Baroda (1920)

Report of the Baroda Economic Development Committee (1918-19), The Times Press, Bombay, 1920

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[p. 280]:

The railway policy of His Highness the Maharaja Saheb has been so very thorough-going that we have hardly any suggestions to make. Most Talukas of the State have now been connected with railways and if some remain it is due to circumstances beyond the control of the State. The territories of the Raj are interspersed with those of the British as well as other Indian states and unless these co-operate it becomes difficult to connect the outlying Talukas with railways. The two important railways Kodinar and Dwarka have been held over till the other Kathiawad states are ready. In other places, the War has come in the way as the cost of materials has gone very high.

In the course of the enquiry, some of the witnesses have suggested the construction of a few railway lines mostly the extension of the existing lines. From the materials at our disposal we cannot give any definite opinion as to their feasibility. We would, therefore, leave the proposals to be investigated by the Railway Department and if any are found financially possible the Government orders may be obtained. A list of such lines is given in Appendix II (2.0)

[p. 224 - 225]: under Appendix II

Those referred to the Engineer-in-chief for Railways and Communications. The following railways should be constructed

(1) Harij to Radhanpur via Sankheswar.
(2) Vagdod to Munsa.
(3) Dangarva to Vijapur through Langhnaj, Gozaria, Vasai and Ladol.
(4) Vijapur to Vadnagar.
(5) Vijapur to Visnagar.
(6) Atarsumba to Dehgam or to Ahmedabad via Utkandeshwar..
(7) Naosari to Kamrej via Palsana.
(8) Anawal to Mahuva.
(9) Bahadarpur line to be extended to Rustompur passing along Pania, Chandanagar and Lotia.
(10) Petlad to Bhadran via Dharmaj.
(11) A siding for the Alembic Chemical Works Company, Ltd., at Baroda.
(12) Savli to Baroda.
(13) Gandevi to Kathor via Naosari and Chalthan.
(14) Vagodhia to Baroda.
(15) Gandevi to Velachha via Naosari and Palsana.
(16) Dhari to Velan through Khambha.
(17) A broad gauge line from Baroda to Goya-gate.


(1) The Kosamba Zankhvav Railway line should be linked up with the Tapti Valley Railway through Lakhvi and Umarpada.

(2) The Kosamba Zankhvav line should be extended as far as Umarpada with Songhad or Salher as junction.

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