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Q. How do I subscribe to the 'Indian Railways' magazine? What does the 'Indian Railways' magazine contain?

The 'Indian Railways' magazine is the primary periodical published by IR covering its activities and events. Although it is intended mainly for railway staff, it is available to all for purchase or subscription. Articles in the magazine usually cover news items about new trains, construction, etc., as well as activities (whether of a railway nature or not, e.g., sports, cultural activities, charity) of railway organizations and staff. Each issue also usually has a special section of articles on a focus topic, which may be about a single zone or division, or a particular aspect of railway working. In addition, there are articles by railway staff that are not related to railway matters at all (poems, health, etc.). Once a year (in April) a special issue is put out which includes a summary report on the achievements of all the zones and production units, etc. On the whole the magazine is interesting reading for railfans, and usually has a few nuggets of information that may not be available in the general media.

[7/06] You can subscribe to 'Indian Railways' magazine by sending your subscription request to:

The Business Manager
Indian Railways Magazine
Room No. 310, Rail Bhavan
Raisina Road
New Delhi - 110 001.
Tel: (+91 11) 2338-2531, 2330-3665
Fax: (+91 11) 2338-3540
E-mail: bmpr @

Subscription charges are:
India: Rs. 90 (for railway employees) / Rs. 100 (for non-employees)
Foreign: Rs. 500 (sea mail) / Rs. 1000 (air mail)

Payment may be made by demand drafts (payable to the 'Business Manager, Indian Railways'), postal orders, or money orders. Personal cheques in US dollars have been accepted in some cases for overseas orders where it is difficult or impossible to use a draft or postal order.

In the past, delivery of the issues of this magazine used to be erratic, but this has improved recently. Still, international subscribers can expect to see some issues arrive late by a month or more in some cases, or out of sequence. International subscribers should also note that issues occasionally go missing in the mail because of the poor quality envelopes used for mailing them which frequently tear apart in transit.

Single copies are Rs. 10 each (except for the special issues which are Rs. 40 each).

Editorial Correspondence:

The Editor,
Indian Railways Magazine, Room No. 411
Rail Bhavan, New Delhi 110001, INDIA
Fax: (+91-11) 2338-4481
Fax: (+91-11) 2338-3540
e-mail: editorir @

Business correspondence should be directed to the Business Manager (see above).

Q. What about other periodicals?

The Railways Year Book is published annually and has a compilation of IR statistics and information on all aspects of IR. Urban Railways is a bi-annual publication covering various issues relating to railways in India. (Approximate annual subscription is INR 100 / US $20 with additional charges depending on delivery method.) Transport Track is another bi-annual publication dealing with more general issues of transportation. all these publications are available from the following address:

Impression India Group of Publications
40/162, Lower Ground Floor
Chittaranjan Park
New Delhi 110 019, INDIA
Tel: +91 11-26239796, +91 11-26284111, +91 11-26223392
Fax: +91 11-26283566
E-mail: (?) OR

Indian Railways Annual Statistical Statement is an extensive compilation of statistical data about IR (routes, rolling stock, financials, commercial and operational statistics, safety, efficiency, etc.). Copies can be purchased from the Director, National Rail Museum, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021. Price in 2002 was Rs 150. (This was earlier available only to governmental agencies. From 2002 it has been made available for sale to the general public.)

Rail Business Focus India is a monthly publication focused on commercial and technology news related to IR. Past issues are available for download in PDF format from the web site.

Paripurna Railway Samachar ("Complete Railway News"), a Hindi fortnightly publication, is published from Kalyan and has some snippets of railway news and articles aimed at railway staff, with quite a bit of political advocacy. Production quality is sketchy.

Issues of Jane's World Railways are often good sources of material (although not very extensive) on railways in India.

The Continental Railway Circle publishes a quarterly magazine that often has an article or information about Indian railways. In the early 1970s, A E Durrant had many articles here on Indian steam and railway operations.

The British Overseas Railways Historical Trust (BORHT) also publishes occasional articles on Indian railways (some articles of note are two on the rules in 1893 for construction of railways in India, and one on the Fatwah-Islampur line).

