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Welcome to a veritable treasure trove that is I.S.Anand, more popularly known to the Indian Railways Fan Club (irfca) as ISA. With his unparalleled lust for chasing Indian trains, ISA has found entry into some of the most difficult and most closely guarded bastions of the mighty Indian Railways.

Armed with nothing more than a simple, fixed focus Cannonmate Point and Shoot camera, (nowadays a Kodak KB10) and a lot of enterprise and glib talking, ISA has managed to capture IR images of a kind other enthusiasts can simply only dream of. And at places where it requires either a permit, or an admirable amount of pluck and courage, to dare to tread.

The worst part is, most of these treasures had hitherto been buried deep down in ISA's own cupboards, and confined to his bedroom. A small start into letting them have some air and sunshine was made when our venerable Prakash Tendulkar put up some of his pictures on his own website.

With ISA's drive showing no signs of abating, and with his pictures increasing in their numbers, it was soon found that a separate, dedicated space was required to do full justice to ISA's work.

The onerous task of hosting ISA's pictures has therefore fallen upon this humble soul. Click on the links below to explore the fascinating world of ISA and his pictures of Indian trains. Despite the limitations of ISA's humble Cannonmate P & S camera, its the enterprise and daredevilry in his photography that needs to be appreciated. And the sheer variety and rarity of some of the pictures. Notwithastanding, armed with this Cannonmate, ISA has captured some of the rarest scenes ever seen on the IR. He has also contributed several pictures to Jal E. Daboo's famed book: 'Diesel and Electric Locomotives of the Indian Railways'.

So, come on in, and Enjoy!!

With best regards.



Any comments, feedback or suggestions can be sent to ISA direct at his quaint email address:

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