I was very small since when i am traveling by Trains. And this is how i developed the divine attention towards trains. I had been so deeply involved with all this that whenever i used to be at home i use to open the TAAG and see that where must Jhelum, GT, TN, AP and Kerela be at this particular time. I still remember my olden days when i was some 7--8 Yrs old and whenever i used to go to Mathura (My Nana--Nani's place), my dad would always take me at 20:30 pm to Mathura Jn to see the BPL--NDLS Shatabdi passing by. This particular train was seen by me almost regularly whenever i use to go to Mathura. Then i used to go to a place called MULTAI which lies on the GrandTrunk route between Nagpur and Amla. In Multai, my Grandmoms sister stays and this is how i known this place. Now, whenever i used to go to Multai, my almost 4--5 Hrs were spent at the Station because it is a very clean, airy and a pleasant station. And here i used to see GT, TN, the NZM bound SBC Rajdhani all blasting away. And now, in 2000 when i came to know about IRFCA, i thanked god that he gave me some more Railnuts as i use to think whether i was the only cranky fellow or what.....


I started taking pix of trains from February 2002. God gave me a lot of opportunities to travel in 2002 and so you can see my collection getting more & more & better & better. I hope god gives me more such opportunities to travel in this year and the ones to come.

<<<!! Till then have a look at my present collection !!>>>


      Grandtrunk 1                                          Grandtrunk 2


( pix here are from my May 2002 trip to                             ( pix here are taken from my Sept trip       MTJ,  NDLS )                                                                                   to BSB, NDLS and MTJ )


       Grandtrunk 3                                              Liveries


( Pix here are taken from my Nov 2002                                     Here are pix taken  by various   trip                                                                                              members and edited by me )


        Multimedia                                           MSTS Screenshots


  ( Some cool Screensavers and wallpapers                                 ( Screenshots from MSTS                Indian Railway Locos )                                                                     Railway Rolling stock )



( A site denoted to only the diesels in IR)


 Xtra's             2003 Trip




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