Industrial Locomotives of South Asia (ILSA)

Compiled by Simon Darvill

First edition 2000; Revised August 2004.




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Company Publications

Fifty years of Tata Iron and Steel Company, Tata Company 1957
Suri & Nayan promotional literature
CKD promotional literature
BHEL website
IRCON website

Government Publications


United Provinces - Cawnpore 1909
Gujerat - Jamanagar 1957
Mysore - Kolar 1968
Bengal - Burdwan 1910
Bihar - Darbangha 1964


Railway map of India  1993

Government records


Public Works Proceedings 1899

Various systems of Light Railways for military purposes in use on the continent 1884
Supply of resources and Light Railway plant as part of the mobilisation of equipment for the Army in India 1899/1900
Organisation of working of railways in time of war 1902/1904
Report on monorail tramway at Jubblepore 1903
Report of committee on material and organisation of light military Railways 1904
List of coal mines worked under the 1909 Indian Mines act 1911
List of other than coal mines worked under the 1909 Indian Mines act 1911
List of factories and other large industries in India 1913
History of railways constructed 1920

Correspondence (incl. Official letters and telegrams)

Formation of military railway corps for frontier railways 1885
Correspondence regarding construction of certain railways of a strategic character on the North Western frontier 1885/89
Military Railway Service Corps - armament of Army ? necessary to enable ? to carry out scheme 1888/89/90
Military Railway Service Corps -  legislation difficulties regarding consequent abandonment of scheme 1890/92
Public Works Department (Railways) various references 1889
North Western Frontier Railway estimates for defence of the frontier - memo by Sir E Collin 1898/99
Military Light Railways (Railway department correspondence) 1899
Formation of a Railway Corps of Sappers & Miners- a ? company sanctioned 1902/1904/1909
Enlistment of Indian Railway employees for service on military railways in time of war 1902/1904
Railway construction Kohat Thal 1908
Bombay-Sind Railway construction 1909

Other India Office Library records

Archives of Lance Corporal Howgego, 1/25th London Regiment, India 1916-1919

Locomotive builder works records

Companies marked * are in published form, those marked @ are from correspondence with others. All others are from primary 

AB, AE, AEG, Bg *, BH *, BP, CE, Dubs, EE, FH *, GB *, HC *, HE, Jenb @, JF, Keef @, Krupp, KS *, L *, MR @, N,  
NB, OK *,  P *,  RH, S *, SAN, SS, VF, WB *, Wkm @, YE