BORHT also publishes a quarterly journal, The British Railway Journal, a 15-20 page magazine with excellent archival B&W prints from around the world and articles on historical details of railways. Subscription is included in the membership of BORHT.

The Darjeeling Mail is a quarterly magazine from the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Society with articles, photographs, travel advice, and news. Contact: Marilyn Metz, 80 Ridge Road, London N8 9NR, England.

The Railway Gazette which later became the Railway Gazette International covered many things about Indian railways especially in the pre-Independence era. They had special issues on India between 1913-1925, and in 1929. The Railway Gazette International is still published regularly, and covers a lot of topics of interest to those in the railway industry, and occasionally carries articles dealing with India and neighbouring countries.

World Steam, is a periodical newsletter (8 issues a year) which often has news items on steam in India. Contact:

World Steam
3 Shadwell Grove
Radcliffe on Trent
Nottingham NG12 2 ET
E-mail :

World Steam had many excellent detailed reports on the steam situation in India from about 1979 to the mid-1980s, including lists of steam-hauled trains, shed allocations, etc. From about 1974 to 1979 there were some less-detailed but still interesting reports on India.

Modern Tramway has occasionally carried some articles on India. (See issues in 1978.)

Green over Red has also carried some articles on Indian railways (early 1980s?).

For a list of many periodicals in the past that carried much information on railways in India in British times (and some for independent India as well), please consult the guide to historical research.

Copies of the newsletters of the now-defunct Indian Railways Study Group (IRSG) are available from the BORHT. In addition to their newsletters, a comprehensive listing of references to Indian locomotive and rolling stock data and diagrams in various periodicals such as Locomotive Magazine and Railway Magazine is available in the datasheets issued along with the newsletters. To order copies, write to:

Edwin Lambert
Sgubor Degwm
High Street
Glyn Ceiriog
Llangollen, Wales
LL20 7EE
United Kingdom


Q. What are some books that I can find on or related to Indian Railways?

Listed below are several books that you might find interesting, on the topics of railways in India. Not all of them are devoted entirely to India. Also note that the books listed here cover a large span of publication dates, with some books having been published over a hundred years ago.

The information below may be somewhat out of date. The availability of older books, especially, varies a lot. Price information is provided for some items only as an indication of the actual price ranges to be expected.

Much information is courtesy of Glyn Thomas who maintains a booklist based on the Indian Railway Study Group's datasheet, which in turn is based largely on the bibliography from J. N. Westwood's " Railways of India ".

The categories under which the books are grouped are not very precise, and in many cases a book could have been classified under more than one.

Books : Locomotives

  • Indian Locomotives Part 1, Broad Gauge 1851-1940 (1990)
  • Indian Locomotives Part 2, Meter Gauge 1872-1940 (1992)
  • Indian Locomotives Part 3, Narrow Gauge 1863-1940 (1994)
  • Indian Locomotives Part 4, 1941-1990 (1996)
  • by Hugh Hughes
    • The Continental Railway Circle
    • 25 Woodcock Dell Avenue,
    • Kenton, Harrow,
    • Middlesex, HA3 0PW, England.
    • (Credit cards are NOT accepted)

The definitive guide to all the locomotives used in India until1990, including makers' information, serial numbers, etc. Comprehensive details of steam locos used in former railways in India, including movements to and from India and final dispositions. (Was also available from Midland Counties and other UK booksellers.)

  • A Guide to the Diesel and Electric Locomotives of Indian Railways.
  • by Mr Jal E Daboo, M.A.
  • ISBN 1 901613 02 X

Comprehensive descriptions of and data on all IR diesel and electric locos, from the early designs of the 1920's until the late 1990's. Fifteen pages of diagrams, 36 photographs. This books is out of print now.

