North-west Frontier Province (1908)

"North-west Frontier Province" by H. A. Rose, I. C. S., in the Imperial Gazetteer of India Provincial series, Printed at Calcutta (1908)

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(pp. 54 - 55)

"The province is traversed by the North-Western Railway system of Punjab,which gives communication at three points. The Attock bridge conducts the main line over the Indus to Peshawar, 1,520 miles from Calcutta, and a broad gauge extension, 12 miles in length, runs to Fort Jamrud, 12 miles from the mouth of the Khyber Pass. From Naushahra Cantonment a narrow-gauge branch runs via Mardan to Dargai at the foot of the Malakand Pass. The second point of connexion is at Kushalgarh, also on the Indus, 53 miles south of Attock. Here the river is crossed by a bridge of boats which forms a link between the Mari- Attock branch of the North-Western Railway and the narrow-gauge line to Kohat and Thal; but a railway bridgeis now being built across the Indus, and on its completion, the Kushalgarh - Kohat - Thal line will be converted into broad gauge. Further south, there is no railway in the Province, but Dera Ismail Khan is connected with Darya Khan on the Sind-Sagar branch of the North-Western Railway by a bridge of boats during the cold season. The only line open in 1891 was that from Attock brisge to Peshawar, 44 miles in length. In 1904 the total length of railways open was 188 miles."

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