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On New Year's Day '98 at Khar station in Mumbai, I was witness to one of the surprises that a busy suburban system can spring so innocuously. The man to the left of the checked red-white shirt guy was carrying a black mongrel dog on his back! This fellow happened to board the luggage van of the first rake that is beside the ladies' coach. Nobody seemed to mind this cute animal safari :) (I love dogs, too)


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The staff on my coach of the 2008 Mysore Chennai Shatabdi pose for the camera on a trip in December 1997. The steward on the left was Manju, I dont remember the other guy's name. The caterers were based in Mysore, and were immaculate in their service. People don't mind paying a premium on the train ticket for the facilities provided. This example ought to be emulated on many other trains.


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The most common fetish among railfans from non-electrified territories is the 25 KV AC catenary pole! IR followed the French design in adopting this light-weight high-tension template as the standard for the network. This pole stands over the MG line between Singaperumal Koil and Chengalpattu near Chennai.


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The massive lake bordering Chengalpattu station on the Chennai Egmore-Villupuram meter gauge route appears here. This interesting pic was shot at rail level, with the steel support as the foreground. A BG track now jostles for space on this route, and the demise of MG is imminent.


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An uncommon warning board on Southern Railways - this board on Basin Bridge junction, platform #5 warns staff to stay away from overhead catenary equipment! Usually, most boards exhort passengers to be careful. The safety regulations make it mandatory for Indian Railways to display warning boards.

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