Industrial Locomotives of South Asia (ILSA)

Compiled by Simon Darvill

First edition 2000; Revised August 2004.

Preserved Locos - 4


IR Railways Board HQ
Gauge: 2'0"

799			0-4-0ST			NB		23292		1924	(a)

a) Supplied to DHR B class No. 46. IR No. 799

Northern Railways Headquarters
Gauge: 2'6"

MTR No 1			0-4-2T			D Kerr				1910	(a)

(a) Supplied to Karachi Port Trust for use in Karachi Docks. Obtained by NWR in 1917 for use at Marala Timber Railway and 
numbered 1. Transferred to the Dhilwan Creosoting Plant in 1922.

Rail Transport Museum, Chanakyapuri
Gauge: Monorail

PSMT No 4		0-3-0T			OK		3358		1909 	(a)

(a) One of four locomotives supplied by OK (works nos. 3356-9) in 1909 to the Patalia State Monorail system in the Punjab. 
The line was c.50 miles in length and ran from Sirhind to Alampura and Patalia to Bavabigarh. The line was constructed, 
run and managed by a firm called Marsland Price & Co. from 1909 to 1917. It was then taken over by the State of Patalia. 
The line closed in October 1927. This locomotive was found in a Public Works Department scrap yard in Patalia in 1962. 
Northern Railways at their Amritsar Works restored it to working order in 1975-76.

Gauge: 2'0"

777B			0-4-0ST			SS		3517		1889  	(a
			0-4-0ST			WB		1506		1897	(b)
739ML			0-6-0T			OK		2342		1907 	(c)

(a) Supplied to the DHR. B class, No 18. Initially kept this number in 1957 renumbering but was later renumbered 777. 
This locomotive was part of a batch of four supplied by SS (3516-9) in 1889. In all the B class consisted of forty-five 
locomotives built in two parts. The first locomotives were built by SS between 1880 and 1903 and the second lot by NB and 
DHR between 1903 and 1927.
(b) Supplied to ART as a 0-4-2ST. Originally named HANGSANG. Donated by Coal India from their Ledo Brickworks in Assam. 
One of fifteen locomotives of this design provided by WB to this company between 1894 and 1931. There are also two more of 
this type preserved in Assam (qv Pvd locos in Assam).
(c) Supplied to MHR. Originally numbered 2. Renumbered to 739 and classified ML class in 1957. Part of a batch of four 
locomotives (1766-7 & 2342-3) supplied by OK between 1905 & 1907.

Gauge: 2'6"

507			2-4-2ST			WB		1707		1903	(a)
MTR No 2		0-4-0T			D Kerr				1910	(b)
594			0-6-4T			WB		2278		1925	(c)
688RD			2-6-2			NW		1564		1929	(d)
BDR No 8		6wVBGT			S		8135		1929	(e)
775			2-4-0T			YE		2321		1932	(f)
107ZF			2-6-2T			Hens		22589		1935	(g)

(a) Supplied to the Military Reserve as part of a batch of twenty locomotives (1691-1700 & 1706-15) in 1902 & 3. 
The Military Reserve kept railway equipment for 'emergency contingencies' - the British were still fighting the Afghan Wars
when these locomotives were delivered and the North Western Railway operated a number of lines on the North Western Frontier 
on behalf of the Army (q.v. 119 in Mysore Railway Museum). Most of the Military Reserve locomotives were kept at Rawlipindi 
but bases at Pune, Bangalore and Rurki had one locomotive each. Some of the batch of locomotives that this locomotive came 
from were used on temporary lines laid in Delhi for the 1902 and 1911 Durbars. Fourteen of the twenty locomotives were sent 
to the Middle East during World War One for use on military railways there. A maximum of four of these locomotives returned
in 1921. This locomotive was obtained from the Madras Engineering Group, Bangalore 
(b) Supplied to Karachi Port Trust for use in Karachi Docks. Obtained by North Western Railways in 1917 for use at Marala 
Timber Railway and numbered 2. Transferred to the Dhilwan Creosoting Plant in 1922.
(c) Supplied to GBSR. WT class, No 60. Renumbered 594 in 1957. Part of a batch of six locomotives (2278-83) supplied by WB 
in 1925 & 26.
(d) Supplied to RDR. RD class, No 08. Line absorbed by BNR and then SER. Renumbered 588 in 1957. Part of a batch of four 
locomotives (1563-6) by NW in 1929.
(e) Supplied to BDRR. Numbered No 8. The BDRR was owned and operated by McLeod & Co. Ownership passed to the SER in July 
1967. Part of a batch of two locomotives (8134-5) supplied by S in 1929.
(f) Supplied to ESBR. No 13. Ownership of line passed to ER. Renumbered 775 and classified CS class in 1957. Part of a batch 
of two (2320-2) supplied by YE in 1932. They were basically copies of locomotives supplied by R&R in 1880.
(g) Supplied to the NWR for use on the KSR. ZF class, No 78. Renumbered 107 in 1957. Transferred to KVR in the mid-1960's. 
Par of a batch of five (22540-2 & 22589-90) by Hens in 1934-5. 

