Industrial Locomotives of South Asia (ILSA)

Compiled by Simon Darvill

First edition 2000; Revised August 2004.



Ferro Alloys Corporation Ltd 
Bhadrak Works
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDH			SAN		359		1986

Hindustan Aeronautics, Koraput   
Gauge: BG

			4wDH			Telco		098 

Hira Cement Works, Bardol

Works set up IDCOL

Gauge: BG

			4wDH			SAN		250		1982
			4wDH			SAN		258		1982
			Bo-BoDH			SAN		518		1997	(a)

(a)  Supplied via IDCOL

Hirakud Dam Railway   70 A3

A BG line was laid for construction for dam. The line was left in place after construction was completed and remains for 
maintenance of dam and to serve an aluminium works. On a visit in early 1968, all but two locomotives seemed withdrawn.i

Gauge: BG

1			2-8-0								(a)
2			2-8-0								(a)
4			2-8-0			VF		2977		1914	(b)
3			2-8-0			VF		3696		1923	(c)
			2-6-0 								(a)
			2-6-0 								(a)
			2-6-0 								(a)
			0-6-0 								(a)
			0-6-0 								(a)
			0-6-0 								(a)

(a) ex IR, identities unknown
(b) ex IR G class, No 26571. Delivered to BBCIR G class, No 113. Acquired ??.
(c) ex IR G class, No 26574. Delivered to BBCIR G class, No 166. Acquired ??.

Hirakud Industries   70 A3
Gauge: BG

			4wDH			Telco		180

Industrial Development Corporation of Orissa Ltd (IDCOL), Near Bargach
Gauge: 2'0"

			0-4-0DH			Hit		12854		1966
			0-4-0DH			Hit		12855		1966

Gauge: BG

			0-4-0DH			Hit		12838		1965
			0-4-0DH			Hit		12839		1965
			0-4-0DH			Hit		12848		1966
			0-4-0DH			Hit		12852		1966
			0-4-0DH			Hit		12853		1966
			4wDH			Telco		094		
			4-8-0								(a)
			4-8-0 								(a)
			4-8-0 								(a)
			4-8-0 								(a)

(a) ex IR, identities unknown ii

L & T, Jharsuguda
Gauge: BG

			0-4-0DH			SAN		456		1993

National Aluminium Industrial Co
Angul SIte
Gauge: BG

			0-6-0DH			DLW				1998-9	(a)

(a)  WDS 6 type

Bhubaneswar Site
Gauge: BG

			0-6-0DH			DLW				1998-9	(a)
			0-6-0DH			DLW				1998-9	(a)

(a)  WDS 6 type

The Nilgiri Granite and Stone Co Ltd, Balasore-Nilgiri Light Railway 71 G3-G4

If it is permissible to make what almost be termed a political observation, it might be said that the Balasore-Niligiri 
Light Railway is one of the best examples of efficient and well directed swadeshism that India can boast of. Mr K M Dey & Co,
a wealthy Bengalee firm of Calcutta, being proprietors of extensive granite quarries at Niligiri in Orissa, found that the 
great demand that had arisen for the stone necessitated a large increase in their staff of miners to enable them to meet it, 
but with the primitive means at their disposal it was impossible to transport this increased output to the nearest point of 
the railway sufficiently quickly. The firm therefore decided to construct a short 2'6" gauge railway from the mines to 
Balsore station on the BNR(East Coast section), a distance of some 13 miles through a country that is largely flat. Sanction
having been obtained in due course, construction work was started in August 1908 and the line opened in January 1909. For 
the present the only commodity transported is granite, but it is probable that sanction will be sought in time to the 
carriage of passengers and general goods traffic, while the line itself may be extended over the hills, to which it now runs,
into the heart of Orissa, a project involving this being under consideration. It is a concern with a future before it and an
energetic management should make it a financial success it deserves to be. The two illustrations given depict the locomotive
and rolling stock of the line, which have been supplied by OK. The line posses a saloon carriage built in the Howrah 
workshops of Messers Burn & Co, which is of interest as it shows what excellent workmanship in this line the firm refereed 
to are capable of turning out of their workshops. The salon has a length over headstocks of 15' 9", a width over solebars of 
6'4" and a height of 6'0" from floor to cant rail. It is divided into two compartments, the salon proper and a servants room. The former is upholstered in dark green "pantasote", the floor being covered in green linoleum to match. In one corner a completely fitted lavatory with collapsible fittings has been installed, while illumination is supplied by single and double candle lamps of EIR pattern. The body of the coach is of Burma teakwood, the inside and outside panels being of mild steel with teak moulding, stained and polished to resemble mahogany. The roof and upper outside panels are painted white with dark brown lining, while the waist panels are painted teak colour, grained and varnished, the whole forming a neat and effective finish. Glass window, louvers and gauze frames are provided. The body is carried on a channel steel underframe upon Messers Burn & Co.'s standard wheels, axles and axleboxes. Taken all round, the salon besides having smart appearance and being excellently constructed, provides for ease and comfort in travelling which it would be difficult to excel in a special gauge carriage.iii

Two 2'6" gauge OK were supplied to Khettur Mohan Dey. With the evidence of the photographs in the 'Ways of our light 
railways' article, it is assumed that they were used at Nilgiri Granite and Stone.

Gauge: 2'6" 

			0-6-0T			OK		2683		1908
			0-6-0T			OK		2684		1908

Ordnance Factory, Bolangir
Gauge: BG

			4wDH			SAN		467		1994

Orissa Cement, Rajgangpur   70 B2

There are two cement factories in the state located at Rajgangpur in Sundergarh district and Baragarh in Sambalpur district. 
The factory at Rajgangpur, named as the Orissa Cement Ltd., was established in pursuance of an agreement in December 1948, 
between the state of Orissa and M/s Dalmia Jain Agencies Ltd. 

Gauge: 2'0"

			4w?E			Jung		12670		1956
			4w?E			Jung		12671		1956
			4w?E			Jung		12672		1956
			4wDH			SAN		43		1975

Gauge: BG

			0-4-0DH			SAN		447		1992
			0-4-0DH			SAN		448		1992
			0-4-0DH			SAN		449		1992

Orissa Construction Corporation Ltd, Kolabnagar
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDH			SAN		289		1983

Orissa Mineral Development Corporation 
Thakupari  Site
Gauge: BG

			4wDH			Telco		126
			4wDH			Telco		131

Unknown Site
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDM			HE		4190		1948
			4wDM			HE		4191		1948

Paradip Port Trust
Gauge: BG

			0-6-0DH			DLW				1996-7	(a)
			0-6-0DH			DLW				1998-9	(a)

(a) WDS 6 type

Straw Products Ltd, Rayagada  81 H3
Gauge: BG

			4wDH			SAN		45		1975

Tata Refactories Ltd, Belpahar 
Gauge: 2'0"

			2w-2PMR			Wkm		6730		1953

Gauge: BG

			4wDH			Telco		139

i IRS 110/4
ii IRS 110/4
iii Ways of our light railways, p58-59