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WCG/1 "crocodile" locomotives ruled the shunting empire in Mumbai for a long time, until they were displaced by the dimunitive WDS/4 shunters. One WDS/4B from Kurla waits outside Mumbai CST station to take on empty trains. These days WDS/6R shunters from Kalyan pose a formidable threat to these locomotives.


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Summers down south could be killing, and travelling on the door translates into an agonizing ordeal. However, the fringe benefits include spotting locomotives and trains in myriad situations. In this picture, 2639 Brindavan Express to Bangalore decelerates into Jolarpettai Jn, and is greeted by a WDS/4B shunting a single flat-car with iron rails. Note the shadow of the WAP/4 locomotive at the head of the train.


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A distant shot of the trip shed for diesel locomotives at BNC (Bangalore Cantt) shed shows two WDS/4B locomotives guarding two KJM WDM/2 locomotives that seem to be shielded from the sun by the enclosure. SR has always had a large majority of WDS/4 classes in this blue-white livery. This trip shed lies astride of a sweeping curve that lies east of BNC station.


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Another surprise to the avid trainspotter - that BZA (Vijaywada) has diesel locomotives too, and a smartly-dressed WDS/4D #19580 is offered to Parel loco works in Mumbai. She's been coupled to a flat-car that carries a ZDM/5 #503 from Pratap Nagar for an overhaul at CR's Parel works. This pic is dated February 5th, 2000.


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A WDS6R diesel shunter from the Gooty shed cries out for paint as it waits for marshalling instructions at Gooty. A WDM2 from Kazipet gives testimony on the left. KZJ locomotives have always had a white stripe, unlike typically yellow-striped cousins.


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WDS6R locomotives beat their WDS4B predecessors on power. The 36106 power from Pune in cheerful livery does duty at Solapur shunting a guard van. The front cab view is quite helpful, as drivers have to watch out for hand-operated lever points in marshalling yards and coaching lines.

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