Gauge: MG

E207			0-4-2ST			D		1194		1878	(a)
37302			0-6-0			D		2373		1888	(b)
RMR 734			0-6-0			Ajm		(1)		1888	(c)
37385			0-8-2RT			SLM		2734		1920	(d)
31652P			4-6-0			Ajm		(171)		1922	(e)
162			4-4-0			Ajm				1924	(f)
429			4-6-2			NW		1613		1935	(g)
643			0-6-0PT			WB		2646		1942	(h)
31412P			4-6-2			BLW		74059		1948	(i)

(a) The true identity of this locomotive is a little confusing. It may not be the locomotive that its worksplate suggests. 
D 1175 was part of a batch of twenty-two locomotives (1174-95) supplied as 0-4-2 's by D in 1878 to the RSR. This was an ISR
line. They were classified as E class locomotives , first numbered Nos. 102-23 and later renumbered as 230-51. In 1885-6, 
Nos. 230 (D 1174), 231 (D 1175), 237 (D 1179), 237 (D 1181) and 250 (D  1194) were transferred to the JBR. They retained 
their ISR numbers but they were now prefixed with an 0. In 1912, 0250 was converted to a saddle tank locomotive. In 1914-5, 
three more ex-ISR E class locomotives from BBCIR were transferred to the JBR. They were ISR Nos. 174 & 175 (from a batch of
fifty locomotives built by N in 1876-7) and 203 (from a batch of twenty-one built by VF in 1877-8). By 1919 all these eight 
E class locomotives had been renumbered 0200-07, the ST locomotive being 0207. When the JBR was divided in 1924, 0207 became
a Jodhpur Railway locomotive. The JR became the property of the Government of Rajasthan in 1949. It was integrated into 
Indian Railways in 1950 becoming part of NR. The locomotive was withdrawn in 1952.   I would therefore conclude that this 
locomotive is in fact D 1194/78 fitted with the worksplate of D 1175. This locomotive was E class, No 0201.
(b) Supplied to MSMR. F class, No 118. The F class were extensively rebuilt after 1896 with 160 psi boilers, extended smoke 
boxes and increased coal capacity. After this rebuilding they were classified FM class. Renumbered 37302 in 1957 when 
fifty-two of the original one hundred and fifty six locomotives were still in service. 
(c) Part of the F1 class of locomotives built at Ajmer. These locomotives were rebuilds of F class locomotives built by D, 
YE, & N between 1875 and 1880. 734 was probably the first locomotive built at Ajmer Works. It did not survive the 1957 
(d) Supplied to SIR for use on the Nilgiri Railway. X class, No 7. Renumbered 37385 in 1957. Part of a batch of twelve rack
locomotives (2456-9, 2469-70, 2733-6 & 3000-1) supplied by SLM between 1914 and 1925.
(e) Supplied to BBCIR. P class, No 29. Transferred to NER in 19XX and renumbered 861. In 1957 renumbering became 31652. The 
BBCIR P class consisted of 78 locomotives, all built at Ajmer between 1908 and 1922.
(f) Built for BBCIR. M2 class, No 162 named DUCHESS OF YORK. Part of a batch of five M2 class locomotives built at Ajmer in 
1923-4. M/M2 class consisted of forty locomotives, fourteen of which were still in stock in 1957.
(g) Supplied to BNWR. YB class, No 429. IRS design. Transferred to OTR in 1943, retaining its BNWR number. When OTR became 
part of NER in 1952, the locomotive was renumbered 1006. In 1957, it was renumbered again, this time becoming  30084. Part 
of a batch of eight locomotives(1610-7) supplied by NW in 1935. BNWR had twenty six YB class locomotives - twelve built by
NW, four by Skoda, eight by VF and two at Ajmer.
(h) Supplied to JSR. TJ class, No 11. Became part of the WR stock and renumbered 643J in 1957 (the J denoting that it was 
an ex-JSR locomotive). Should have been numbered in the 39XXX series but the WR did not add the first two digits of the five
figure number to its locomotives. Part of a batch of two locomotives(2645-6) supplied by WB in 1942.
(i) Supplied to JdSR. HP class, No 152. BESA design. Transferred to NR and renumbered 31312 in 1957. Part of a batch of 
nine locomotives(74058-67) supplied by BLW in 1948.

