Rules for Break of Journey

Holders of single journey tickets for over 500km of actual distance (not chargeable distance) are permitted to break journey at any station en route. The first break of journey can be made only after a distance of 500km has been travelled from the originating station. Only one break of journey is allowed with tickets up to 1000km of actual travel distance; ticket-holders travelling more than 1000km may break their journey twice.

A break of journey can be for a maximum of two days, not including the day of arrival at and the day of departure from the station where the journey is broken.

For return (round-trip) tickets, each half of the ticketed travel is treated as a separate journey for purposes of figuring the eligible breaks of journey. However, the entire round trip including the breaks of journey must be completed within the validity period of the return ticket.

A passenger breaking his or her journey at any station must get the ticket endorsed at that station by the Station Master. Failure to get such an endorsement may result in the passenger being treated as a ticketless traveller in the subsequent leg of the journey.

If a passenger detrains at a station en route for the purpose of catching a connecting train, the halt is not treated as a break of journey provided the connecting train is scheduled to depart that station within 24 hours.

Breaks of journeys are not permitted on single (non-return) tickets at stations on suburban sections. Breaks of journeys are also not permitted on certain special trains such as the Rajdhani and Shatabdi Expresses.

Reserved travel: Breaks of journeys are not permitted on reserved or partially reserved tickets short of the end of the reserved section of travel. If a passenger wishes to break journey on reserved travel, this must be requested at the time of obtaining the reservations and reservations will generally be issued only up till the station at which the journey is to be broken.

If a passenger halts at a station and then decides not to continue the rest of the journey, it is not considered a break of journey, and the ticket must be surrendered as usual for normal processing of any refund for the untravelled portiion.