GPS readout for BVI-ADI section. 2009 Ahmedabad Shatabdi Express. WCAM-2P #21872 + 16 LHB coaches. Nov 2009. (Vivek Manvi)

Date: 2009-11-23
Owner: Vivek Manvi
Full size: 905x484

Unscheduled halts at Udhna and Makarpura/Vishvamitri? Probably platform shortage at both major stations!
Posted by Karan Desai on 2009 Nov 25 13:48:57 +0000
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Karan/Shanx - Yes, the MPS in the BRC-ADI section is 110kmph.

Karan, the MPS here was recently (in the last 8-10 months) raised to 110. Also, those two dips before Surat and BRC were not speed restrictions, but unscheduled halts.
Posted by Vivek Manvi on 2009 Nov 25 04:06:51 +0000
@Shanx => No, it's even lower! I remember seeing in WTT long back that Shatabdi is restricted to 90/100 (don't remember exactly) in BRC-ADI stretch.
Posted by Karan Desai on 2009 Nov 25 03:00:58 +0000
Is the MPS on BRC-ADI section limited to 110?
Posted by Shashanka Nanda on 2009 Nov 25 02:29:05 +0000
Vivek Sir, Can you please explain how can we (laymen) get these GPS speedmatrix by our self, which equipments are required etc.
Posted by Dhiraj Deshmukh on 2009 Nov 23 16:17:00 +0000
Big Speed Restrictions 7km before Surat and 6km before BRC?
Posted by Karan Desai on 2009 Nov 23 14:24:39 +0000