Chhattisgarh Feudatory States (1906)

Central Provinces District Gazetteer, Vol. 10 (Chhattisgarh Feudatory States), by E. A. de Brett, I.C.S., The Times Press, Bombay, 1906

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The Chhattisgarh feudatory states with the Central Provinces in 1905 included Bastar, Ranker, Nandgaon, Khairagarh, Chhuikhadan, Kawardha, Raigarh, Sakti, Sarangarh, Surguja, Udaipur, Jashpur, Korea and Chang Bhakar, each of which had a political agent, besides a number zamindaris. The railways were yet to penetrate into most of them, including Bastar, through which now passes the Kirandul line to exploit the iron ores of the Bailadila range.

Nandgaon, p. 99

The Bengal-Nagpur Railway has two stations within the limits of the State, one at Raj-Nandgaon and the other at Muripar....

Kairagarh, p. 122

The Bengal-Nagpur Railway runs through the State for a distance of twenty-five miles, and three railway stations are located on this length, vis., Dongargarh, Bortalao and Musra. A crossing station has also been made between Dongargarh and Bortalao..."

Kawardha, p.154

...Tilda, a station on the Bengal-Nagpur Railway distant 54 miles from Kawardha ...

Raigarh, p. 178

Before the advent of the railway a considerable portion of the traffic used to be carried on in boats on the Mahanadi, the rest on pack-bullocks and carts. ... In the year 1890 the Chief transferred to the British Government certain lands with jurisdiction therein, required for the Bengal-Nagpur Railway Company. The railway now runs through the southern half of the State from west to east. Within a length of 35 miles there are 4 railway stations, at Raigarh, Naharpali, Khursia and Jamgaon. The Company are now contemplating the opening of a crossing station at Kotrapali. The bulk of the traffic goes to the Raigarh and Khursia stations.

Sarangarh, p. 216

Raigarh on the Bengal-Nagpur Railway is the nearest railway station (32 miles from Sarangarh). The Saria pargana traffic goes to Surajpurii in Raigarh. The rest of the State sends its produce to Raigarh or Khursia station. The whole State is cut off from the railway by the Mahanadi river and traffic is also hampered by the Mand river which has to be crossed on the road to Raigarh...

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