  • Indian Railways, Locomotives in Steam
  • by R R Bhandari
  • and the Rail Transport Museum (now National Railway Museum)
  • 64pp., illustrations.
  • 1981, Indian Railways / Rail Transport Museum, New Delhi

  • Steam in India, by Hugh Hughes
  • ISBN 0-85153-258-6
  • Photographic album of Indian steam, with notes.
  • 1976, D Bradford Barton, Truro

  • Indian Locomotives of Yesterday, part 1: Broad Gauge
  • by Maurice A Harrison
  • 1972, Town and Country Press, Bracknell

  • Loco Profile 17 : Jones Goods & Indian L
  • Brian Reed
  • 1971, Profile publications, Windsor, UK

  • Loco Profile 23 : Darjeeling Tanks
  • Brian Reed
  • Extensive information on the DHR and its locomotives. Photos, map, drawings.
  • 1972, Profile Publications, Windsor, UK

  • Vulcan Foundry Locomotives 1832- 1956
  • Gudgin, D.S.E
  • 1976, Bradford Barton, Truro

  • Steam Locomotives in India, Part 1 - Narrow Gauge
  • (Title on cover: Indian Narrow Gauge Railways)
  • Hugh Hughes and F. Jux
  • Photos, tables, maps, descriptions, historical data, pp. 39
  • 1968??, Original edition published by Frank Jux, Richmond
  • See revised edition below.

  • Steam Locomotives in India, Part 1 - Narrow Gauge
  • Hugh Hughes and F. Jux (1980 revision)
  • Photos, tables, maps, descriptions, historical data, pp. 39
  • 1980, 2nd (revised) edition, Continental Railway Circle, Harrow

  • Steam Locomotives in India, Part 2 - Narrow Gauge (1977)
  • Steam Locomotives in India, Part 3 - Broad Gauge (1979)
  • Hugh Hughes
  • Photos, tables, sketch maps, descriptions of locos
  • 1977, Continental Railway Circle, Harrow

  • British Built Steam Locos Overseas
  • J. N. Westwood
  • 1977, Bradford Barton, Truro

  • J. H. Court
  • North British Steam Locomotives built 1857-1956 for railways overseas
  • Bradford Barton, Truro

  • Bradford Barton, Truro
  • G. S. Moore
  • circa 1981, published privately

  • Garrat Locomotives of the World
  • A. E. Durrant
  • 1987, Bracken Books, London

  • World Steam since 1980
  • Lou Johnson
  • 1989, W.H. Smith exclusive book / Silver Link Publishing Ltd, Lancashire

  • Bagnall Locomotives : A pictorial Album of Bagnall Narrow Gauge Locomotives
  • A. C. Baker and Civil Allen
  • 1990, Trent Valley Publications, Burton on Trent

  • Beyer Peacock, Locomotive Builders to the World.
  • Hills and Patrick, UK
  • Second edition, 1998

Standard work of reference on the Beyer Peacock loco building firm. This is a reprint of the first edition which quickly sold out and became a classic among railfans. 300 pages. Includes photographs and drawings.

  • Steam on 4 Continents Part 3. Asia (Vol 1)
  • G. Haslbeck and D. Wardale
  • 1991, Verlag Haslbeck, Regensburg, Germany

  • Giants of Steam, The Full Story of the North British Locomotive Co. Ltd.
  • R. P. Bradley
  • 1995, Oxford Publishing Co., Sparkford

  • The twilight of World Steam
  • R. Ziel and M. Eagleson
  • 1975, Hamlyn Publishing Group, London

  • An Illustrated Guide to Modern Trains
  • by Brian Hollingsworth
  • Arco Publishing, Inc., NY

This has details of World locomotives in general and Indian locomotives in particular.

