Industrial Locomotives of South Asia (ILSA)

Compiled by Simon Darvill

First edition 2000; Revised August 2004.


Coal India Limited 

Formed 1975 as holding Company with 5 subsidiaries viz, 

Bharat Coking Coal Limited (BCCL)

Central Coalfields Limited (CCL)

Western Coalfields Limited (WCL)

Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL)

Central Mine Planning and Design Institute Limited (CMPDIL)

Northern Coalfields Limited (NCL) and South Eastern Coalfields Limited (SECL) carved out of CCL and WCL in 1985

In 1992 Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL) formed out of SECL to manage the Talcher and IB Valley Coalfields in Orissa.

In 2003, the coalfields had the following number of mines

ECL 22 Opencast sites, 100 Underground mines

BCCL 13 Opencast sites, 50 Underground mines, 24 mixed sites

CCL 25 Opencast sites, 13 Underground mines, 17 mixed

NCL 22 Opencast sites

WCL 30 Opencast sites, 52 Underground mines, 5 mixed sites

SECL 17 Opencast sites, 69 Underground mines, 1 mixed sites

MCL 13 Opencast sites, 9 Underground mines

NEC (Unit directly controlled by CIL)  2 Opencast sites, 4 Underground mines

In total, CIL has 131 opencast sites, 297 underground mines, 47 mixed sites giving a grand total of 475 sites.

Bharat Coking Coal Ltd

First Shaft Mine opened at Ranigunj between 1815-1820. By 1835 Carr, Tagore & Company had taken over the Ranigunj Coal Mines.
In 1843 Bengal Coal Company takes over Ranigunj Coal Mines and others; is first Joint Stock Coal Company in India.

Bharat Coking Coal Limited (BCCL) is a Public Sector Undertaking engaged in mining of coal and allied activities. It 
occupies an important place in as much as it produces bulk of the coking coal mined in the country. BCCL meets almost5 50% 
of the total prime coking coal requirement of the intregrated steel sector. It also supplies substantial quantity of coal to
the pig iron sector and bulk of the coal requirement of the power station in the Northern region.  

BCCL's area of operation falls in Jharia Coalfield and in a part of Ranigaunj Coalfield in the State of Bihar. Its activity 
extents into a small area in West Bengal also wherein it operates two of its coal mines. Its area of operation is speed over 
270 Sq.Kms. of the Jharia Coalfield and 32 Sq. Kms. in the Ranigaunj Coalfield. 

In order to ensure planned development of the scare coking coal resources in the country, the large number of small coking 
coal mines(214 Nos.) operating in the Jharia Coalfield & Ranigaunj Coalfield were taken over by the Govt. of India on 
16th October,1971. These mines were subsequently nationalised in May, 1972. 

BCCL was incorporated in January, 1972 to manage and operate the taken over coking coal mines.
Nationalisation of the non-coking coal mines followed soon after in May, 1973 and 182 non-coking units located adjacent to 
coking coal mines were also put under the control of BCCL.

BCCL became a subsidiary of Coal India Ltd.(Holding Company) when the later was incorporated in November, 1975. 

At nationalisation there were: 

Coking Coal Mines	           	214
Non-coking Coal Mines	           	182

Total	        			396

They were reorganised -organised into 87 existing units. Each Area consists of a group of mines. 
Mines currently grouped under 13 Areas with mines under each Area varying from 4 to 9. 

They currently have the following units in operation: 

13 Opencast Sites, 49 underground mines, 25 mixed sites (giving a total of 87 mines). 9 washeries and one under 
construction, 4 By-Product Coke Plants and one ropeway for sand winding.
Gauge: BG

			4wDH			SAN		202		1980
			4wDH			SAN		203		1980
			4wDH			SAN		205		1980
			4wDH			SAN		209		1981
			4wDH			SAN		266		1982

Unknown Site
Gauge: 2'0"

			0-4-0T			OK		6359		1913	(a)
			4-6-0T			BLW		44728		1917	(b)(1

(a) Delivered to Raneegungee Coal 
(b) Delivered to Bengal Coal & Coke ex WDLR, WD No 823. Sent to Indian Army Military Reserve after WW1. Acquired by Bengal 
    Coal & Coke date unk

Gauge: 2'2"