Gauge: BG

FAIRY QUEEN		2-2-2WT			KTH		481		1855	(a)
RAMGOTTY		0-4-0T			Anjub		91		1863	(b)
26B			0-6-0			SS		2018		1870	(c)
48A			4-6-0			D		2787		1891	(d)
707ST			0-6-2T			NB		16132		1904	(e)
PHOENIX			0-4-0WT			NW		798		1907	(f)
922EM			4-4-2			NB		17780		1907	(g)
1598			2-8-0			VF		2461		1909	(h)
3			0-6-0CT			HL		3538		1923	(i)
			4wVBGT			S		6237		1926	(j)
911			2-8-2			BP		6505		1928	(k)
815			4-8-0+0-8-4		BP		6594		1930	(l)
36863			0-4-2T			Krupp		1531		1935	(m)
PT11			2-6-4T			RS		4118		1936	(n)
22907			2-8-2			BLW		69699		1943	(o)
WP7200			4-6-0			BLW		73408		1947	(p)
24467			4-6-0			VF		5825		1950	(q)
			0-4-0F			Hens		25630		1954	(r)
15005			4-6-2			VF		6193		1955	(s)

(a) Supplied to EIR. G class, No 22. Renumbered 92 in 1881 and 101 in 1884. Supplied as a mail engine though eventually 
used as a construction locomotive on the building of the South Behar line from 1896. Preserved at Howrah station, along with
EXPRESS (KTH 480/55) which had a similar history to FAIRY QUEEN, from 1909 to 1943. Moved to Zonal Training Centre, 
Chandausi in 1943. Moved to RTM when it opened in 1976, when it was restored to working order and painted in its original 
colour scheme.i It was used for working tourist specials from 1997 ii.
(b) Supplied to NAR as a 4'0" gauge locomotive. This line was taken over by the Government in 1872 and renamed the NaSR. 
This in turn was absorbed into the East India Railway in 1892 when the line was converted to BG. RAMGOTTY was also converted
to BG and used as a works shunter at the Jamalpur Works of the EIR. It was sold to Calcutta Corporation and used at the 
Entally Refuse Tip on an unknown date.
(c) Supplied to ORR. B class, No 26. Locomotive withdrawn before 1905? Part of a batch of twenty-one locomotives (2003-23) 
supplied by SS in 1870. The B class of locomotives consisted of eighty-four locomotives - forty-nine built by SS, twenty-one
by AE and fourteen by D.
(d) Supplied to NSR. A class, N0 48. Withdrawn between 1932 and 1935. After being withdrawn, this locomotive moved to the 
Railway Staff College, Baroda. Here it was sectioned for instructional purposes. It was supplied as part of a batch of ten 
locomotives(2780-9) by D in 1891. The A class consisted of fifty locomotives in total - thirty built by D and twenty built 
by NB.
(e) Supplied to NWR. Assembled at Mughalpura Works, Lahore. Used as a shunting engine. Part of a batch of twenty-nine 
locomotives (16132-60) supplied by NB in 1904. The ST class consisted of forty-eight locomotives - forty-two built by NB in 
Scotland and the other six being built at Lahore with NB parts.
(f) Supplied to EIR as the power unit of a railmotor. Rebuilt as a 0-4-0T in 1927 for use as a shop shunter at Jamalpur Works.
Part of a batch of five railmotor's (794-8) supplied by NW in 1907. All were converted to 0-4-0T between 1927 and 1929.
(g) Supplied to GIPR. E1 class, No 922, named LORD CLYDE renamed QUEEN EMPRESS for 1911 Durbar. Rebuilt in 1922 with a 
