Scan from publication showing WP 3036/7036, equipped with Giesl ejector. Rough translation follows.

"2-C-1 express locomotive, WP class, road number 3036/7036, of the Indian Railway, with Giesl ejector blowpipe system. This locomotive and her sister locomotive No. 3037/7037 were completed by the Wiener Lokomotivfabrik in October 1957, and provided with the ejectors made by Schoeller-Bleckmann Steelworks. Since March of this year they have been running on the Eastern Railway north of Calcutta and have, just like the two AWE class 1-D-1 locomotives of American origin provided with Giesl ejectors running on the Indian Western Railway (Baldwin numbers 69674 and 69705, IR Old/New Road Numbers 6103/22916 and 6134/22936), with the highest axle load of 23 tons allowed in India, have immediately acquired a reputation for exceptional efficiency. Incoming test runs are under way currently."

Photograph by Dipl.-Ing. Kurt Glass. Publication not certain but believed to be from Wiener Lokomotivfabrik. Scan by Dieter Zoubek and Michael Hirsch, provided to IRFCA by Santulan Mahanta.

Date: 2014-10-12
Owner: Gallery Administrator
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