			0-6-0ST			MW		766		1880	(a)
			0-6-0ST			MW		820		1880	(a)
			0-6-0ST			MW		1332		1897	(a)
KHOOLDEAN		0-4-0ST			MW		1540		1902	(a)

(a)  Delivered to Bengal Coal

(1) to Rohtas Industries (qv), date unknown

Central Coalfields Limited (CCL)

A more promising field is the Pench Valley, in the Chindwara district. There is at present only a NG line to it, but it is 
hoped to have a BG connection and to work the field on a large scale. In 1908 the total production was 120, 249 tons per 
annum. i

"....we have just returned from a tour over some of the NG lines of the BNR...a fine example of how they bring traffic to 
the parent line was to be seen at Gondia Jn, where NG self discharging wagons transfer loads brought by them from the Pench 
valley Coal fields to larger wagons running on the BG...." ii

Gauge: 2'0"

			4wD			JF		3930001		1951	(a)
			4wD			JF		3930024		1951 	(a)

(a) supplied via Shaw Wardle & Co, Calcutta to Pench Valley Coal 			

Gauge: 2'6"

			4wDM			JF		3930031		1954

Chirmiri Colliery, Ballarpur   79 G2  


For sale by private treaty as a going concern the above named new and fully equipped colliery belonging to the Government 
of India.

Apply to Secretary to Chief Commissioner, PWD, Central Provinces.1

Gauge: 3'0"

			4wBE/WE			EE		 872		1932
			4wBE/WE			EE		 890		1932

Gauge: 3'6"

			0-6-0DMF		HC		D1311		1963	(a)

(a) supplied via Huwood

Gauge: BG

1			0-6-0			MW		131		1864 	(a)

(a) ex ISR no.252, acquired 1908. Originally owned by Eliphinstone Land Co

Mahandi Coalfields, Sambalpur 
Gauge: BG

			0-6-0DH			SAN		469		1994

South Karanpura Coal Co. 
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDHF			HE		5264		
			4wDHF			HE		5265
			4wDHF			HE		6014
			4wDHF			HE		6015
			4wDHF			HE		6019

Eastern Coalfields Ltd (ECL)
Banki Colliery, Orissa
Gauge: 900mm

			4wDM			SAN		97		1977

Chinakuri Colliery
Gauge: 3'6"

			4wDM			SAN		65		1976
			4wDM			SAN		83		1976
			4wDM			SAN		84		1976
			4wDM			SAN		85		1976
			4wDM			SAN		86		1976
			4wDM			SAN		92		1976
			4wDM			SAN		93		1976

Dankuni Colliery
Gauge: BG

			4wDH			SAN		452		1992

Jealgore Collliery, Dhanbad   57 F4
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wPM			MR		1936		1920	(a)
			0-4-0DM			HE		6033		1961
			0-4-0DM			HE		6034		1961
			0-4-0DM			HE		6035		1961
			0-4-0DM			HE		6036		1961
			0-4-0DM			HE		6037		1961
			0-4-0DM			HE		6038		1961
			0-4-0DM			HE		6039		1961
			0-4-0DM			HE		6040		1961

(a) supplied via Pratt & Co, Calcutta

Kotadih Colliery
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDM			SAN		101		1977
			4wDM			SAN		105		1977

Moria Colliery
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDM			SAN		52		1975
			4wDM			SAN		75		1976
			4wDM			SAN		78		1976
			4wDM			SAN		104		1977

Sodepur Colliery
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDM			SAN		80		1976
			4wDM			SAN		91		1976
			4wDM			SAN		98		1977

Surakacha Colliery
Gauge: 900 mm

			4wDM			SAN		95		1976

Unknown Site
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDM			SAN		106		1977
			4wDM			SAN		108		1977
			4wDM			SAN		109		1977

Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL)
Talcher Coalfield was first discovered at Gopalprasad in the 1837. Later on GSI surveyed and mapped in 1855. M/s East 
India Prospecting Syndicate in Talcher Town in 1920 Handidhua Colliery was opened by M/s Villiers Ltd in 1921. NCDC opened 
mines at South Belanda, Nandira & Jagannath in the year 1960, 1962 and 1972 respectively. After formation of CIL all mines 
were in CCL then in SECL before formation of MCL in 1992. Production of coal raised from 0.91 M.T. in 1972-73 to 36.72 M.T. 
in 2002-03.

