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by Jay Balakrishna

In and around Bangalore: Page 1.
Karnataka.jpg (67439 bytes) Twin Itarsi WDM2 #18472 and #16412 hauled Karnataka Express with it's horns blaring away rushes past, running late by 45 Min and trying to make up time.

320x240, 43Sec, 1.9MB
Prashanti.jpg (83398 bytes) Prashanti express shot from the low platform of Thinnasandra station. Gooty WDM3a sounds very much like a Steam engine here. The baldie forehead of WDM3a completes the illusion of a WP bearing down on you. The trees that I am standing under to shoot this videos is the same location from where the Nagarcoil and Karnataka express emerged from, that can be seen in the previous videos above.
320x240, 44Sec, 1.95MB
Udyan.jpg (67656 bytes) Rather tough looking baldie variant KJM WDM2c #14026 hauled Udyan Express on it's last leg.

320x240, 46Sec, 2.1MB
WDS6.jpg (95717 bytes) Nice sounding KJM WDS6 #36016 seen here hauling a works train of ballast hoppers into the siding at BYPL. I was surprised initially to hear a YDM4 like exhaust in the distance. WDS6 shares the same powerpack as YDM4.
320x240, 32Sec, 1.4MB
Nagarcoil2.jpg (59125 bytes) Nagarcoil Express seen here about a Km north of Channasandra(CSDR) station. KJM WDM2 producing a nice ALCo throb here.
320x240, 45Sec, 2.00MB
WDP4_3.jpg (58216 bytes) UBL WDP4 #20001 hauled SBC-SC express. Callous jaywalkers are crossing the tracks prompting the driver to employ the powerful horns of the WDP4. It is not a surprise that this horn sounds very much like the horns on locos in USA.
320x240, 45Sec, 2.01MB
WDP4_2.jpg (57615 bytes) Again, UBL WDP4 #20001 hauled SBC-SC express climbing the gradient effortlessly. The driver lets go a short blast of the powerfull horn to scare away a mongrel which had strayed onto the tracks.

320x240, 59Sec, 2.60MB
WDP4_22.jpg (60126 bytes) A frame from the above video. The driver relaxed in his comfy chair giving me a curious look.

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