Industrial Locomotives of South Asia (ILSA)

Compiled by Simon Darvill

First edition 2000; Revised August 2004.

Builders: NEI Mining Equipment Ltd

NEI Mining Equipment Ltd, Clayton Equipment, Hatton, Derbyshire (CE)

Originally Clarke Chapman Ltd

Batches of locos are indexed as a single entry. Therefore 3506.A-D refers to 
the locos 3506.A, 3506.B, 3506.C, and 3506.D

Works No.       Wheels          Date            Cylinders/HP    DWD/Type        Gauge

2779            4wBE            1954            6HP
3506.A-D        4wBE            1955
3910.A          4wBE            1955            12HP
4743.A-D        4wBE/WE 1963
5820.A          4wBE            1970
5933.A-M        4wBE            1972                                            26"
5947.A-U        4wBE            1972
B0412.A-E       4wBE            1974
B0470.A-B       4wBE            9.1975
B0968.A-B       4wWE            1977
B1596.A-B       4wWE            12.1978
B1807.A-E       4wBE            1978
B1822.A-D       4wBE            1978
B1857.D         4wDH            1979
B2952.A-B       4wDHF
B2963.A-I       4wBE
B3003.A-B       4wBE            1982
B3088.A-B       4wBE
B3952.A         4wBE            1993                                            20"
B4300.A-B       4wWE            1999            70HP                            600mm
B4301.A-F       4wWE            1999            70HP                            600mm
B4302.A-L       4wWE            2000            70HP                            600mm
B4303           4wDH            2000            48 kW          Deutz           600mm

Works No: Builders works number (or original company running number for locomotives 
built in mainline workshops without a running number)

Wheels: Wheel arrangement

Date: Date ex-works where known, otherwise year delivered

Cylinders/HP: Cylinder dimensions for steam locos; horsepower for diesel locos

DWD/Type: Diameter of Driving Wheels for steam locos; Type of engine for diesel locos