IB Valley Coalfield was first discovered by B N Railway while constructing bridge over lb river in the year 1900. M/S Himgir
Rampur Coal company opened colliery in the year 1909. Many more mines were opened in the year 1940, 1954 and after the 
nationalisation of coal mines the mines came under WCL. Later on it came under SECL and then under MCL in the year 1992 
after its formation. Production of this field was 0.55 M.T. in 1972-73 which has increased  upto 15.51 M.T. in the year 

North Eastern Coalfields
Ledo Brickworks

In 1992, WB 2134 was working. Four other 0-4-0ST were present; one reasonably complete, the other three well 

Gauge: 2'0"

			0-4-0ST			WB		1556		1899
			0-4-0ST			WB		1964
			0-4-0ST			WB		2132		1924	
			0-4-0ST			WB		2134		1924	
			0-4-0ST			WB		2448		1931	

Tipong Colliery
Gauge: 2'0"

781			0-4-0ST			SS		4560		1899	(a)
784			0-4-0ST			SS		4977		1903	(b)
789			0-4-0ST			NB		20638		1914	(c)
796			0-4-0ST			DHR				1923	(d)
			4wD			SAN		026		1974	(e)
			4wD			SAN		028		1974	(e)
			4wD			SAN		393		1987	(f)

(a) Supplied to DHR B class, No 24. Renumbered 781 in 1957. Date acquired unknown. Under repair 1992iv
(b) Supplied to DHR B class, No 27. Renumbered 784 in 1957. Date acquired unknown. In use 1992v
(c) Supplied to DHR B class, No 34. Renumbered 789 in 1957. Date acquired unknown. Under heavy repair 1992vi
(d) Built by DHR B class, No 43 named KURSEONG. Renumbered 796 in 1957. Date acquired unknown. In use 1992vii
(e) 70 h.p. engine
(f) 100 h.p. engine

See also Assam Railway & Trading Co, Assam

Margherita, Assam
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDH			SAN		26		1974
			4wDH			SAN		28		1974
			4wDH			SAN		393		1987

Unknown Site
Gauge: 2'0"

			0-4-2ST			HE		3503		1948

South Eastern Coalfields Limited (SECL)

SECL has four major coalfields 

Korba Coalfields
Located in Korba district of Chhattisgarh, it covers an area of about 530 sq km. The deposits are divided into two distinct 
zones :
Thick seam/quarriable power grade zone comprising of grade E, F & G having reserves of approx. 8002 mt.
Thin seam/underground superior grade zone comprising of grade B to D having reserves of approx. 2000 mt.

Central India Coalfields
Extends from Bisrampur coalfields in the east to Johilla coalfields in the west, located in 4 districts viz. Surguja &  
Korea in Chhatisgarh, Shahdol & Umaria in Eastern Madhya Pradesh. This covers an  area of 5345 of mostly 
B & C grade of Coal with geological reserves of 12900.08 mt. The deposits are at the depth of 0-600 meters & therefore 
extraction is mainly  amenable to under ground mining except a few blocks in Eastern part of these coalfields which have 
opencast potential.

Mand - Raigarh Coalfields
Situated in Raigarh district of Chhatisgarh. Covers an area of 520 Comprising of grades A to G having reserves of 
17987.14 mt Large potential for power grade coal through open-cast mining exists Infrastructural facilities are being  
established. Private/captive mining potential.

Ramkola - Tatapani Coalfields
Located in Surguja district of Chhatisgarh. Covers an area of 260 Exploitation yet to be taken up. Comprising of grades A to G having reserves of 1507.52 mt. Infrastructural facilities for coal evacuation yet to be established
36% of he SECL output is moved by rail

Western Coalfields Limited (WCL)
Western Coalfields Limited (WCL) has its registered office at Coal Estate, Civil Lines, Nagpur-440001.

The Company contributes about 11.3% of the national coal production. It has mining operation spread over the states of 
Maharashtra (in Nagpur, Chandrapur & Yeotmal Districts) and Madhya Pradesh (in Betul and Chhindawara Districts).

The Company is a major source of supplies of coal to the industries located in Western India in the States of Maharashtra, 
Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat and also in Southern India in the States of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. A large 
numbers of Power Houses under Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat, Karnataka, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh - Electricity Boards 
are major consumers of its coal along with cement, steel, chemical, fertilizer, paper and brick Industries in these states.

Gauge: 3'6"

			4wDM			SAN		87		1976

Singareni Collieries Co. Ltd.

