Industrial Locomotives of South Asia (ILSA)

Compiled by Simon Darvill

First edition 2000; Revised August 2004.

Preserved Locos - 5


Guntakal Station
Gauge: MG

2204			4-6-2			KrM		18024		1954	(a)

a) Supplied to IR YP class No. 2204

South Central Railways Headquarters, Secunderbad
Gauge: 2'6"

710			4-8-4T			K		4509		1907	(a)

(a) Supplied to BLR. B class, No 11, named LORD AIRDALE. Renumbered 710 in 1957. Preserved in 1976. Part of a batch of five
locomotives (4507-11) built by K in 1907. The B class consisted of another three locomotives, all built by K. 

Visakpatnam Station
Gauge: 2'6"

697			0-6-4T			KS		4408		1928	(a)

a) Supplied to PLR No. 6 KUBER. IR PL class No. 697


Divisional Office
698			0-6-4T			HE		1679		1931	(a)	

a) Supplied to Parlakimedi Light Railway No. 7. IR PL class No 698

Vivesawaraya  Science & Industry Museum
Gauge: MG

037311			0-6-0			D		2387		1888	(a)

(a) Supplied to SMR. F class, No 132. SMR became the MSMR in 1908. Renumbered 37311 in 1957. For details of the F class, 
see the entry for RTM, Delhi.

Hubli Station
Gauge: MG

30248			2-8-2			VF		5705		1949	(a)

a) Supplied to MSR YD class No. 142. IR No. 30248

Railway Museum
Gauge: 2'6"

119			2-4-2ST			WB		1625(?)		1900	(a)
E506			4-6-2			KS		4237		1922	(b)

(a) Another locomotive that I do not think is the locomotive that it purports to be. This is one of ten locomotives (1620-29)
supplied by WB. They were delivered to the NWR for use on the KKTR (now in Pakistan) and numbered 51 to 60. This line was 
one of the four military lines operated in the North Western Frontier area. Between 1913 and 1918, all of these ten 
locomotives were moved away from the line. In 1913, No 53 was sent to an unknown location in Bombay. Nos. 51, 52, 54, 
56-8 & 60 were sent for use by the military in Mesopotamia in the Middle East. In 1918, No 55 was sent to the Bushire 
Military Railway in Persia. No 59 was sold to Tata Power at an unknown date. As well as these locomotives, another seventeen
locomotives WB's from the Military Reserve were sent out to Mesopotamia (q.v. 507 RTM). None of these twenty-four 
locomotives returned directly to India. Five were sent to the Bushire Military Railway (which locomotives is unknown except
that one was WB 1772/05) and I assume that the other nineteen were disposed of outside of India. The Bushire Military Railway 
closed in March 1921 and all the stock was shipped back to Bombay for disposal. This means a minimum of one and a maximum of
five locomotives from the original batch of ten could have returned to India. There were also still two locomotives which 
remained in India.  In 1927, one of these locomotives was photographed working on the Imperial Delhi Railway (a line used in
the construction of New Delhi), numbered as IDR 10.The definite identify of the locomotive is unknown but it may well be one 
of the locomotives that had returned from the Middle East as it has an 'armoured' look to it and I don't think that the 
locomotives were armoured when first delivered.  The locomotive in Mysore Museum was noted at the NR sleeper depot at Dhilwan
in 1978, numbered 119 and classified as an E class locomotive. . It was carrying the worksplate of WB 1625. This worksplate 
comes from No 56 which was one of the locomotives that was sent to the Middle East. Whether this locomotive did in fact 
return from the Middle East or whether this locomotive just carries its worksplate is not known. 
(b) Supplied to MSR. E class, No 8. Rebuilt with a superheater but not reclassified as ES class. Became a SR locomotive and 
renumbered 506 in 1957. Worked on the Kolar District & Bangalore-Chikballapur Railway. Part of a batch of three locomotives 
(4237-9) supplied by KS in 1922. The MSR also had another six E, ES & ES1 class locomotives, all built by KS.

Gauge: MG

37244			4-4-4			NB		22782		1920	(a)
37388			2-6-2T			WB		2464		1932	(b)
2511			4-6-2			Telco		762		1963	(c)
			2w-2PMR								(d(

(a) Supplied to SIR. E class
(b) Supplied to MSR. TS/1 class, numbered as follows:- in 1936 No 91; in 1946 No 131; in 1950 No 71. Finally renumbered  
37388 in 1957. MSR was absorbed by MSMR in 1938. Part of a batch of two locomotives (2464-5) supplied by WB in 1932. There
were another four locomotives in the TS/1 class, all built by WB.
(c) Supplied to IR. YP class, No 2511. Second locomotive built in the fifth batch of YP's supplied by Telco.
(d) Identity unknown

Gauge: 2'6"

507			4-6-2			KS		4358		1926	(a)

a) Supplied to MSR ES class No. 11. IR  No. 507


Southern Railways HQ, Madras
Gauge: 2'6"

691			0-6-4T			KS		847		1903	(a)
4			4-6-2			Nippon		1616		1954	(b)

a) Supplied to Mourbhanji State Railway No. 1 JAGGERNATH. IR ML class No. 691
b) Supplied to SER ZP class No. 4. IR No. 4. I saw this in 1992 sitting at the end of the sidings in Yelahanka Station 
(near Bangalore) and am very surprised it has been preserved - the thing had nearly rusted away at the time!