Bangalore Railway Network Map (Revised and corrected version).
By Sahadev,2007-06-02

Date: 2007-06-02
Owner: Gallery Administrator
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The line has been abandoned after BEML and the alignment has been converted into a park amongst other things. This line now runs only uptil BEML.
Posted by Naren Damodaran on 2007 Jun 06 08:34:22 +0100
In the next edition you can show the abandoned(?) line to Vimanpura which did have a non-timetabled passenger train in 1977.
Posted by Ajai Banerji on 2007 Jun 05 15:49:12 +0100
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Sorry for the mistake (Lottegola Halli-Banaswadi line). The mistakes have been corrected.
For those who have a doubt:- As for the line from Yeshvantpur/Lottegola Halli - Banaswadi line, the website: provides satellite images of...
Posted by Gallery Administrator on 2007 Jun 05 08:33:33 +0100
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FYI - the YPR-YNK and YPR-BAND lines are two separate lines and do not connect except at YPR. On the map it may appear as double lines only because they share an alignment and NOT operation. Technicalities must also be kept in mind. Again, the line that...
Posted by Naren Damodaran on 2007 Jun 04 15:57:31 +0100