  • Indien, Ein Kaiserreich fur die Bahn
  • by P C Bet, B Hollingsworth, and G Moorhouse
  • In German
  • 1985?, Orell Fussli (Switzerland)

Books : Travelogues, photographic compilations

  • India - No Problem Sahib!
  • by Peter Jordan, Richard Paget, David Charlesworth
  • Great photographs of locos and trains covering all zones
  • 1989,Three Counties Publishing
    • 151 Moorland View Road
    • Walton, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S40 3DD, UK

  • Rail across India : a photographic journey
  • by Paul C Pet, Geoffrey Moorhouse, and John Brian Hollingsworth
  • 1985, 1986, Abbeville Press, New York; New Cavendish Books, London; Listre Press, New Delhi
  • pp 220, over 140 plates: chiefly ill. (some col.); 35 cm.
  • ISBN: 0896596524 * 0904568709 (New Cavendish)

  • The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway: A Photographic Profile 1962-1998
  • by Emile D Badawy and Lindsay Crow
  • Stunning photographs of the DHR, 1962-1998
  • pp. 48, 59 colour photos, map
  • 1999, Train Hobby Publications, Studfield, Vic., Australia

  • Halfway to Heaven : Darjeeling and its remarkable railway
  • by Terry Martin
  • A detailed history of the DHR
  • pp 332, 52 colour pages, over 300 illustrations
  • 2000, Rail Romances, Chester, UK
  • (Available from the DHR Society in the UK.)

  • Darjeeling Wagons
  • John Flower and David Charlesworth (ed.)
  • 2002, Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Society

  • Steam: India's Last Steam Trains, by Stephen Dupont.
  • ISBN: 1899235272, published Nov. 1999.

Beautiful black-and-white photographs of steam trains in India, with attention to the nitty-gritty details of life in loco sheds and workshops.

  • India's Disappearing Railways: A photographic journey
  • by Angus McDonald
  • pp 224. ISBN 1783130113, ISBN-13 978-1783130115
  • 2014, Goodman-Fiell (Carlton Publishing Group)

Photo-essay on India's narrow gauge railways. The author lived and travelled in India for several years.

  • (Two books)
    Steam Railways of the World and
    Steam Through Five Continents
  • Keith Strickland
  • 1991, Allan Sutton (1st ed.)
  • 1998, 1999, Wrens Park Publishing (republished)

Both contain several excellent black-and-white photographs of steam locos in India, Nepal, and Pakistan.

  • Relics of the Raj, by C J Gammell
  • Pictures of all sorts of exotic railways, NG, sugar railways, etc.
  • 1985, G R Q Publications, London

  • Whistling Steam — Romance of Indian Rails
  • by Dileep Prakash
  • ISBN: 81-7436-187-1 64pp., paperback.
  • 2003, Roli Books (M-75 Greater Kailash-II Market, New Delhi - 110 048 INDIA)
  • ,

Photographs of Indian steam locomotives. Published in the 'Pocket Art Series'.

  • Travels by a Lesser Line
  • by Bill Aitken
  • 1993, HarperCollins
  • ISBN 81-7223-086-9

Author spent two months travelling through 14 Indian states in a quest to find out whether it was possible to travel to all four corners of India by narrow gauge trains.

  • Exploring Indian Railways
  • by Bill Aitken
  • 1994, Oxford India Paperbacks / Oxford University Press
  • ISBN 0-19-56371-5, 0-19-5631-09-9

Interesting and amusing series of essays, travelogues, and reflections on all aspects of Indian Railways

  • Branch Line to Eternity
  • by Bill Aitken
  • 2001, Penguin

Author's travels on the branch lines (meter and narrow gauge) lines of the southern and south-central railways (some since closed).

  • Great Railway Journeys of the World
  • BBC/ Sphere Books 1981

This book has essays and photos from the original series: The Indian chapter is " Deccan" by Brian Thompson.

  • Great Railway Journeys
  • collection, various authors
  • 1994, BBC Books / Penguin Books
  • ISBN 0-14-024743-2

Has "Karachi to Khyber" by Mark Tully, in addition to other pieces.

  • Great Railway Bazaar : by train through Asia
  • Paul Theroux
  • 1975, Houghton Mifflin, Boston
  • 1976, Ballantine Books, New York
  • LC Card: 75009981
  • ISBN: 0395207088

  • Imperial Way : making tracks from Peshawar to Chittagong
  • by Paul Theroux and Steve McCurry
  • 1985, Hamilton, London
  • ISBN: 0241116686

  • A Gricer In India & Pakistan
  • K. Taylorson
  • 1972, Published privately, London

  • Two feet between the tracks
  • D. Trevor Rowe
  • 1990, Plateway Press, Brighton

  • Narrow Gauge Railways - Two Feet and Under
  • Leslie S. Robertson
  • A reprint of an Institution of Mechanical Engineers paper of 1898
  • 1988, Plateway Press, Croydon, Surrey

Includes numerous photos, drawing of Sharp Stewart 4826/1901 (Howrah-Amta Light Railway), and additional material by Andrew Neale.

