Bangalore Railway Network map. By Sahadev,2007-05-29

Date: 2007-05-29
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The station between Bangalore[SBC] and Yeshwanthpur[YPR] is Malleshwaram[MWM].It has a PRS center and presently 4 Express Trains halt here-6591/92 Hampi Express,6505 Gandhidham-SBC Express,6507 Jodhpur-SBC Express and 6509 Ajmer-SBC/MYS Express. Varun...
Posted by Gallery Administrator on 2007 Jun 13 15:01:18 +0100
Also Rohit, a line is being constructed upto Tumkur, this again will be a bi-directional dual. Didn't notice that the BYPM-MAS line didn't exist in the map above, thanks-:)
Posted by Naren Damodaran on 2007 Jun 03 04:26:37 +0100
Line between SBC and YPR too is a dual bidirectional line.
Posted by Rohit Mohan on 2007 Jun 03 03:58:18 +0100
Quite a few maps are aldready available today on the site of this area. Anyway, there is one more line from BYPM to BYPL so trains can go straight from the yard to MAS. Malleshwaram railway station is there between YPR and SBC.
Posted by Rohit Mohan on 2007 Jun 03 03:56:53 +0100
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A few corrections if I may: The non-electrified double line shown between Lottegolahalli and Yesvantpur is not a double line. They are two separate bi-directional lines that serve separate sectors. Again, the Lottegolahalli - Banaswadi line has been in ...
Posted by Naren Damodaran on 2007 Jun 01 03:30:08 +0100