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The 2639 Brindavan Express to Bangalore meets a new upstart rival, the 2608 Lalbagh Express, on the green expanse east of Jolarpettai (JTJ). The lateral separation between the tracks facilitates trainspotting, and its fun trying to catch the boards of the opposite train.


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WAP4 #22219 from JHS with the 2616 Grand Trunk Express makes a stop at Sewagram junction. This station was previously named "Wardha East" and marks the separation of the Delhi-Chennai trunk from the Howrah-Mumbai corridor. Sewagram was home to Mahatma Gandhi for some time who built an "ashram" (abode) near the town.


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There are a slew of Rajdhanis today, bound for all the major cities in India. On a warm August evening, the 2424 Guwahati Rajdhani is lead by a mean-looking WAP4 from Ghaziabad, as the train prepares to pass thro' Tilak Bridge south of New Delhi. The patronage of this prestige train on such routes seems questionable.


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Its a follow-the-leader game enacted at the Basin Bridge shed as the pantographs of the waiting locomotives come together in a uniform sequence. The WAG locomotives guarding the AJJ WAP1 have left their northern stables for a siesta here.


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On a balmy Wednesday afternoon in late August '98, the trip shed at the north end of New Delhi station has an impressive set of guests calling in. But the one to be noticed first is the WAP5 from Ghaziabad Shed - in her red and white coat of armor.


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The WAP4 with 2608 Lalbagh Express on the left seems a tad too-conventional (conservative?) for the Ajni WAM4 that is homing into Chennai with the 6094 Express from Lucknow. AC electrics can be spotted far away from their nests, with no homesickness.

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