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This page contains plenty of photos taken by me just as a railfan.
No specific theme , just an assortment of photos !
Bangalore-Guntur passenger , halting at Chennasandra. Loco is a WDM2A from guntakal shed.
Mumbai-Nagercoil exp speeding away towards CSDR/KJM. Loco is a erode wdm2.
Bangalore bound karnataka express. Heading towards CSDR behind twin wdm2 from Itarsi shed.
Same as above , but photo taken on different days & different locations.
Coimbatore-Kurla exp via bangalore.
Speeding towards Yelehanka.
Two erode shed WDG2s hauling goods at CSDR.
Yelehanka bound Patna-Yesvantapur Sangamitra exp at CSDR.
The Roman architecture of the WDP4 !

It is hauling bangalore-secunderabad exp
Two karthiks !! have an encounter with a Lalguda WAG7 at Chennai Beach station.  You can also see the friendly driver wearing full arm shirt.
Mr.Karthik Nagarajan & yours truly at Sullurupeta
Kerala bound TVC rajdhani exp at Balli (near madgaon jn.)
This WDP2 hauled train thundered past my train at approximately 100kmph. Note the the cloud of dust !
Note the artistic painting done on the station building.
Chennai bound Pinakini exp behind a vijayawada WAP-4 electric loco.