150 Glorious Years of IR

                              By Sarosh Mehta                             




s1.jpg (66562 bytes)  WP7161 at Parel workshop

s2.jpg (57872 bytes)  WP7161 and dedicated workers at Parel workshop

s3.jpg (56481 bytes)  WP7015, the other Leading Lady, getting all the attention in the world. Golden paint is applied to her hand rails.

s4.jpg (63919 bytes)  Close up of WP7015. Note the flasher light on her top right.

s5.jpg (50481 bytes)  How does it look from cab? (From the cab of WP7015)

s6.jpg (49142 bytes)  The crew of WP7015. Engineer Rajaram Waman is second from right.

s7.jpg (56925 bytes)  The mechanism that lends poetry to a steam locomotive. (This picture has been retouched. Click here to see the original picture.)

s8.jpg (53359 bytes)  WP7161 decorated with silver chain.

s9.jpg (51015 bytes)  WP7015, all neat and clean, waiting for the grand run. The ladder is placed near super heater valve for adjustment.

s10.jpg (45103 bytes)  WP7161 driving rods being inspected.