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The Yelagiri hill range provides a scenic backdrop to the 6023 Chennai Bangalore Express as the train curves around the 180 degree continuous curve west of Jolarpettai junction. This station separates the lines out of Chennai Central to Salem and Bangalore.


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The 2008 Mysore Chennai Shatabdi Express departs Bangalore City for the long evening run to Chennai Central. The main line east of Bangalore City has sweeping curves on either side, taking the train over a large number of road bridges. These days, the train frequently gets a WAM/4-6DP locomotive.


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This is one rare railway event in Bangalore City - a train running through Bangalore Cantonment station without stopping! One of the very few trains to merit this honor is the 2008 Chennai Shatabdi as it tackles the sweeping curve to the left of the station. The trip shed for diesel locomotives lies on the far left.


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The driver of the 2008 Mysore Chennai Shatabdi Express resorts to a long blast with the horn as the train accelerates to run through Bangalore East station. This horn is mandatory, as the station lies on a long curve to the right that provides no prior visual indication of an incident train.


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Till the late 90s, the Nellai Express to Tirunelveli ran on the MG route via Villupuram and Trichy. Trains on this route got the honor of being hauled by a Mitsubishi-built YAM/1 locomotive. This train decelerates to enter Tambaram station, south of Chennai Egmore.

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