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This beautiful 0-6-0 steam locomotive from Sharp Stewart and Co. Atlas Works, Manchester, stands on display at National Rail Museum (NRM), New Delhi. She was numbered B-26 and used for mixed service on the Lucknow - Cawnpore section of the Oudh & Rohilkund Railway. She had a two-tone whistle and was finally retired in 1921. Note the absence of the customary cow-catcher.


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This historic WL class locomotive #15005 hauled the last BG steam train on IR. Her final run was between Ferozepur and Jalandhar on NR, 6th of December 1995. She was a mixed class locomotive, christened later as "Sher-e-Punjab", and spent time doing official duty near Shoranur. Subsequently, she was transferred to NR - at Bhatinda, Ludhiana and Ferozepur shed from where she finally retired. Built by Vulcan Foundry, England, in 1955, this 4-6-2 beauty has held her place of honor in NRM, New Delhi, since January 1996.


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This XG/M class locomotive #911 was originally built with a 0-8-0 underframe by Bayer Peacock & Co, Manchester in 1928. She was then overhauled at the Mughalpura workshops in 1943 as a 2-8-2 with extended frames & reduced axle load to limit damages to the track. She spent her time shunting on hump yards in NWR and later in Eastern Punjab Railway, before finding her place under the trees of NRM, New Delhi. Observe the hand-operated crane in the background, that needed 6 men to tame her.


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The fireless steam locomotive uses a design that doesn't require a boiler. Instead, pressure vessel is used to collect steam from a distant boiler. However, because of her limited steam availability, this locomotive was used only for shunting during her short tenure of service. Originally built in 1953 by Henschell, Germany, this locomotive #25630 served Sindhri Fertilizers Company. She remains one of the odd attractions in NRM, New Delhi.


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The bullet-nosed 4-6-2 WP locomotives were the mainstay of BG passenger train operations on IR for a very long time till 1995 when they finally retired. WP-7200 was made in 1947 by Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia, PA. She was among the fleet of 16 imported by India before regular production started in Chittaranjan. She has another WP sibling (#7161) giving her company at NRM.


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The PT-37156 locomotive is based on BESA design with outside cylinders and was used primarily for suburban passenger services on the South Indian Railway. Made by Robert Stephenson & Co, Darlington, UK the 2-6-4 Tank locomotive weighed 80 tons and performed service from 1936 to well after India's Independence. She now rests at NRM, New Delhi.

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