Industrial Locomotives of South Asia (ILSA)

Compiled by Simon Darvill

First edition 2000; Revised August 2004.

Toy Trains


The following are railways in children's centres, amusement parks etc. They are known in India as 'toy trains'.

The following definitely have lines and locomotives:-

Bal Bhavan, Cubbon Park, Bangalore
Gauge: 1'3"

WDM141179		2w-2DM		SAN		169		1979
			2w-2DM		SAN		172		1979

Bal Bhavan, New Delhi
Gauge: 1'3"

17655			4-6-2		KrM		17655		1950

Bal Bhavan, Madikera
Gauge: 2'0"

			2w-2DH		SAN		291		1983

Bal Bhavan, Gandhinagar
Gauge: 2'0"

			2w-2DH		SAN		468		1994

Bal Bhavan, Shimoga
Gauge: 2'0"

			0-4-0DH		SAN		477		1994

Bal Bhavan, Karwar
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDH		SAN		533		1998

Pragati Maiden, New Delhi
Gauge: 2'6"

704			Bo-BoDH		Jung		12108		1955	(a)

(a) Ex KSR

The following locations are known to have railways but details are unknown:- 

Nerhu Park, Allahabad; 
Sayayji Bagh Garden & Zoo Park, Baroda; 
Mysore railway Musem, Mysore.

The following locations may have railways but confirmation is required:- 

Esselworld Amusement Park, Bomabay; 
Fantasy Amusement Park, 
Bombay; Balvatika Childrens Park, Ahmedabad.