Originally Hydrabad (Deccan) Co, Singareni Collieries. There are 10 open cast and 59 underground mines

The Singareni Coalfields in the Nizams Dominion lies on the same belt of Gonwana rocks at the NW end of which Warora is situated, the belt extending down to Rajahmundry. The output is 470,000 tons per annum. viii

Gauge: 2'0"

			0-4-2T			JF		5029		1889
1			0-6-0T			WB		1953		1912
2			0-4-2T			WB		1988		1913	(a)
3 JEANNIE		0-4-2T			HC		1179		1919	(b)
5			4-6-0T			HE		1353		1919 	(c)

(a) via T & W Morgan
(b) Painted black with red lining. Double roof cab, dust caps on oil holes, two injectors
(c) ex WDLR, WD no 3237. Delivered after the end of WW1 and stored at WD dump, Purfleet Wharf, Essex. Acquired by Singareni 
    Collieries date unk.

Tata Iron and Steel Co

Have one open cast site and six underground mines

Jamadoba Colliery   57 F5(?)
Gauge: 3'6"

			4wBE			GB		2711		1956
			4wBE			GB		2712		1956
			4wDHF			SAN		410		1989
			4wDHF			SAN		412		1989
			4wDHF			SAN		415		1990

Gauge: BG

J1			Bo-BoDE			GE		34128		1961	
J2			Bo-BoDE			GE		34129		1961	
			4wDH			Telco		058	

West Bokaro Colliery   57 E4
Gauge: 2'0"

			0-4-0T			OK		10090		1926

Gauge: 3'6"

			0-6-0DMF		HC		D646		1948
			0-4-0DMF		HC		D667		1950
			0-4-0DMF		HC		D668		1950
			0-4-0DMF		HC		D669		1950
			0-4-0DMF		HC		D758		1951
			0-4-0DMF		HC		D759		1951
			0-6-0DMF		HC		D1311		1963
			0-4-0DMF		HC		D1391		1969
			0-4-0DMF		HC		D1392		1969
			4wDH			SAN		70		1976
			4wDHF			SAN		94		1976
			4wDHF			SAN		135		1978
			4wDHF			SAN		137		1978
			4wDHF			SAN		176		1980
			4wDHF			SAN		177		1980
			4wDHF			SAN		196		1980
			4wDHF			SAN		197		1980
			4wDHF			SAN		199		1980
			4wDHF			SAN		200		1980
			4wDHF			SAN		246		1982
			4wDHF			SAN		387		1987
			4wDHF			SAN		404		1989

Unknown site
Gauge: NG

1			4wDE			GE		32208		1954	(a)
2			4wDE			GE		32211		1954	(a)
3			4wDE			GE		32209		1954	(a)

(a) supplied to Coal department

Along with CIL and the companies above, there are a number of other companies who have their own coalmines. Listed are ones 
known below.

Bihar State Mineral Development Corporation Ltd. - one opencast site
Damodar Valley Corporation. - one opencast site
Indian Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. - one opencast site, one underground mine, one mixed site
J & K Minerals Ltd. - one underground mine
Bengal Emta Coal Mines Limited - one opencast site
Jindal Steel & Power Limited - one opencast site

The following are yet to be put into the above scheme of listing. If anyone has any information about where the following 
mines are located I would be pleased to find out.

Bhuhranbarance Coal Co
Gauge: 2'0"

			0-4-0DH			HE		6268		1963
			0-4-0DH			HE		6269		1963

Burocher Coal
Gauge: 1'6"

RICHIE BABA		0-4-0ST			MW		686		1878

In the early 1910's, The Bedford Engineering Co, sent a number of 1'6" gauge VB locomotives to a colliery company in India. 
ix As this was the only known 1'6" gauge railway in India at the time, they may well have been delivered here. 
(Probably more likely to Pakistan?)

Dandot Colliery


Owing to the closure of Dandot Colliery the under mentioned plant is for sale: -

Main and tail rope haulage engine 12 hp high pressure, coal cutting machine two-cylinder each end, Worthington Duplex pump 
by Ream & Co, Locomotives 2'0" gauge, air compression machine size No. 4.