  • Journey on a Perfect Little Train
  • by Gavin Young
  • 1977

In the anthology, "Worlds Apart: Travels in Peace and War". Description of steam-hauled trip on the Kangra Valley Rly.

  • Tales of Asian Steam: The Last Decade
  • by Cyrill Basler, Florian Schmidt, and Bernd Seiler
  • Covers steam in the 1990s. pp 196, 271 colour pictures, English and German text
  • ISBN 3-88255-282-4
  • 2001, Eisenbahn Kurier

Covers the middle East, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Burma, China, North Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia. The section on India is 34 pages long (35 photographs), the section on Pakistan is 16 pages long (17 photographs)

  • Indian Narrow Gauge Steam Remembered
  • by Lawrence Marshall
  • pp 272, maps, about 200 B&W and about 50 colour photographs
  • 2001, Plateway Press, Norfolk, United Kingdom

Travels in India going back to 1970. Industrial NG railways, sugar railways, private railways.

  • Sunrise with Seamonsters : travels and discoveries 1964-1984
  • Paul Theroux
  • 1985, Hamilton, London
  • ISBN: 0241115434

Travel and general essays, most of the book is not about India or IR, but it has the essay, "Tracks to Chittagong"

  • The Penguin Book of Indian Railway Stories
  • Ed. Ruskin Bond
  • 1994, Penguin Books India / South Asia Books
  • ISBN 0-14-024066-7

  • India By Road And Rail: Diary of an Overland Journey in Nehru's Time
  • Daniel Griffin
  • 1996, published by author, Southbury, Connecticut, USA

A few descriptions of rail travel.

  • Railon ki Yatraen ('Rail Journeys'), in Hindi
  • Sushil Chandra
  • 2002, Central Railway, Mumbai, India.
  • No ISBN available.

A compilation of Hindi poetry on the topic of railways.


Q. What are some bookstores that carry these books listed above or others having to do with IR?

The following are a few stores with which members of the IRFCA list have had good experiences in ordering books, videos, or other material.


Midland Counties Publications
A good selection of general railfan books. They carry the Hugh Hughes books. Credit cards accepted; Sterling and US dollar payments accepted, and delivery outside the UK can be arranged. They carry second-hand books as well.

Address: Unit 3, Maizefield Hinckley Fields
Hinckley, Leics., LE10 1YF, UNITED KINGDOM
Phone: +44 1455.233.747
Fax: +44 1455.233.737

Aerolite Booktraders
Various new and used railway books, including, occasionally, books from India. Videos can be ordered specially. Delivery to points outside the UK can be arranged.

Contact: Iain Fraser (

Camden Miniature Steam Services
Lots of railway books, including modelling, live steam, etc. They're probably a bit better than Midland Counties for non-British material. They do not stock second-hand books.

Address: Barrow Farm, Rode
Nr. Bath,
Somerset, BA3 6PS, England
Phone: +44 1373 830151
Fax: +44 1373 830516

[1/99] In Australia

Australian Railway Historical Society bookshop.
A good range, at competitive prices; a good choice for books published in Australia (e.g., Rail Hobby's Darjeeling picture book).

ARHS nsw Book Shop
67 Renwick St.
NSW 2016

Mercury World Travel
They carry Mr Daboo's book, the Thomas Cook timetables, etc.

Address: 206 Maroubra Rd
LTA 2TA 004 445
Phone: +61 2-9344-8877
Fax: +61 2-9344-8098

Kitab Mahal in New Delhi is the official Government of India bookstore and carries a lot of government publications, including official documents on Indian Railways.

More Books, Timetables, Videos and Maps in the following page.

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