News from the NRM - Winter 2001

This article was originally published by the Indian Steam Railway Society (ISRS) in its newsletter, and is reproduced here by permission, which is gratefully acknowledged. Copyright for the material here rests with the ISRS and the author(s) of the article. The ISRS is the premier organization in India engaged in preservation and efforts to promote awareness of the country's railway heritage.

Note: This is an excerpt, not the entire article. The article originally appeared in the ISRS Newsletter No. 7, Winter 2001.

Fairy Queen is a 2-2-2 Well Tank engine of 1855 vintage built by Kitson, Hewitson and Thomson of Leeds, England. It was restored to regular main line service in 1997. It operates two day excursions from New Delhi from October to March each year, running down the main line to Alwar on Saturdays; the passengers then stay overnight in the former Maharajah of Alwar's Palace in a tiger sanctuary, and spend early Sunday morning tiger-spotting before catching the Fairy Queen back to Delhi Cantt. The locomotive carries two coaches. One is a Power/ Buffet Car with a diesel generator to supply power for the air brakes as well as lighting. The passenger car has a large glass window at the end that overlooks the coal bunker straight into the cab. Fairy Queen has undergone a major overhaul at the Locomotive Works, Perambur this year and bears a completely new look thanks to the efficient and dedicated efforts put in by workmen of SER and SR. The locomotive has had the driving wheels re-axled, and the majority of its brass tubes have been replaced. The locomotive was fitted with two baby compressors last year to make it an independent working air-braked unit. However, the two compressors have been fitted on the sides of the locomotive which make them look ugly and out of place. They should be concealed. Fairy Queen, Guinness certified as the world's oldest working locomotive on the mainline, is set once again this year to rekindle the romance transporting fifty guests in an exclusive journey of a lifetime. The fare is Rs 10,000/- all-inclusive (except liquor).

Fare information included is indicative and no longer valid! Contact information omitted as being out of date.)