Further particulars can be obtained on application to Chief Storekeeper, NWR, Lahore. x

Gauge: 2'0"

			0-4-0ST			SS		(a)		1880	(b)
			0-4-0ST			SS		(a)		1880	(b)
			0-4-0ST			SS		2869		1880	(c)
			0-4-0ST			SS		2893		1880	(d)
			0-4-0ST			SS		2894		1880	(e)
			0-4-0ST			SS		2895		1880	(f)
			0-4-0ST			SS		(a)		1880	(b)
			0-4-0ST			SS		4649		1900	(g)
			0-4-0ST			SS		4650		1900	(h)

(a) one of SS 2870-72/1880 or 2892/1880
(b) Supplied to DHR, A class one of Nos. 2-5. Sold to Ferozpore Steam Tramway in 1885. Tramway closed in 1888. Two 
    locomotives were sent straight to Dandot Colliery in 1893. The other two were obtained by NWR Gradient division and 
    used on construction work. These two locomotives were sent to be used on the construction of the NDR in 1899 (line 
    opened 1901). One was then sent to Dandot in 1908.
(c) Supplied to DHR, A class No 1. Acquired 1894.
(d) Supplied to DHR, A class No 6. Acquired 1894.
(e) Supplied to DHR, A class No 7. Acquired 1894.
(f) Supplied to DHR, A class No 8. Acquired 1894.
(g) Supplied to KSR, No 1 KALKA. Delivered as a 2'0" gauge locomotive, re-gauged to 2'6" on delivery. Acquired 1908 and
    re-gauged back to 2'0". Advertised for sale in the 6/1911 edition of IRG for Rs 8000.
(h) Supplied to KSR, No 2 SIMLA. Delivered as a 2'0" gauge locomotive, re-gauged to 2'6" on delivery. Acquired 1908 and 
    re-gauged back to 2'0". Advertised for sale in the 6/1911 edition of IRG for Rs 9000.

East Angarpatta Colliery
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDH			HE		6076		1964

East Bhalgora  Colliery
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDM			HE	     	4854	  	1957 	(a)
(a) 21 h.p. engine

East Ganhoodih Colliery
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDHF			HE		6016

East Jankodih Colliery
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDH			HE		5528

East Laibalik Colliery
Gauge: 2'0"

			0-4-0D			HE		6088		1965
			0-4-0D			HE		6089		1965

East Lankdip Colliery Co
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDH			HE		5398

East Mudheralih Coal Co
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDH			HE		5399

East Muckenduck Coal Co
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDH			HE		5527

East Nimeba Colliery
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDM			HE	     	4852	  	1957 	(a)
               		4wDM			HE	     	4853	       	1957 	(a)

(a) 21 h.p. engine

Equitable Coal
Gauge: 2'6"

			2-8-4T			NB		16432		1904	(a)
			2-8-4T			NB		16432		1904	(b)
			2-8-4T			NB		16432		1904	(c)
			4-8-4T			K		4510		1907	(d)
ESR 1			2-8-4T			AB		2204		1946
ESR 2			2-8-4T			AB		2205		1946
ESR 3			2-8-4T			AB		2215		1946
ESR 4			2-8-4T			AB		2318		1952
ESR 5			2-8-4T			AB		2319		1952
ESR 6			2-8-4T			AB		2355		1952

(a) ex SIR No Q2. Delivered to TKR, a famine relief line worked by MR, where the locomotive was classified FA class, 
    number unknown. Became a SIR line in 1907. Line closed in 1941 and locomotives acquired by Equitable Coal in 1942.
(b) ex SIR No Q3. Delivered to TKR, a famine relief line worked by MR, where the locomotive was classified FA class, 
    number unknown. Became a SIR line in 1907. Line closed in 1941 and locomotives acquired by Equitable Coal in 1942.
(c) ex SIR No Q5. Delivered to TKR, a famine relief line worked by MR, where the locomotive was classified FA class, 
    number unknown. Became a SIR line in 1907. Line closed in 1941 and locomotives acquired by Equitable Coal in 1942.
(d) ex BLR B class, No 12 named DAVID YULE. Acquired 1942

Karanpur Colliery
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDM			HE		4469		1953 	(a)
			4wDM			HE		4470		1954 	(a)
			4wDM			HE		4471		1954 	(a)
			4wDM			HE		4851		1954 	(a)

(a) 21 h.p. engine, supplied via R Hudson

Khaskojora Coal
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDM			RH		476129		1963	(a)
			4wDM			RH		476130		1963	(a)

