where provided shall, at all level crossing be
            prepared, whenever such level crossing be open to road traffic
            to show a stop hand signal to any approaching train.

            3) Where no Gateman is specially provided for night duty at a
            level crossing, the gates thereat shall, subject to special
            instructions, be locked at night and opened only to pass road
            traffic in such manner as may be prescribed by special

      16.04. Gateman to observe passing trains

            Except, where otherwise prescribed under special instructions,
            the Gateman shall observe all passing trains and be prepared to
            take such action as may be necessary to ensure safety of

      16.05. Channel for flange of wheels

            The Gateman shall see that the channel for the flange of the
            wheels is kept clear.

      16.06 Defects at level crossings

            If any gate or the fastenings thereof,or any fixed signal
            pertaining to the gate becomes out of order, the Gateman shall

            (a) take action to close the gates, if possible, against the
            road traffic and to hand signal the train movements past the
            level crossing, and

            (b) report the fact to his superior or the nearest Gangmate.

      16.07 Obstruction at level crossing
            Every Gateman, on noticing any obstruction on the line, shall
            at once remove it or, if unable to do so, shall-

            (a) Take action to ensure that the fixed signals, if any,
            protecting the gate are kept at on

            (b) show stop hand signal and do his best to stop approaching
            trains, and

            (c) shall protect the obstruction as per rule3.62.

      16.08. Parting of a train
            If a Gateman notices that a train has parted, he shall not show
            a stop hand signal to the Driver, but shall endeavour to
            attract the attention of the Driver and the Guard by shouting,
            gesticulating or other means.

      16.09. Trespassing
            Every Gateman shall, as far as possible, prevent any
            trespassing by persons or cattle.

      16.10. Transfer of charge of gate
            Except in accordance with special instruction, no Gateman shall
            leave his gate unless another Gateman has taken charge of it.

      16.11 Height gauges
            (1) Adequate arrangements shall be made to erect height gauges
            on either side of the overhead equipment or other equipment at
            every level crossing so as to ensure that all vehicles and
            moving structures passing under the height gauge also pass
            under overhead equipment or other equipment with adequate

            (2) The adequate clearance referred to in sub-rule (1) shall be
            sanctioned under approved special instruction.

            (3) Vehicles and moving structures, which cannot pass under the
            height gauge without striking or touching it, shall not be
            permitted to pass the overhead equipment or other equipment
            except in accordance with special instructions.