superheater. Rebuilt at Lahore Works in 1941 with lengthened frames and reclassified EM class. Became Northern Railways 
No 36506 in 1957. Part of a batch of forty locomotives (17863-83 & 17779-97) supplied by NB in 1907.
(h) Supplied to NWR. HG class, No 1598. BESA design. Rebuilt with a superheater and reclassified as HGC class. Transferred 
to EIR and renumbered 2053. Transferred to NR and renumbered 1653. Renumbered 27059 in 1957. Part of a batch of forty 
locomotives (2459-98) supplied by VF in 1909. HG class consisted of a total of two hundred and fifty seven locomotives built 
by three different builders - VF, BP & NB. 
(i) Supplied to GIPR a works locomotive for Parel Works. There were two other crane tank locomotives at Parel Works; 
Nos. 2 & 3, both built by VF (3131-2) in 1915.
(j) Supplied to Jacks of Karachi. Jacks were a company who carried out canal building and irrigation works in the Punjab 
region. This locomotive was sold to the NWR in 1944 and used as a shunter at Amritsar Works. Jacks had a large fleet of locomotives.
(k) Supplied to NWR as an 0-8-0. XG class, No 911. Rebuilt in 1943 as a 2-8-2, reclassified as XG/M class and renumbered 971.
Renumbered 36826 in 1957. Used for hump shunting. Part of a batch of three locomotives (6505-7) supplied by BP in 1928.
(l) Supplied to BNR. N class, No 815. Renumbered 38815 in 1957. Part of a batch of sixteen locomotives (6583-98) supplied by 
BP in 1930.
(m) Supplied to EIR. XT class, No 1789. IRS design. Transferred to NWR and renumbered 779. Part of a batch 
(n) Supplied to SIR. PT class, No 11. Renumbered 37156 in 1957. Part of a batch of seven locomotives (4114-20) supplied by 
RS in 1936.
(o) Supplied as a USATC locomotive.  XE class, No 4018. Transferred to GIPR, reclassified as AWE class and renumbered 6128. 
Became CR locomotive and renumbered 22907 in 1957. Part of a batch of forty locomotives (69674-713) supplied by BLW in 1943.
(p) Prototype of WP class locomotive, No 7200. Later reclassified as WP/P class. By 1953 this was a GIPR locomotive. Part 
of a batch of sixteen locomotives (73408-23) supplied by BLW in 1947.
(q) Supplied to NR. HPS/2 class, No 7776. Renumbered 24476 in 1957. 
(r) Supplied to Railways Inspectorate Branch, used at Sindhri Fertilizers Co. 
(s) Supplied to SR, WL class No 7790. Renumbered 15005 in 1957.


Amritsar Works
Gauge: Monorail

4			0-3-0T			OK		3359		1909	(a)

Ambala Station
Gauge: 2'6"

520			2-6-2T			NB		16819		1905	(a)

a) Supplied to KSR K class No. 20. IR 520, became KC class after rebuilding with superheater.

Ramgarhia Polytechnic, Phagwara
Gauge: MG

3530			0-6-2T							1913	


Ajmer Works
Gauge: MG

			0-4-0ST			BH		263		1873	(a)

(a) Supplied as a 0-4-2ST for use on the construction work of the Lower Ganges Canal. Obtained by Indian States Railways in 
1879 for use on RSR and numbered 421 in the ISR numbering system. Became the property of the Carriage & Wagon department in
1885. Preserved as a 0-4-0ST. 

