Industrial Locomotives of South Asia (ILSA)

Compiled by Simon Darvill

First edition 2000; Revised August 2004.

New Delhi

Delhi Cloth Mills
Gauge: BG

			0-6-0DH			Mits		1592		1968

Delhi Construction Company
Gauge: 2'6"

1			2-8-2			NB		20646		1914
2			2-8-2			NB		20647		1914
3			2-8-2			NB		20648		1914

Delhi Electric Supply Undertaking
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDH			SAN		160		1979

Gauge: BG

			4wDM			RH		275885		1950	(a)
			4wDH			Telco		046
			4wDH			Telco		047
			4wDH			Telco		092		
			4wDH			Telco		093
			4wDH			Telco		153
			4wDH			SAN		64		1976
			4wDH			SAN		395		1987
			4wDH			SAN		396		1987
			0-6-0DH			SAN		499		1996
			0-6-0DH			SAN		503		1996

(a) supplied to Delhi B Power Station via Merz & McLellan

Imperial Delhi Railway
Gauge: BG

12			0-6-0			N	     	2253	  	1877 	(a)

(a) ex GIPR L21 class locomotive, no.410. Acquired ?

Indian Railway Construction Company (IRCON)

IRCON was formed in 1976 as an extension of the Rail India Technical & Economic Services Ltd (RITES), the research division 
of IR. RITES was (is?) a consistency covering all fields of railway technology, from the engineering disciplines to marketing
 to material maintenance and management. RITES were formed in 1974.

By 1974, it was decided that with the success of RITES a dedicated unit for the actual construction of railways and all that 
IRCON designed, constructed and commissioned a second track and rehabilitation of existing line of Port Klang railway in 
Malaysia. This included adding a new spur line to Subang and Sentul.ii In 19??, AB delivered a MG locomotive to IRCON in 
Malaysia. It is assumed that this loco worked on this project. It is not known if IRCON have any dedicated locomotives for 
use in India.

Gauge: MG

			0-6-0DH			AB		777		19XX

Indian Refinery, New Delhi
Gauge: MG

			0-4-0DH			Jung		13275		1959

Public Works Department, Delhi
Gauge: 2'6"

			0-4-2ST			HC		966		1911	(a)
GANGES			0-6-0WT			HC		1110		1915	(b)
			0-6-0WT			HC		1111		1915	(b)

(a) ex GIPR(CPR) No 7. Acquired 1923
(b) Supplied via Hudson & Co

i Indian Railways, p 251-52
ii IRCON web page