(a)	Supplied via Martin Burn

Madhabpur Coal Co
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDM			HE	     	3502	  	1946 	(a)

(a) 25 h.p. engine

Makerwal Colliery
Gauge: 2' 0"

			4-6-0T			BLW		44519		1916	(a)
			4-6-0T			BLW		44551		1916	(b)
			4-6-0T			BLW		44753		1917	(c)
			4-6-0T			BLW		45036		1917	(d)

(a) Supplied to WDLR, WD no 722. To Indian Army Military Reserve 1919. To Makerwal Colliery date unknown.
(b) Supplied to WDLR, WD no 751. To Indian Army Military Reserve 1919. To Makerwal Colliery date unknown.
(c) Supplied to WDLR, WD no 848. To Indian Army Military Reserve 1919. To Makerwal Colliery date unknown.
(d) Supplied to WDLR, WD no 999. To Indian Army Military Reserve 1919. To Makerwal Colliery date unknown.

Modhupore Colliery Co
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDH			HE		6006

New Demaogira Colliery
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDHF			HE		6017

Palana Colliery   20 B6

Palana in the Bikanir State, Rajputana, produces a coal which was found unsuitable for locomotive purposes but it is now 
converted to briquettes, in which form it is believed it will be made fit for use on the JBR which has built a line 10 miles
long to the quarries, The output for 1908 was 21,907 tons only, but double the quantity has previously been produced and 
can be again after the briquetting plant has come into use. xi

Gauge: MG

			2-4-2			NW		659		1902	(a)
			2-4-2			NW		660		1902	(b)
			2-4-2			NW		661		1902	(c)
			2-4-2			OK		3596		1909

(a) ex BkR Q class, No 11. Delivered to JBR as 039. Ren 050. Became BkR No 11. Acquired in 1935.
(b) ex BkR Q class, No 12. Delivered to JBR as 040. Ren 051. Became BkR No 12. Acquired in 1940.
(c) ex BkR Q class, No 13. Delivered to JBR as 041. Ren 052. Became BkR No 11. Acquired in 1940.

Punkekajee Colliery, East Basuria Colliery Co Ltd
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDM			RH		497545		1963
			4wDM			RH		497546		1963

Punjab Coal Co, Golpur Colliery, Jhelum District (PAKISTAN)  12 C6
Gauge: 2'0"

CHITI DAND		0-4-0ST			WB		1875		1908
WADALA			0-4-0ST			WB		1876		1911
KUTHALA		0-4-0ST			WB		2051		1916

Rakhi Coal Co   32 A5
Gauge: 2'6"

			2-8-4T			SS/NB(?)				1902	(a)
			2-8-4T			SS/NB(?)				1905	(a)

(a) ex BNR(SL). Either A1 or A2 class locomotives. One of 003 (SS 4878), 005 (SS 4876), 011-2 (NB 16967-8) or 015 (NB 16971).

Rewah State Colliery   22 B5

The Umaria Coalfields lies in the Rewah State. It is estimated to hold 24 million tons of coal, is worked by the Rewah State
and turns about 170,000 tons per annum. xii

Gauge: BG

			0-6-0			K		998		1862	(a)
			0-6-0			K		1332		1866	(b)
			0-4-0ST			MW		1509		1900

(a) ex GIPR Q34 class, no.41, acquired 1901
(b) ex GIPR no.170. Classified M26 class, reclassified L26 class by 1897. Acquired 1921

Samla Collieries, Calcutta WB
Gauge: 2'0"

			0-4-0T			Jung		11688		1952
On Closure of Samla Coal Mines

Satpuria & Asansol Collieries   57 G5 WB
Gauge: 2'0"

			0-6-0WT			HC		1313		1918	(a)

(a) Delivered to War Office, numbered 3203. Used on construction of Baldomell Aerodrome. Date to India unknown.

Selected Buraboni Coal Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDH			HE		5267

Selected Satgram Collieries
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDM			HE		5628			
			0-4-0DM			HE		6290		1966

Sendora Bajogora Coal Co.
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDH			HE		6004
			4wDH			HE		6005

Shangeti Colliery
Gauge: 2'0"

			0-4-0T			OK		10582		1923

West Lackdih Coal Co
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDM			HE 		4859	 	1959 	(a)
			4wDM			HE		5271

(a) 21 h.p. engine

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