Bikaner Station
Gauge: MG

31494			4-6-0			Ajm				1925-6	(a)

a) Supplied to BBCIR G2 class No. 135. NR No. 98, IR 31494.

Junction Station
Gauge: MG

641J			4-4-0			WB		2635		1943	(a)

(a) Supplied to JSR. OJ class, No 14. Renumbered by the WR 641J in 1951 (the J denoting that the locomotive is an ex-JSR 
locomotive). Part of a batch of three locomotives (2633-5) supplied by WB in 1943.

Rambagh Palace Hotel
Gauge: 2'6"

4			0-6-4T			WB		2009		1914	(a)

a) Supplied to BKR B class No. 4 S C GHOSE 


Cantonment Station
Gauge: 2'6"

52			2-8-2			Kawa		3233		1954	(a)
(a) Supplied IR ZE class No. 52

Murghal Shereton
Gauge: 2'6"

553			2-8-2			Nippon		1757		1959	(a)

a) Supplied to CR ZD class No 166. IR No. 553

Izzatnagar Workshop, Bareilly
Gauge: 2'6"

4			2-6-0			WB		1993		1914	(a)

a) Supplied to TBLR No. 4. Acquired by NER Sleeper Depot Bareilly, retaining No. 4 in 1955.

Gauge: MG

146			2-6-2T			NW		1647		1937	(a)
			2-6-2			RSH		7434		1952	(b)
5010			2-6-2			Hitachi		12291		1956	(c)

a) Supplied to BNWR T class No. 442. Became OTR No. 442, NER No. 146, IR No. 32074
b) Supplied to IR YL class No. 2801 renumbered 5000
c) Supplied to SR YL class No. 2811 renumbered 2010

Chandausi Railway Institute, Chandausi
Gauge: BG

22002			4-6-2			VF		4865		1935	(a)

a) Supplied to NSR XA class No. 48. IR No.22002

Dehra Dun Station
Gauge: 2'0"

795			0-4-0ST			SS		4978		1903	(a)

a) Supplied to DHR B class No28. IR No. 785

Gauge: 2'6"

6			2-6-0			WB		2255		1924	(a)

a) Supplied to TBLR No. 6. Acquired by NER Sleeper Depot Bareilly, retaining No. 6 in 1955.

Loco Shed
Gauge: MG

5001			2-6-2			RSH		7435		1952	(a)

Supplied to IR YL class No. 2802, renumbered No. 5001

Gauge: BG

1			2-4-0T			D		514		1872	(a)

(a) Supplied to PNSR which was one of the Indian State Railway lines. A class, No 13. Erected at the Lahore Works of the 
SPDR. Became a TSR locomotive in 1879. Became BNWR No 1 in 1924. Withdrawn in 1924 and preserved at Gorakhpur. 

DRM Office
Gauge: 2'6"

29			2-8-2			KrM		17813		1952	(a)

a) Supplied to SER ZE class No. 625, IR No. 29

Railway Institute
Gauge: BG

7656			4-6-2			CLW		2795		1965	(a)

a) Supplied to IR WP class No. 7656

Gauge: 2'6"

527			2-6-2T			NB		18595		1908	(a)

a) Supplied KSR KC class No. 27 IR No. 527

Lucknow Station
Gauge: 2'0"

800			0-4-0ST			NB		23293		1925	(a)

a) Supplied to DHR B class No. 47. IR No. 800

IIT, Kharagpur
Gauge: 2'6"

32			2-8-2			KrM		17934		1954	(a)

a) Supplied to SER ZE class No. 628. IR No. 32

Country Inn Resort, Kalan Mathura, Kosi
Gauge: 2'6"

721			2-8-2			NW		1570		1929	(a)

a) Supplied to BLR F class No. 38. IR No. 721

i RTM Guide book; HH IL part 1.
ii BBC one o'clock news, /2/97.