Working of trains on electrified sections

(Extract from IR General Rules : Chapter 17)

      17.01. Applicability of General Rules

            All rules referring to the working of trains also apply to
            electrified sections except as otherwise provided in the rules
            contained in this chapter.

      17.02. Special definitions applicable to this Chapter

            In these rules, unless the context otherwise requires-

            (1) "electrical way and works" means the traction installations
            including overhead equipment and other connected works provided
            on the electrified sections of the railway;

            (2) "feeding post" means a supply control post, where the
            incoming feeder lines from grid sub-station are terminated;

            (3) "neutral section" means a short section of insulated and
            dead overhead equipment which separates the areas fed by
            adjacent sub-stations or feeding post;

            (4) " power Block" means blocking of a section of line to
            electric traffic only;

            (5) "supply control post" means an assembly of interruptors,
            isolator switches, remote control equipment and other apparatus
            provided for controlling power supply to overhead equipment. It
            includes feeding posts, sectioning and paralleling
            posts. Sub-sectioning and paralleling posts and sub-sectioning

            (6) "tower wagon" means a self-propelled vehicle which is used
            for the maintenance and repairs of overhead equipment;

            (7) "Traction Power Controller" means a competent railways
            servant who may for the time being be responsible for the
            control of power supply on the traction distribution system.,

      17.03. Inspection of electrical way and works

            The electrical way and works shall be inspected regularly in
            accordance with special instruction by officials nominated for
            the purpose and in accordance with the duties assigned to them.

      17.04. Permit-to-work on electrical equipment

            If work is to be carried out adjacent to the electrical
            equipment or any other part therof by other than the competent
            railways servant, such work shall be done only when and for
            such time as the person-in-charge of the work has obtained a
            written permit-to-work, duly signed and given by the railways
            servant authorized for the purpose by special instructions. He,
            in turn, shall issue the same only with the knowledge of the
            Traction Power Controller.

      17.05. Warning to staff and public

            (1) All electrical equipment shall be regarded as being live at
            all time consequently dangerous to human life,save and except
            in cases, where the electrical equipment has been specially
            made dead in accordance with special instructions. Caution
            notices shall be prominently fixed near all vulnerable places
            to warn staff and public to exercise due caution.

            (2) No persons shall climb on the top of engines or tenders or
            on the roofs of carriages or wagons when those vehicle are
            located beneath overhead equipment except when the overhead
            equipment is dead and earthen in accordance with special

      17.06 Alterations to track

            Before any alteration to alignment or level of electrified
            tracks is commenced, due notice shall be given to those
            responsible for the overhead equipment so that the overhead
            equipment may be adjusted to conform to the new conditions.

      17.07 Tripping of circuit breakers of locomotives and electrical
      multiple units at neutral sections

            Unless otherwise allowed by special instructions, the Driver of
            the locomotive or electrical multiple unit shall coast through
            the neutral section , duly switching off power. Necessary
            indication boards to this effect shall be provided to guide the
            Driver to switch off and switch on power.

      17.08 Tower wagon

            The rules for the movement and working of tower wagons shall be
            laid down by special instructions.

      17.09 Additional rules for electrified sections

            Special instructions for working of trains on electrified
            sections shall be notified by the authorized officer.